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Duvencrune Daily CP Quests

IntroductionDuvencrune daily quests reset at midnight every day. It takes around 15 minutes to do the whole route and in total gives over 7k Contribution EXP. You can complete all of the quests if you are level 56 or higher […]

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Book of Margahan (Agris Fever) Guide

IntroductionThe Book of Margahan is part of the Adventure Logs but instead of rewarding players with stats or items, it unlocks a completely new system called “Agris Fever”. Agris Fever is a new buff which provides you with an increase […]

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Valencia Daily CP Quests

Valencia CityValencia City quests can be completed either every 22 hours or will reset at midnight every day. These are the best dailies to do but you must have betweeen 260 – 350 CP as well as level 54 or […]

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