Horse Racing Guide

Horse Racing Guide

Apr 28 Tansie  
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How to Register for a Race

During the Race



Horse Race Tracks

Advanced Tips



Horse racing is a unique and fun feature in Black Desert. Horse races occur once every hour in Velia 2, Balenos 2, Serendia 2, Calpheon 2, Mediah 2, Valencia 2 channels only. The start times do differ depending on which channel you are in so you switch channels to try and find a race you can enter.

To help keep track of racing times, I would HIGHLY recommend joining this discord server and checking out the following website by Rolf and FluffyQuack:

In this guide I’m going to quickly explain how to register for a race, what happens during the race, disqualifications, and prizes.

For more information on mounts and how to get horse equipment, click here.

How to Register for a Race

Anyone can enter a race, there are no level requirements on your character or horse. All horse tiers are split into different categories. For example, tier 3 horses can only race against other tier 3 horses. You do not need to have any horse equipment or particular skills to join a race but skills such as Drift and Instant Acceleration may help you to win more races and get more rewards.

If you are on the Korean servers, you will need to have 0 deaths on the mount you are going to use.

To register for a race you will need to make sure the horse you plan to use is out of the stables. Underneath the horse icon, just below your level and stats, there will be a button with the label “Race Information”, click this to open the register window.


If the “Race Registration” button is greyed out and you have the red text “Cannot register to the race”, this means that you must wait until registration begins. The timer for this is given under “Remains”. 

Once the registration time opens, you have 5 minutes to register your horse in the race. You cannot register if you are in a party, and once registered you cannot change channels.

The registration window will show you more details about the next race:
  • How many players are currently registered for the next race (maximum of 20)
  • Time remaining until registration ends and the race will begin
  • The tier requirement to join the race. You will need to make sure you have the correct tier horse out of the stable
To register, click the “Race Registration” button. You can cancel before the registration time ends by clicking the “Cancel Race” button. When it’s time for the race to start, you will automatically be moved to the start position.

It is important to note that the registration window does not automatically update so you will need to close and open the window to check the correct time.


During the Race

Once you have been teleported to the starting location, you will have a short amount of time before the race begins. There will be a red circle around you and you must not cross it or you will be disqualified.


When the race starts you will be guided along a route using pathfinder. You don’t have to follow the pathfinder completely, you can go off-road and take shortcuts as long as you go to each waypoint along the route. A timer will be shown at the top of your screen showing how long you taken so far.

You cannot join a part or talk to NPC’s during the race.


This screenshot below shows the finish line. You must go inside the blue circle to finish the race.


After you’ve crossed the finish line you will receive your ranking, time and prize. Your ranking in the race will determine how many Horse Race Seals you get. Make sure you have a space in your inventory or you will not receive your prize. Check out the Prizes section below for more information and details on what Horse Race Seals can be exchanged for!

To close the rankings press the black and gold cross underneath. You will automatically be teleported back to your original position shortly after the race has finished.

Your horse will also be teleported to your original position as well, even if you weren’t next to the horse before, so make sure you are in a safe area when registering for the race.



You will be disqualified from the race if:

  • You move out of the starting position before the race starts.
  • You take over 10 minutes to go from one waypoint to another.
  • You dismount your horse.


Depending on your ranking in the race you will earn a certain amount of Horse Race Seal items:
  • 1st place receives 5 seals
  • 2nd place receives 3 seals
  • 3rd place receives 2 seals
  • 4th place receives 1 seal
  • Participants receive 1 seal, as long as they finish the race within 1 minute of the finishing time by 1st place
Make sure your inventory isn’t full or you will not receive any prizes.

The Horse Race Seals can be exchanged at “Gula“, the Stable Hand NPC in Stonetail Horse Ranch, Mediah. The node that this NPC is located at is called “Stonetail Horse Ranch”.

The Horse Race Seal items can be exchanged  for these prizes:

Horse Race Tracks

  • Green circles are the start/finish
  • Orange circles are checkpoints you must pass
  • Orange lines are shortcuts you can take to cut off some time

Advanced Tips

  • Horse stats can make a difference in racing and I recommend only using horses that are level 30
  • Study the routes and check for shortcuts or practise the routes in your spare time. All tracks have shortcuts and they can saves lots of time
  • Try not to use instant accel when you’re right behind another player because you will get blocked and it will slow you down
  • If you get stuck or slow down, you can use charge > drift > instant acell to gain full speed quickly
  • Play with sound so you can hear when drift is off cool-down. Your character will shout and it can give an advantage at the start of the race
  • If you’re going in the wrong direction you can instantly turn towards the marked location using JUMP + T. Practise this by setting a waypoint and turning around on the spot. This is useful for when you need to turn around or get stuck/go in the wrong direction

Horse Skills:

Blue = Extremely useful/required
Green = Useful
Orange = Not used
Red = Skills you want to remove
  • Instant Accel – most useful and required skill for horse racing
  • Drift – required for the Drift + Instant Accel combo, can also be used for sharp turns
  • Sprint – extremely useful but not required for the Drift + Instant Accel combo
  • Charge – good to use at start with Charge + Drift + Instant Accel to quickly get to max speed
  • Quick Stop – useful for stopping quickly if you need to turn around
  • High Jump – useful for jumping over fences, rivers, walls, rocks, etc. if you get stuck or you’re taking a shortcut
  • Streak Leapuseful for jumping over fences, rivers, walls, rocks, etc. if you get stuck or you’re taking a shortcut
  • Sideways Move – useful if you get stuck 
  • Start Accel – can be useful if you need to completely turn around
  • Quick Ride – if you fall off your horse you can get on faster, not really that useful or used
  • Quick Back – helps you to move backwards faster if you get stuck
  • Hind Kick – has no use in horse racing
  • Roarhas no use in horse racing
  • Fore Chop – this skill can actually mess you up and throw you off your horse if you don’t have it leveled up, it conflicts with Instant Accel
  • Caution – this skill can mess you up when going over cliffs as it will stop your horse, if you can I would recommend deleting it

Horse Stats:
  • Speed – increases your autorun speed and manual strint speed
  • Accel – increases your starting speed, allows you to get to sprint speed faster and use drift earlier
  • Turn – increases your turn speed
  • Brake – increases your stopping speed and it it also shortens the duration of drift (every 10%), allowing you to use instant accel more

Best Equipment:
  • +10 Light Steel Horseshoe of Storm – increases speed by 6.5%
  • +10 Feather Champron of Storm – increases accel by 5%
  • +10 Light Leather Stirrups of Storm – increases brake by 5%
  • +10 Light Leather Saddle of Storm – increases turn by 5%

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