Mythical Horses (Tier 10)

Mythical Horses (Tier 10)

Sep 25 Tansie  
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Currently the only Tier 10 horses developed are the Mythical Arduanatt (Pegasus) and Mythical Dine (Unicorn), however there are plans to add a Tier 10 version of Doom at a later date as well.

It is also worth noting that the Tier 10 Mythical horses do not have a gender and although they are worth more than Tier 9 version, they cannot be placed on the Horse Market to be sold to other players.

Breeding Process

In order to create a Tier 10 Mythical Horse, you need both a male and female Tier 9 Horse of the same type. Both horses must be level 30, but their skills and and stats do not matter.

Once you have both horses, take them to Stonetail Ranch. You then need a new item called Mythical Censer.

Mythical Censer Recipe

Processing (L), Manufacture

iconOld Moon Censer x 1   
iconMythical Powder x 10

iconMythical Feather x 10  
iconFire Horn x 10
iconPowder of Flame x 10

iconOld Moon Censer

Processing (L) > Manufacture

iconOld Moon Censer Mold x1
(bought from the Old Moon Shop for 20 million silver)
iconPure Copper Crystal x100
(Heating: Metal Solvent x2, Copper Ingot x2)
iconPure Platinum Crystal x100
(Heating: Metal Solvent x1, Platinum Ingot x3)
iconPure Tin Crystal x100
(Heating: Metal Solvent x2, Tin Ingot x3)
iconMoonlight Opal x100
(Heating: Metal Solvent x1, Brilliant Opal x3)
iconMythical Powder

Processing (L) > Grinding

iconFlower of Oblivion x10
(obtained when exchanging horses for Imperial Delivery, higher tier horses reward more flowers)

Tier 1 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x1
Tier 2 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x2
Tier 3 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x3
Tier 4 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x4
Tier 5 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x5
Tier 6 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x10
Tier 7 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x15
Tier 8 Horse > Flower of Oblivion x20

iconRoyal Fern Root x10
(obtained from the weekly quest [Weekly] Run Through the Wind from Wapra at Stonetail Ranch, or Liana at any major city – requries you to catch a wild horse and rewards with 30 Fern Roots)
(obtained from the daily quest [Daily] Those who are ready have no worries from Wapra at Stonetail Ranch, or Liana at any major city – requires you to catch a wild horse and rewards with 2 – 7 Fern Root depending on training level)
iconEverlasting Herb x10
(obtained from gathering or farming)
iconFruit of Enchantment x10
(obtained from gathering or farming)
iconBlack Stone Powder x10
iconMythical Feather

Can be sold/bought on the central market

iconExchange Fairy Wings for Dreamy Feather at Herawen at Kamaslyve Temple

Brilliant Fairy Wings x1 > Mythical Feather x1
Radiant Fairy Wings x1 > Mythical Feather x2

iconLow chance of obtaining Dreamy Feather when gathering Lakiaro

(Primitive Lakiaro Sack, Lush Primitive Lakiaro Sack, Old Lakiaro Sack or Lush Old Lakiaro Sack) from Weekly Quest from Miles the Stable Keeper inside Old Moon Grand Prix (Horse Racing)

> Exchange Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x40 for Mythical Feather x1

Once you have created the Mythical Censer and both of your horses are at Stonetail Ranch stable, go to Gula the Stable Keeper to attempt to “Awaken”.

There is a fixed success rate of 3%, this means that if you fail you do not get failstacks to increase the chance.

If the dream process fails, the materials are consumed but both of the horses will be returned to you.

If the dream process is sucessful, you will exchange both horses for a new Tier 10 Mythical horse which will be level 1.

Mythical Horse Appearances

Arduanatt Appearance

Mythical Arduanatt has 2 different appearance options. All Mythical Arduanatts start with the basic (red and black) skin shown below and can be swapped to the newer skin for a small pirce. To change the appearance, you can buy a Quturan’s Fruit item from Francia in O’dylitta. This item costs 100 million silver and can be used at a Stable Keeper to change your Mythical Arduanatt’s Appearance.


Dine Appearance


Tier 10 Horse Skills

A Mythical horse can be leveled using the Courser Method, like a normal T9 horse to aquire all horse skills. All tier 9 skills are availabe on a Mythical horse, as well as new exclusive skills.

When a Tier 10 Mythical Horse is born, it automatically learns the following skills:

Icon Skill Name Effect Command Learned by Chance of Learning
icon Courser’s Spirit Automatically regenerates health and stamina whilst parking Passive Arduanatt, Dine, Doom 100%
icon Double Jump Jump a second time in the air
(can also be used with high jump)
[SPACEBAR] while Jumping Arduanatt, Dine, Doom 100%
icon S: Charge Performs a second charge immediately [Q] while using Charge (requires Charge skill) Arduanatt, Dine, Doom 100%

Arduanatt Skills

Tier 10 Arduanatt horses are born with these additional skills:

Icon Skill Name Required Skills to use Command Explanation
Image Mighty Leap Instant Accell
S: Instant Accell
High Jump
Double Jump
[E] during Instant Accell or S:Instant Accell

(Stamina used: 400)  

Riding the wind, Arduanatt quickly leaps into the air and soars.

※Cannot be used with the weapon taken out.  

Soaring Wings Start Accell [W] + [E] whilst standing


[E] after Start Accell

(Stamina use: 400 / continuous consumption)  

After floating into the air with elegant movement, spend some time floating mid-air.

※Cannot be used with the weapon taken out.  

Wings of Swiftness Wings of Wind
Wings of Freedom  
[F] after Wings of Freedom

(Stamina use: none)  

Arduanatt, dreaming of learning how to read the wind flow, can descend at high speed through the wind among the wings of freedom.

Dine Skills

Mythical Dine has a 3rd resource bar (Breath of Okiara), which is used to move on water.
  • Consuming all Breath of Okiara will dismount you from your Mythical Diné.
  • You can dismount from Mythical Diné while standing on water. You can also mount Mythical Diné while swimming (as long as there’s Breath of Okiara to spare.)

Breath of Okiara will naturally replenish whenever Dine is on land:

  • Idle, moving, and using skills on land (mounted)
  • While standing idle on land (unmounted)


Tier 10 Dine horses are born with these additional skills:

Icon Skill Name Required Skills to use Command Explanation
Quicksilver None  

Automatically activated when moving on water

(Consumes Breath of Okiara)

Consumes Breath of Okiara (from its 3rd bar) to run on water

※ Skills such as sprinting and drifting can be used on water in the same way as on land.
※ You cannot use mounted attacks, horse attack skills, nor auto-run while on water.

Triple Jump Streak Leap
High Jump
Double Jump

[SPACEBAR] during Double Jump

(Stamina use: 200)

Jump a third time in the air after using Double Jump

※ On water, you can jump higher than on land.
※ You cannot use Triple Jump after using Protection of Okiara.

Protection of Okiara None  

[E] after jumping during the falling motion

(Stamina use: 400 / continuous consumption)

Jump and float safely down to the ground from great heights using the power of water to cushion you.

※ Using the Protection of Okiara will prevent any fall damage for a certain period of time.

  • Using Quicksilver at shallow waters or swamps such as Catfishman Camp, Swamp Naga and Swamp Fogan Habitats, and Tshira Ruins, will not consume the Breath of Okiara.
  • You can mount Mythical Diné with a matchlock equipped, but cannot gallop across water while it’s still equipped.

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