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Season Server FAQ

I am a new/returning player, should I make a Season character? Yes! Season characters get lots of extra benefits, such as rewards when reaching certain levels and rewards from the free Battlepass, as well as combat and skill EXP buffs [...] Read more


Click the tabs below to switch between Cooking or Alchemy Recipes Last Updated: 18th July 2020 Cooking RecipesAlchemy RecipesCooking Recipes Important information before you start: Black ingredients are a previously prepared ingredient Green ingredients are grown on your farm Pink ingredients [...] Read more

Guilds Guide

Clan vs. Guild Clans are purely for social gatherings and can only accommodate up to 15 people. Anyone can create a Clan by talking to the Guild NPC. Once you have created a Clan you can invite other players by […]

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Dorin Morgrim’s Secret Journal

Introduction Dorin Morgrim’s Secret Journal is a series of quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards in your Adventure log. There are 2 books in total with 9 chapters altogether. This adventure journal does reward you with AP +1 and DP […]

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Herald’s (Rubin’s) Journal

Introduction Herald’s Journal is a series of timed quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards in your Adventure log. There are 3 books in total with 4 chapters in each one. The timed quests are usually not hard to complete and […]

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Book of Margahan (Agris Fever) Guide

IntroductionUpdated 22nd July 2020 to match the changes made in the patch notesThe Book of Margahan is part of the Adventure Logs but instead of rewarding players with stats or items, it enhances a completely new system called “Agris Fever”. […]

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