Duvencrune Daily CP Quests

Duvencrune Daily CP Quests

Jun 30 Tansie  
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Duvencrune daily quests reset at midnight every day. It takes around 15 minutes to do the whole route and in total gives over 7k Contribution EXP. You can complete all of the quests if you are level 56 or higher so I recommend placing an alt in Duvencrune to do them and save you some time. Some quests also have other requirements but aren’t too hard to unlock and I have given details below.

There are also 3 others which I personally wouldn’t bother with because they take too long to do and also need the main dreighan story quest to unlock. Just in case you do want to do these, the names of the quests are [Repeat] The Golden Recipe, [Repeat] Missing Bride and [Repeat] The Child who Wants to Play

If you get confused at any point while following my daily route, you can find the quests in your quest log [O] under the Reccuring section then Duvencrune Contribution. Here you can use the navigation paths to find where to go if you get a little lost. Also pay attention to the mini-map in my screenshots to help find where to go.

Unlocking the quests

Here is a list of all the quests which have some additional requirement and details of how to get the knowledge:
  • [Repeat] Runaway Soldier
    • Requires knowledge of Night Crow Post (north east of Duvencrune)
    • You can get the knowledge by speaking to Myra at Night Crow Post or exploring the area
  • [Repeat] Delivery of the New Potion
    • Requires knowledge of Night Crow Hill Supply
    • Obtain the knowledge by completing the quest Stolen Supplies: Witness from the Supply Manager at Night Crow Post
  • [Repeat] Wrong Delivery
    • Speak to Drexin to obtain knowledge of him
  • [Repeat] Exact Delivery
    • Speak to Heira to obtain knowledge of her
  • [Repeat] Milk is a Bonus!
    • Requires knowledge of Milk
    • You should have knowledge of this already but if you don’t then you can just milk the cows (shown in the daily route) to get the knowledge
  • [Repeat] I like Corn
    • Requires knowledge of Corn
    • You should have knowledge of this already but if you don’t then you can gather corn (shown in the daily route) to get the knowledge
  • [Repeat] Ramy who Ran Away
    • Requires knowledge of Llama
    • You can get the knowledge by killing Llamas. There are some located both north and south of Duvencrune. Check here for locations.
  • [Repeat] Special Meal for Yak
    • Requires knowledge of Yak
    • You can get the knowledge by killing Yaks. There are some located both south west of Duvencrune. Check here for locations.

    Daily Route

    **You can only do one of the “Prayer of xx” quests at a time. So you must make sure you hand in the quest before you can get the next one. If the quest doesn’t show up for you then you might not have handed in the one before**

    Begin on the north side of Duvencrune and pick up the quests [Repeat] The Moving Stone and [Repeat] Prayer of Hope from the two villagers. 

    Head north up the road and take a right where it forks. kill 3 of the Rockroot Armadillo then kill one of the llamas next to them and use a butchering knife to get the meat. Go back to hand in afterwards. Turn facing sound and go up the stairs to talk to the altar at the top. Then go back to hand in. 

    Head back up the stairs again and pick up the quest [Repeat] Prayer of Forgiveness. Speak to the altar again then hand in the quest. 

    Next, jump down the hill behind the quest NPC and talk to the two the two villagers to pick up the quests [Repeat] Ramy who Ran Away and [Repeat] What’s Needed for House Chores. For House Chores quest you will need a straw basket, but don’t worry, we will get this from handing in another quest later on and will come back to the quest. 

    Once you have the quests, turn left and pick up the quest from the Villager in the area behind the trade manager. She will give you the quest [Repeat] Study of New Textile. For this quest we need to give her some Knitting Yarn. You will have already obtained this from the first quest as a reward. So just give over the knitting yarn and complete the quest straight away.

    Pick up the next quest from the NPC located near the innkeeper (Bamam). The quest is called [Repeat] Just a Foodie. Give him the llama meat that you collected earlier on and then he will reward you with a straw basket, which we will hand in later.

    Next, go across the road to where the training dummies are and pick up 4 quests there. There will be one from the Skill Instructor called [Repeat] Skill or Repairing, one from the soldier behind him called [Repeat] Runaway Soldier, and then a quest from the General Goods Vendor called [Repeat] Delivery of the New Potion, and finally the villager next to him has a quest called [Repeat] Wrong Delivery

    Firstly, interact with the “old building” next to you to build it and complete the quest from the skill instructor. Then pick up one of the boxes next to the General Goods Vendor.

    Take the box back across the street and up the stairs opposite all the way to the top. On the left you will see the NPC to give the box to. Put the box down then speak to him to complete the quest. Next jump down to the level below and near the stairs you will see a runaway soldier. Speak to him to get him to follow you and take him back to the soldier near the skill instructor. 

    Next turn right and go down the alleyway between the two buildings. You will see a young boy flying a kite, speak to him to get the next quest [Repeat] Lost Friend. The kite can be found on your right on top of the building. Go to the kite and interact with it then back to the boy to hand in.

    Next, go back to the General Goods Vendor and this time, take one of the boxes on the far left, next to the other NPC you picked up the other quest from. The box will be called a Trade Box. Take this around the corner to Drexin, the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC. Drop the box and speak to him to hand it in, then pick up another quest from him called [Repeat] Exact Delivery.

    Pick up tone of the trade boxes next to him and go down the south pathway and out of the gate to Heira, the Imperial Delivery NPC. Drop the box next to her and speak to her to complete the quest.

    Next, go back the way you came and on the right you will see the Blacksmith. You will pick up two quests here, one from the Blacksmith called [Repeat] Tools from Overseas and one from the villager next to him called [Repeat] Unstoppable Yena.

    Once you have both of those quests, cross back over towards the gate and speak to the villager next to it to pick up the next quest here. The quest is called [Repeat] Hero of Sherekhan. You will give him a Thuja Plank, which was a reward from an earlier quest. Complete the quest, then pick up one of the boxes and take it to the blacksmith and talk to the blacksmith to complete.

    Now go south out of the gate and follow the south pathway until you reach the next NPC. This quest is completely optional. I personally don’t bother doing it because it can sometimes take up too much time to get the fish needed. The quest is called [Repeat] Special Meal for Yak. Turn right here and take the pathway shown in the image below, leading to the next NPC.

    This next NPC will give you the quest [Repeat] Prayer of Wealth. Speak to the altar nearby then go back to hand it in. 

    Continue following the path down and the next NPC is in the middle of the fork in the road. Pick up the quest from him called [Repeat] Prayer of Life and speak to the altar again that you just spoke to. There is also another altar underneath it which you can speak to but you have to swim across the water first so it can be quicker to go back to the other one.

    Head north on the road next and keep going north past the bridge (on the left). Climb up the right side into Duvencrune Farmland and you’ll find an NPC in the corn fields with another quest for you called [Repeat] Lesson from Hard Labor. Accept the quest then look around the fields for corn you can gather. Sometimes the corn is on cooldown so you have to wander around a bit but it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. Hand in the quest afterwards.

    Head back down where you came from but this time go across the bridge to the other side. Immediately on your right you will see some stairs heading down to where Yena is. Speak to her to complete the quest [Repeat] Unstoppable Yena and hand it in. 

    Go back across the bridge again and turn right at the end of it. Follow the pathway and watch out for the path on the right (refer to the screenshot below for help).

    Go down here and keep following until you get to the hut where the next quest NPC is on the right. Collect the quest [Repeat] Driving the Light Wagon, and then pick up one of the wagons from around the corner and drive it back to him to complete. 

    Next, go right to continue down the same path again until you come across the giant villager in the corn fields. He will give you the quest [Repeat] Milk is a Bonus!

    Go down the fields towards the cliff edge and you will find another NPC which gives the quest [Repeat] Flag of Return. On the left, there is an invisible object called “Decent Spot” which you interact with to wave the flag and complete the quest.

    Go back up into the fields and this time go onto the farmland next to them where all the cows are. There will be two NPCs near the road The one near the rocks and closest to the cows will give two quets, [Repeat] Nutrients of Duvencrune and [Repeat] I like Corn. Pick both of these up and then interact with one of the cows nearby to milk them. This will allow you to complete the first quest.

    Next, go back into the cornfields and gather some corn. On the road, near the wagon, you will see some boxes and some more cows stood around. First, interact with the dairy cow and give it the corn to get it to follow you. Then, pick up one of the boxes nearby and walk towards the NPCs in the cow field. You can walk sideways to walk at the same pace as the cow. 

    Make sure to go to the NPC near the rock FIRST. Put the box down before interacting with him to complete. The option only appears if the cow is next to him and stood still. Then pick up the box and take that to the other NPC to hand in and give him the milk as well to complete the other quest.

    If the quest bugs out here (which it sometimes does for some reason), then get rid of the quest [Repeat] I like Corn and hand in the box before accepting it again, then go gather more corn (don’t let the cow follow you) and then go back again to hand it in straight away. You will then have to go back and give the other cow the corn to complete.

    Almost done now! Continue to your right, down the path again until you come out of the other side onto  the main road again. Go right and go into the grass where you will find Ramy. Interact with him to complete then go back into town to hand in the quest and also hand in the quest for the straw basket.

    After handing in both quests, cross the road and down behind the buildings opposite. 

    Behind the building there will be a quest NPC where you can pick up one of two quests depending on your characters gender:

    Complete the quest then go back to the starting position ready for the next day!

    Below are optional fishing quests which I personally don’t bother doing because they can be quite RNG and sometimes take too much time.

    If you decide to do the fishing quests, you can pick up the second quest [Repeat] Pride of Little Gentleman at the pond just south of Duvencrune. Fish in this area to get both of the fish needed for the quest. You will need a Korean Loach and Stone Moroko. Hand them in to the NPCs to complete.

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