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Godr-Ayed Weapons (Blackstar Alternative) Guide

Introduction Godr-Ayed Weapons are an alternative version to the Blackstar Weapons. They have exactly the same stats at TET and PEN. The Godr-Ayed Weapons were created to provide a different route for enhancing. Although the general difficulity is around the [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 5th November 2021

Class Reboots Hello, this is Black Desert Studio. Through the Black Desert Research Lab last week, the first reboot of characters was applied. A lot of adventurers who enjoy each class are giving a lot of feedback.Thank you very much. [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 13th May 2021

Global Lab Changes this week! Enroachment Barrier Update The rewards of the Encroaching Barrier content have been changed as follows. Encroachment Barrier reward Stage 1 10 Predator Roots 50 Cron Stones Step 2 15 Predator Roots Ancient Spirit Powder x250 [...] Read more