Horse Racing Guide

Horse Racing Guide

Apr 28 Tansie  
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Horse Racing is an activity in Black Desert where players can race against each other to cross the finish line first. All you need to get started is a race horse.

Race Horses can only be bought from Gula, the stable keeper at Stonetail Horse Ranch and cost 30 million silver. They are called Horse Emblem: Giorga Brisa

Once you’ve bought a race horse, register it at the stable. All race horses are tier 1 and currently cannot be upgraded or bred like other horses. You can enhance your horse stats though by equipping special gear designed for race horses. Race horses can be brought into the normal world to practise but do not have the same skills and mechanics as normal horses.

Now that you have your horse and it is registered to a stable, you can join a horse race by clicking the Racing UI at the top of the screen. You can also join by going to the ESC menu and then select Life > Old Moon Grand Prix. Select a horse race track from the drop down menu and then enter the race. You will be teleported directly to the starting line.

During the Race/Horse Mechanics

After being teleported to the starting line of the race, you will notice a special Stable Keeper at the side called Miles. You must speak to Miles to take out your race horse and can also receive daily/weekly quests from him.

You will see the starting line glowing red with the words “race start”, get on your race horse and wait at the starting line for the race to begin.

During the race you must pay attention to your Race Horse UI and use your horse skills effectively.

  • The speed indicator shows what level of speed your horse is currently at
  • The speed bar will fill up over time when your horse is running. You must press Q when the bar fills to go up to the next speed level
  • You can only use Instant Accell (by pressing F) when your horse stamina bar is full
  • You can instantly go to the highest speed level if you use Instant Accell when your horse stamina bar is full
  • You can press SPACE + W at the start of a race to instantly go to the 4th speed level and then the horse will shortly drop to the 3rd speed level
  • You can drift with your horse using S + A/D. This is good for sharp turns and will also give some stamina to your horse, but will drop your speed level
  • You can drift while using Instant Accell and it will not drop your speed level, it is useful to save your Instant Accell for sharp turns and spam drift without losing speed


You will gain rewards for participating in a horse race, even if you do not finish the race in time. Higher reward boxes are given for placing higher in the race. Rewards will be sent to your Black Spirit’s Safe.

Place in Race Reward Box Contents of Reward Box
1st High Wind Grand Prix Box Grand Prix Gold Trophy x1
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x24
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1
2nd Windy Grand Prix Box Grand Prix Silver Trophy x1
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x15
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1
3rd Draughty Grand Prix Box Grand Prix Bronze Trophy x1
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1
4th – 10th Breezy Grand Prix Box Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x5
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1
Failed to finish Wispy Grand Prix Box Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x1
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1


  • The Grand Prix Trophy item currently does not have a use in-game and in the future you will be able to exchange these trophies for specific items.
  • The Grand Prix Participant Certificate can be exchanged by Gula, the Stable Keeper, at Stonetail Horse Ranch. One certificate will reward you with a certain amount of Training Skill EXP
  • The Old Moon Grand Prix Coins can also be exchanged at Gula for the following:

Coins needed Item Item Use
iconx2 icon
Swaying Wind Shard x1
Tier 9 horse awakening item
iconx2 icon
Rumbling Earth Shard x1
Tier 9 horse awakening item
iconx2 icon
Wind Dew x1
Used to enhance Race Horse gear
iconx10 icon
[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Champron x1
Race Horse gear
iconx10 icon
[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Barding x1
Race Horse gear
iconx10 icon
[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Saddle x1
Race Horse gear
iconx10 icon
[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Stirrups x1
Race Horse gear
iconx10 icon
[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Horseshoe x1
Race Horse gear
iconx40 icon
Stonetail Wind’s Meal x1
Consumable (food) – Cannot be obtained through cooking
Mount EXP +10%
Training EXP +20%
Life Skill Mastery +25

– Duration: 600 min
– Cooldown: 30 min
iconx40 icon
Stonetail Tonic x1
Used to create Fiery Celerity Draught using Simple Alchemy.

Daily Quests

Once you enter a race, speak to Miles the Stable Keeper to accept a daily and weekly quest. To see these quests, make sure all quest types are switched on in your quest log with the yellow icons showing.

The daily resets at 00:00 UTC every day and the weekly quest resets at 00:00 UTC exactly 7 days after you complete and hand in the quest.

Quest Name Objective Rewards
[Daily] Grand Prix, Become the Best Hand over Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x20 to the Black Spirit

Contribution EXP (100)

Choose one of the following:

  • Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x10
  • Rainbow Gem Fruit x10
  • Breezy Conch Seaweed x10
  • Pure Forest Breath x10
  • Deep Blue Hoof Root x10
  • Stonetail Fodder x10
    [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor Hand over Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x40 to the Black Spirit
    • Contribution EXP (300)
    • Mythical Feather x1
      • Tier 10 Dreamy Horse awakening item

    Race Tracks

    There are currently 3 different race tracks available to choose from. Each race track has a start/finish line and several checkpoints which are indicated on the images below with a green line.

    Balneos: Velia Coastal Cave

    Tips for this race track:

    • At the 7th checkpoint you head into the cave at Coastal Cliff. This is a narrow part of the track and you want to try and drift and then use your Instant Accell to go around the sharp corners between checkpoint 8 and 9.
    • After coming out of the cave there are 2 sharp turns as you go up the cliffside. Use drift and rotate your camera while holding W, this will allow you to do a 180 degree turn but will drop your speed by 1. At the second turn, drift then use Instant Accell to get back to max speed.
    • Practise this part of the race track to get your timing perfect on your drift. The cave and cliffside are the hardest parts of this track and where most players struggle.

    Mediah: Stonetail Horse Ranch

    Tips for this racetrack:

    • This track follows the racetrack at Stonetail Horse Ranch. It is the easiest of the 3 tracks in my opinion and does not have any sharp turns compared to the other two tracks.
    • The trick with this racetrack is to know when to use your Instant Accell on the long straight parts of the track.
    • There are many turns where you can simply hold A or D early and make it around the bend without having to lose speed using drift.
    • Save your Instant Accell and drift when you are coming up to the sharp turn at the very north part of the track.
    • Watch out for the fences, rocks and buildings along the track as those are where players usually end up getting stuck and dropping their place in the race.

    Calpheon: Anti-Troll Fortification

    Tips for this racetrack:

    • In my opinion this track can be the most difficult and you can quickly get left behind if you don’t know it well. At the beginning of the track you are going through the centre of Calpheon which has lots of objects you can get caught on. However, if you learn the tricks of this track then the rest of it is very simple.
    • There is a sharp turn before the bridge when you are coming close to the 3rd checkpoint, use your drift here to make the sharp turn with Instant Accell
    • The track between the 3rd and 4th checkpoint is the worst part of the track. After going across the bridge you will come to the fountain area and must be careful not to get caught on it. Then there is a small archway you must go through. This part requires you to drift perfectly in line with the archway to go straight through. Here is where most players get stuck and quickly fall behind. Slow down if you really need to so you don’t get stuck. If you do get caught in the room with the barricade then remember to use Escape to put you back on the track safely.
    • After the archway the rest of the track is fairly straight forward and there are not many sharp turns. You should be able to get around most of the track without needing to use drift and slow down. The only other one to really look out for is just before the bridge at the 6th checkpoint.
    • Watch out for clutter as you go through Northern Wheat Plantation and use your drift to avoid objects blocking the path.

    Race Horse Gear

    There is special horse gear that can only be equipped on the Giorga race horse and each piece can only be obtained by exchanging Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10.

    The Giorgiaro set can be enhanced up to +10 using a certain amount of Gale Black Stones. The amount you need goes up by 1 for each level of enhancement. For example, to enhance to +1, you require 1 Gale Black Stone, for +2 you require 2 Gale Black Stones, and for +10 you would require 10 Gale Black Stones.

    Gale Black Stones must be processed using Simple Alchemy and require Black Stone (Armor) x1 and Wind Dew x1. Wind Dew is obtained by exchanging Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x2. Unlike other horse gear, the Giorgiaro set does not require any failstacks and has 100% chance of success. However, each time it is enhanced the item will lose 10 max durability.

    Icon Item Enhancment Effect
    icon Giorgiaro Champron Acceleration +0.1%
    icon Giorgiaro Saddle Turn +0.1%
    icon Giorgiaro Barding Movement Speed +0.1%
    icon Giorgiaro Stirrups Brake +0.1%
    icon Giorgiaro Horseshoe Movement Speed +0.1%

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