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Global Lab Updates – 21st August 2020

Global Lab Changes this week Pit of Undying Changes As the number of guests to watch the thrilling duel in the pit of undying is increasing day by day, the original Crow Patrigio began to provide more and more Crow's [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 13th August 2020

Global Lab Changes this week: Musical Instrument Shop Artini, a famous wandering musician and teacher, has opened a Musical Instrument store in these four locations: Calpheon - North Kaia Pier Valencia - Anacado Inner Harbor Kamaslyvia - Flondor Lake O'Dyllita [...] Read more

How to install & play Black Desert Mobile [KR]

IntroductionThis guide is going to show you how to setup and install BDO Mobile [KR] on Android, iOS and PC. For this guide I will be using an emulator called MOMO which is highly recommended, especially if this is your […]

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Install & Setup (RU)

Introduction This guide is for installing and setting-up the game for the Russian OBT. All the guides and patch notes or news on BDFoundry are currently for the Korean version. The differences between the Korean and Russian OBT is that Russia’s version […]

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