Caphras Stones

Caphras Stones

Jun 11 Tansie  
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Caphras stones are fused into a weapon or armor which is TRI or above. When you fuse a Caphras stone into the equipment, it gives the item a certain amount of experience, and when the item levels up, the equipment gains extra stats.

Once an item reaches caphras level 20 (max), it can be enhanced with 100% chance of success, but will reduce the max durability of the item to 0.

  • If you enhance an item with caphras levels and fail (the item drops down from TET to TRI for example), then you will lose 50% of Caphras EXP.
  • If you enhance an item with caphras level and succeed (the item goes from TET to PEN for example), then you will keep 10% of the Caphras EXP.
  • If you enchance an item with caphras level using cron stones and fail, then 5% of the amount of stones you used will be transfered into Caphras EXP. 

Where to find Caphras Stones

Caphras stones are rare loot drops that can be obtained from monsters in the Valencia, Kamasylvia or Dreighan region. They can also drop when gathering (mining, lumbering, fluid collecting, underwater gathering, butchering, tanning) and are a reward in some daily quests.

You can also craft Caphras stones by pressing L and selecting “Simple Alchemy” to combine Ancient Spirit Dust x5 and Black Stone (Weapon or Armor) x1

Ancient Spirit Dust can drop from monsters in Balenos, Valencia, Kamaslyvia and Drieghan and can also be gained when gathering, or through some daily quests. They also have a high chance of dropping as a reward from monsters in the Dark Rift.

How to fuse a Caphras Stone

To fuse a Caphras Stone into a piece of equipment, open your Black Spirit and select the Enhancement button. Click on the Caphras tab at the top of the window and right the weapon or armor you would like to fuse.

In the top right, you can see how many Caphras stones are required for the next level, and can also see your current level and what stats the next level will give you.

Press the level up button once you are ready to upgrade the equipment.

Caphras required per level and stat upgrades

Click here to view our Caphras Stone Sheet with all the stats and stones required for each level (UPDATED JUNE 2020)

Velia Inn also has a great Caphras Calculator to show you exactly how much caphras you need and what stats you are getting

It’s really only worth getting to levels 1 – 4 with Caphras before it really starts to just cost too much. The bonus AP is great on boss weapons to push you to the next AP bracket but remember that it only increases the AP on that weapon only. So if you have level 1 Caphras on your awakening weapon, you will not gain the AP on your main weapon AP.

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