Global Lab Updates – 22nd April 2022

Global Lab Updates – 22nd April 2022

Apr 22 Tansie  
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Calpheon Elvia – Giant Garrison

  •  Hadum’s encroachment has begun to encroach on the Giant’s garrison in Calpheon
    • The ‘giants’ eroded by Hadum’s power became more violent and began to covet the souls of the dead.
    • The spirits of the giants who want rest have begun to gather their strength to escape from Hadum’s encroachment.
Recommended Attack / Defense hunting ground information
Recommended AP: 290

Recommended DP: 370

The giants of the Geaku Plains encroached upon by Hadum seek an opportunity to gain greater power, and their scattered souls gather together for rest.


When the giant is defeated, a ‘soul seeking rest’, tired of longing for a long time, appears.
‘Souls longing for rest’ gather together and gather their grudges toward rest.
If you approach when the souls have gathered enough grudges, the <craving> giants will flock to steal the souls.
Afterwards, the more souls gather at that point, the more powerful the giants will come.
Finally, the Giant Duelist appears, and there is a low chance of Geaku appearing when you defeat the Duelist.


Calpheon Elvia Improvements

  • The following changes have been applied to Calpheon Elvia’s realm
    • The <encroaching> Rhutum wizard appearing in the Rhutum camp has been changed to be destroyed faster by Hadum’s energy
    • The monster damage reduction rate of the last Pride of the <buff> that can be received from the <Encroaching> Rhutum Wizard appearing in the Rhutum Garrison has been reduced.
    • Monsters that appear due to Elvia distortion have more natural actions.
    • When Gigagords, Ogres, and One-Eyed Giants step on the troll shaman’s petrified slats in the Troll Defense Base, a red barrier will now form around them.
    • The damage amplification of the ‘Essence of Surviving Hope’ buff obtained from killing ogres and one-eyed giants has been reduced from 4.5x to 3.5x.
    • Fixed the issue where Shadow Archer and Shadow Fighter kept falling down under certain circumstances.
    • The phenomenon that monsters that appeared due to Elvia distortion could not find adventurers in certain situations has been fixed.
    • The appearance of the rift of despair where the monsters of Calpheon Elvia distortion appear have been changed.

Serendia Elvia Improvements

Last week, by Korean standards (4/20, global 4/27 scheduled), the Serendia and Elvia region was reorganized. As there have been relatively large changes, we are constantly checking not only the strengths but also the shortcomings and disappointing parts, and whenever improvements are prepared, we want to patch them quickly. Today, big and small improvements were included. First, the placement of monsters in each hunting ground. In particular, a lot of changes have been made to the Nagana Altar Imp so that you can use the gimmick more clearly.

In addition, in the case of spirit weapons, the remaining time of 3 minutes was a bit short, so we adjusted it to 5 minutes, and added to receive the monster attack power +3 effect when receiving the spirit weapon effect to expand the utility even a little during the cooldown. . Also, by increasing the number of Roots of Predator that can be obtained from the daily quests exclusive to Elvia, the opportunity to start hunting with elemental weapons prepared in advance has been slightly expanded.

Lastly, in the case of Elvia’s party hunting grounds, the efficiency of spirit weapons was great, but in the case of party members holding spirit weapons, there were situations such as waiting for others to “tag” monsters. We have reduced the efficiency of the game so that we can fully hunt for the party, and the drop balance is currently being adjusted to be the same as before (more tests are needed, so it has not been reflected in the lab yet), and it will be reflected on the official server as well. The expected Drop balance is collecting data not only for party hunting grounds, but overall, and we will continue to adjust it as needed.

Ancient Spirit’s Blessing
  •  Serendia The ancient spirits of Elvia’s realm began to resist Hadum’s energy
    • After the ancient spirits of Elvia appear, the time it takes for them to disappear again has been increased from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.
    • Improvements have been made so that you can see how the ancient spirits resist the coming Hadum energy when there is about 1 minute left before the ancient spirits disappear.

  • Serendia The ancient spirits of Elvia’s realm begin to encourage adventurers with whispers.
    • ‘Whisper of the Spirit of Elvia’ can be obtained by interacting with the revealed ancient spirit, and the main weapon/awakening weapon options are equally applied
    • ‘The Whisper of Elvia Spirit’ has the effect of additional monster attack power +3 for 5 minutes and is not affected by ‘Elvia Spirit’s Blessing’ and ‘Elvia Spirit’s Reverb’.
    • The ancient spirit that gave ‘whisper of the elvia spirit’ by completing the interaction will disappear as before.


Altar Imp Habitat (Elvia’s Realm)

The Altar Imp Habitat has been improved so that monsters are placed near the flag and general monsters gather around the named monsters to add speed and comfort to the hunting pattern that draws monsters near the flag. As a result, the range at which the soul of the <Rude> Altar Imp is absorbed by the flag has been reduced, but even with this, you can enjoy hunting much more comfortably than before. Also, when Beg appears, it appears more quickly and summons subordinate monsters together, so that you can fight Beg by killing subordinate monsters without waiting for the motion for Beg to appear.
When a party member acquires a spirit weapon, the additional damage of the elemental weapon has been adjusted to improve the parts where other party members first attacked to obtain the loot and then the party member holding the spirit weapon had to attack. Acquisition will be slightly higher.

  • For smoother hunting, monsters are placed in a range close to the flag, and the arrangement has been improved intuitively, focusing on the <Rogue Soul> Altar Imp Trainer and the <Rough Soul> Altar Imp Fighter.
    • As monsters are placed near the flag, the range at which the soul of the <Rude> Altar Imp is absorbed by the Imp flag has been reduced.
    • As the monster arrangement has been changed, the range the Imp Altar monsters pursue has been reduced compared to before.


  •  During party hunting, the following changes are applied to improve the case where other party members cannot acquire loot due to elemental weapons.
    • The additional damage of Spirit Weapon (Okiara) has been reduced from 4.5x to 2x
    • The additional damage of Spirit Weapon (Narc) has been reduced from 6.5x to 2.5x.
    • The additional damage of Spirit Weapon (Valtarra) has been reduced from 3.5x to 1.5x.

※ The loot upgrade will be applied according to the additional damage adjustment of spirit weapons.


  •  <Boss> Dastardly Bheg has been improved as follows.
    • After an appearance message occurs, it has been improved to appear 50% faster than before.
    • It has been improved so that the <Unstable Soul> Imp Altar group appears while the boss is summoning.
    • Improvements have been made so that a group of <Unstable Soul> Imp Altars will appear upon defeat.


Biraghi Den (Elvia’s Realm)

In Biragi, when moving items on horseback or leaving the hunting grounds for a short time to use the camp, the bounty stage is not reset for a certain period of time even if you move to another area after the bounty is set to improve the inconvenience of the part where the bounty stage was reset. It has been improved to prevent it from happening, and it has been improved in the direction of expanding the scope of the bounty.

  • The conditions for the reset of the Biragi bounty stage when the adventurer escapes from the Biragi living quarters have been relaxed as follows.
    • The scope of the bounty tier applied to Biraghi Den has been expanded.
    • After the bounty has been set, the bounty phase has been improved so that it does not reset for about 5 minutes even if you move to an area other than Biragi Den


Swamp Naga Habitat (Elvia’s Realm)

In the swamp naga habitat, we have improved the monster placement and increased the number of naga captains so that they can gather nearby naga commanders and kill them quickly, centering on poisonous plants. Even if you are an adventurer visiting the swamp naga habitat for the first time, we expect that you will be able to intuitively identify hunting spots based on poisonous plants. It will be easy to understand if you think of Jade Starlight Forest’s Ogjinshini.
We also wanted to increase the speed of the Fogan Raiders by increasing the chase distance so that when the Naga swarms are defeated and the Fogan Raiders appear, they can move to the next spot without waiting and continue hunting. This also applies to naga raiders from the Swamp Fogan Habitat.

  • Swamp naga commander’s placement has been improved to be closer to poisonous plants
    • Accordingly, the chase distance and movement distance of the marshal naga commander have been reduced.
    • More Swamp Naga Captains have been deployed in the Swamp Naga Habitat.


  •  The swamp naga commander’s attack distance has been reduced, so it has been changed to attack from a closer position.
  • The population of swamp hermit crabs, red spiny tentacles, and triangular-headed lizards in the swamp naga habitat has been reduced.
  • Fogan raiders attacking swamp naga habitats have increased the distance they chase adventurers.


Swamp Fogan Habitat (Elvia’s Realm)

  • The distance the naga raiders raiding the Swamp Fogan habitats can chase after adventurers has been increased.


Abandoned Castle Ruins (Elvia’s Realm)

Abandoned castle ruins with a 3-person party had the inconvenience of having to pay attention to whether the monster’s aggro was applied to me or other party members when dragging a monster. It has been improved so that there is no stress when driving by intuitively arranging the arrangement of monsters at a glance. As with the Altar Imp Habitat, when party members acquire a spirit weapon, the damage amount of the elemental weapon has been adjusted so that the party members can acquire all the loot.

  • Monster placement has been improved intuitively to make party hunting more smooth.


  •  During party hunting, the following changes are applied to improve the case where other party members cannot acquire loot due to elemental weapons.
    • The additional damage of Spirit Weapon (Valtarra) has been reduced from 4.5x to 2x.
    • The additional damage of Spirit Weapon (Ogier) has been reduced from 6x to 2.5x.
    • The additional damage of Spirit Weapon (Narc) has been reduced from 3.5x to 1.5x.

※ The loot upgrade will be applied according to the additional damage adjustment of spirit weapons.


Blood Monastery (Elvia’s Realm)

The Blood Monastery has been improved so that Muskan, a gimmick monster, can appear in all areas like Org in the Orc Camp to improve the situation where Muskan, a gimmick monster, appears only in the interior and has to leave or abandon Muskan when hunting outside. . As a result, loot acquisition is changed to individual acquisition, and the difficulty has been reduced to suit individual difficulty.

  • When the red bell rings, if the adventurer is dead, <controlled in madness> fanatics do not appear.
    • When the adventurer is resurrected, <controlled madness> fanatics will reappear.


  • <Awakened Boss> Muskan of Madness has been changed to appear with a low probability during battle
    • As a result, secret ceremonies are no longer held inside the Blood Monastery.
    • The loot that can be obtained from Mad Muskan has been changed to personal acquisition.
    • The difficulty of Mad Muskan has been reduced.
※ The changes related to the root of the predator below cannot be checked in the Black Desert Research Lab and will be updated on the official server.
Serendia Elvia’s Realm Daily Quest Improvements
  •  The number of Predator Roots that can be obtained from daily quests in Serendia Elvia’s Realm has been increased.
    • Predator Root 2 → 5 / Predator Root 6 → 15
area Order NPC request name Quest completion conditions quest completion reward
Orc Camp orc hunter


[Daily] Oak Camp with Cool Energy Kill 100 Small Red Orcs 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] A voice from the fog Defeat 500 Red Orc Berserkers 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Disappeared Red Orc Kill 1000 Red Orcs 15 Predator Roots
Blood Monastery Annalin [Daily] The Lost String of Hope Kill 400 Cultists 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Green Monastery Kill 400 Zealot Warriors 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Suspicious Cultist Defeat 1500 Cultists 15 Predator Roots
Fogan Swamp Dernyl [Daily] Fogan on the alert Defeat 300 Swamp Fogan sentries 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Giant Fogan Defeat 250 Giant Swamp Fogans 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Farm Owner’s Concerns Kill 1000 Swamp Fogan Packs 15 Predator Roots
Naga Swamp Zegna [Daily] A swamp with an unfamiliar feeling Defeat 250 Naga Apprentice Spearmen 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Ecology of Naga Swamp Defeat 250 Naga Axes 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Lost Swamp Nagas Defeat 1500 swamp naga packs 15 Predator Roots
abandoned castle site Reuben [Daily] Tension in the stillness Kill 400 Mobile Troopers 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] The ruined castle on the eve of the storm Kill 400 minions 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Soldiers of Al Rundi who disappeared Defeat 2000 Al Rundi rebel hordes 15 Predator Roots
Biraghi Den Etunar [Daily] A mountain dyed in darkness Kill 250 Bandit Charge Captains 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Hidden deep in the mountains Kill 500 Bandit Defense Captains 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Kidnapping by bandits?! Kill 2000 bandits 15 Predator Roots
Imp Altar Zara Lynch [Daily] Undiscovered Facts Defeat 200 Altar Imp Brawlers 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] Stranger Things Defeat 150 Altar Imp Warriors 5 Predator’s Roots
[Daily] The Disappeared Altar Imp Defeat 1000 packs of Altar Imps 15 Predator Roots

Marni’s Instruments

※ Changes related to Flokestra Contra Bass and Marnis Instruments cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab and will be updated on the official server.  
The famous wandering musician Artini’s teacher’s name, the florestra contrabass, has appeared in the world of Black Desert. At the same time, the ‘Marnis’ instrument, rumored to have been invented by the mad scientist Marni long ago with artistic talent, was discovered in the Black Desert World. The found instruments are the Marni Bass and 4 types of Marnion, which are said to produce mysterious tones that have not been heard in the existing Black Desert World.

Many adventurers are making and playing wonderful music with beginner’s instruments/flochestra instruments using composition contents. Marnis can express exciting music more delicately and voluminously with the addition of florestra contrabass. Musical instruments have also been added, so I hope that many songwriting adventurers, including <Masterpiece Producer> adventurers, will be delighted.

In particular, Marnion (Wave Planet, Fantasy Tree, Secret Note, Sandwich), which is mysterious even with the name added this time, can express a total of 4 tones per Marnion, so a total of 16 tones can be boasted. Therefore, every time I take notes, I have prepared hard so that you can feel the feeling of composing a new song.

Florestra contrabass
  • Rumor has it that Artini, a protégé of the flochestra, has discovered the blueprints for a new instrument.
    • Rumor has it that it is an instrument with a warm tone that can reach deep into the heart.
    • Flokestra’s instrument can be crafted through quests and crafting (L) to obtain dew with the sound of earth. (Modify)
instrument How to make

florestra contrabass

[Production Drawing] 1 Flokestra Contra Base

10 maple plywood

50 iron ingots

50 gold bars

10 dews containing the sound of the earth

  •  You can purchase the florestra contrabass production blueprints at the Artini Music Store located in Lake Kaia, Lake Plondor, Salanar Pond, and Ancado Inner Harbor.
  • When you right-click on the contrabass production drawing, you will be guided to the NPC Artini located in Lake Kaia, where you can acquire the dew containing the sound of the earth necessary for making an instrument. (Modify) 
  • Dew with the echo of the earth can be obtained through the following daily quests while holding each crafting blueprint in your bag.
request name request condition quest reward
[Daily] Dew that embraces the sound of the soil Gather pine logs from the surrounding forest and give 100 to Artini.

Dew with the echo of the soil x 1



Marnis instrument

  •  Recently, it is said that Shays who have new dreams have appeared in the world of Beatsari. It may be a good opportunity to meet a sound that you have never experienced before.
  • Marnis Instruments can be crafted through quests and crafting (L) to obtain Marni’s special wave conversion device.
  • Marnis instruments can be obtained by purchasing ‘Score: Genius of Keplan’ from NPC Artini, and completing and completing the first quest per family.

instrument How to make

Marni Bass

[Production Drawing] 1 Marni Base
10 birch plywood
100 gold ingots
500 sheepskin
10 domed wave diverters

Marnion: wavy planet

[Production Blueprint] Marnion: 1 wavy planet
10 Elder Plywood
100 gold ingots
500 lion blood
10 Circular Wave Diverters

Marnion: Fantastic Tree

[Crafting Blueprint] Marnion: 1 Fantasy Tree
10 Ring Wood Plywood
100 gold ingots
500 deer blood
10 triangular wave diverters

Marnion: Secret Note

[Crafting Blueprint] Marnion: 1 Secret Note
10 Moss Wood Plywood
100 gold ingots
500 Wolf Blood
10 square wave diverters

Marnion: Sandwich

[Crafting Blueprint] Marnion: 1 Sandwich
10 cypress plywood
100 gold ingots
500 Rhino Blood
10 Blade Pulse Diverters
  • The Pulse Conversion Device can be obtained as a reward for daily quests or purchased with silver coins at the Marni Shop.
request name request condition quest reward
[Daily] Marnis: Domed Wave Conversion Device With the rocking Marni’s stone

Defeat 250 Sherekhan Monsters and hand them over

3 domed wave diverters

[Daily] Marnis: Circular Wave Conversion Device With the rocking Marni’s stone

Defeat 400 Tshira Ruins monsters and hand them over

3 circular wave diverters

[Daily] Marnis: Triangular Wave Conversion Device With the rocking Marni’s stone

Defeat 50 Naxion <Wild> Hunting Monsters and hand them over

3 triangular wave diverters

[Daily] Marnis: Square Wave Conversion Device With the rocking Marni’s stone

Defeat 50 Winter Mountain <Wild> Hunting Monsters and hand them over

3 square wave diverters

[Daily] Marnis: Blade Wave Conversion Device With the rocking Marni’s stone

Defeat 150 Thorn Forest monsters and hand them over

3 Blade Pulse Diverters


● After purchasing ‘Score: Genius of Keplan’ from NPC Artini, you can use the Marni Shop by completing the preceding quest.

※ You can save silver coins by completing daily quests to obtain a wave conversion device.


Marni shop sale items

item price
[Production Drawing] Marni Base 100 million silver coins
[Production Drawing] Marnion: Wave Planet 100 million silver coins
[Production Drawing] Marnion: Fantastic Tree 100 million silver coins
[Production Drawing] Marnion: Secret Note 100 million silver coins
[Production Drawing] Marnion: Sandwich 100 million silver coins
domed wave diverter 40 million silver coins
circular wave diverter 40 million silver coins
triangular wave converter 40 million silver coins
square wave diverter 40 million silver coins
blade wave diverter 40 million silver coins
  •  You can acquire the title <Marni’s Wings> by completing all of the Marnis Instrument Knowledge categories.


  • If you have both the title <Flokestra’s Wings> and the title <Marni’s Wings>, you can accept the quest to obtain the title <Musician> through the Black Spirit.

  • Improvements have been made so that when playing an instrument, the performance is divided into 3 types according to the BPM setting.
    • 1~79 / 80 ~ 129 / 130 or more
BPM 1~79 BPM 80~129 over 130 BPM

● The arrangement of the instrument selection area in the music album UI has been changed and improved so that more instrument types can be checked.


Artifact/Lightstone Inventory

A family-based relic bag has been added that allows you to separately manage and store relics and luminous stones. This bag was created with the intention of allowing it to be managed independently in a separate space without occupying the existing bag space, considering that more relics and luminous stones will be added in the future.
Relics can be stored up to 30 types (based on the official server), and in the case of luminous stones, all stored luminous stones are displayed like a pallet function, and they are stacked each time they are put in the bag.

And Artifact Bags are family based. Once placed, all characters will be able to manage them, but please note that when equipping or dismounting stored relics or luminous stones, you must move them from the relic bag to the normal bag.

Relics and luminous stones have been updated for the purpose of providing more fun with a variety of settings. Along with the update of new artifacts and luminous stones to be added in the future, we are also considering strengthening functions such as presets to further expand the usability, so please look forward to it. thank you.

  • An Artifact bag that can store artifacts and lightstones in a separate space has been added.
    • The Artifact bag is shared by the family.
    • Available through the Artifact Bag button at the bottom of the Bag UI.
    • When storing multiple identical items, they overlap in one space, so you can easily check how many identical items you have.
    • When storing artifacts, a small lightstone icon is displayed so that you can judge the artifacts that are equipped without checking the tooltip.
    • When storing lightstones, you can find them by dividing fire, earth, wind, and special stones through the filter at the bottom.

As mentioned in the Calpheon Episode 2 QNA time, unlimited artifact durability changes are applied. There must have been some adventurers who used the engraving spell stone because the durability of the artifact was consumed, but the precious item that was used was left to the Heidel warehouse keeper.

  •  The durability of the artifact equipment has been changed to unlimited.
    • The item engraving spell stone used for the relic was paid to the Heidel warehouse.

Quest Changes

Encroachment barrier content, where you can face the world boss directly, is one of many ways to acquire additional stats without growing equipment through reinforcement. Many adventurers have now decided that they are able to defeat Kzarka, the barrier of encroachment, even without the help of their colleagues, so we have changed it so that it can be challenged as a single person.

  •  Barrier of Encroachment Steps 1 to 3 quests have been changed to single-person quests.
    • The difficulty has been reduced and adjusted as it has been changed to a one-person quest.

Papuacrini is a place to soothe the hearts of adventurers who are tired of long adventures, and at the same time, it is an island where cute sea otters and cute Papu live together. Here, you can listen to their stories by disguising yourself as a Papua Sea Otter. In this process, we have improved so that adventurers’ ‘healing’ can be done more freely and comfortably, so that you can proceed with Papuacrini’s Dolmen Crab quests alone.

  • Papuacrini quests will be improved as follows.
    • [Cooperative Daily Quest] The clever Dolmen Crab has been changed to [Daily Quest] that can be completed by one person.
    • * Difficulty has been reduced and adjusted to suit one-person quests.
    • The difficulty of the [For the Millennium War] Dolmen Crab Kill quest has been reduced.
    • * The difficulty has been lowered for Dumb Stoneman Crab, Silly Stoneman Crab, Clever Stoneman Crab, Extraordinary Stoneman Crab, and Bloody Dolmen Crab.

Following the two-week increase in Contribution EXP reward, the increase in Contribution EXP reward is also applied to general quests for Valencia 184 types, Kamasylvia 101 types, and Drieghan area 75 types. The increase in contribution experience reward will be extended to Odilita and the Mountains of Endless Winter.

  •  Contribution EXP for 184 general quests in the Valencia area has been increased.
    • A detailed list of general quests with increased Contribution EXP can be found on the official Glab website.
  •  Contribution EXP for 103 general quests in Kamasylvia has been increased.
    • A detailed list of general quests with increased Contribution EXP can be found on the official Glab website.
  • Contribution EXP for 75 general quests in the Drieghan area has been increased. 
    • A detailed list of general quests with increased Contribution EXP can be found on the official Glab website.

Item Improvements

  •  It has been changed so that the world message and cheering action are not taken when acquiring the next item.
    • Benshaw’s Necklace, Ancient Guardian’s Seal, Gladiator Schultz’s Necklace, Witch’s Earring, Mark of Shadow, Rainbow Coral Ring, Gaktum’s Ring of Obedience, Tree Spirit Belt, Ancient Weapon Core, Blue Whale Meat, Transparent Black Star Crystal, Liberto Weapon Box, Liberto Weapon Bundle
  • When acquiring the next item, it has been changed to take a cheering action.
    • Manos’ Craftsman’s Clothing, Seasonal Graduation Item – Academic Cap, Brilliant Fairy Wings Item
  • The effects have been improved when using Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Elixir of Spirit Perfume, Kalk’s Elixir, and Elixir of the Deep Sea.
Starting with this item description improvement, it has been improved in the form of arranging the use point at the top so that the user can intuitively check where the item is used. Items that will be applied in the future will also be improved so that the usage can be checked first, and items whose description has already been improved will be corrected after the corresponding work is completed.

  • Item descriptions of 322 items such as magic crystal, healing agent, and parchment imbued with magic will be improved. (Modify)
    • Check the official Glab Website for a full list of the item description changes.
Before change after change

Other Changes

Monster Changes

  • The following changes have been applied to the Gyfin Rasia Temple (underground).
    • The positions of some statues appearing in the Tower of Transitioners have been corrected.
    • <Despair> The message range displayed when the Gyfin Rasia Killer appears has been changed so that it is exposed narrower than before.
  • The following 47 types of monsters have been changed so that they do not preemptively attack high-level adventurers and mounts.

Mad Skull <Violent> Crazy Skeleton Tenant
Mad Skeleton Rifleman <Rude> Mad Skull Centurion
Mad Skull Axeman <Rude> Mansha Warrior
Mad Skeleton Guard Dog <Rough> Iron Clan Imp Warrior
mad black shaman <Rude> Imp Minion
Goblin Elite <Rough> Altar Imp Brawler
goblin fighter <Rough Abandoned Iron Mine Barbarian> Imp Team Leader
goblin <Rough Abandoned Iron Mine Barbarian> Troll Workshop
parasitic bee <Rude> Masked Owl Warrior
imp soldier <Rough Alundi Army> Ranger
imp minion <Rude> Black Thorn Tentacles
deciduous spider <Rough> Cultist Warrior
High Warrior at Calpheon Temple <Rude> Red Orc Elite
High Priestess at Calpheon Temple <Rude> Swamp Fogan Warrior
herald of vice <Rude> Powerful Altar Imp Trainer
herald of corruption <Rude> Terda Reinforced Infantry
thorn tentacles <Rude> Troll Warrior
Balenos Bear <Rude> Centaur Ax Warrior
rockhorn lizard Calpheon Shadow Wizard
rhino lizard Calpheon Elite Shadow Priestess
Calpheon Shadow Knight Calpheon Elite Shadow Knight
Calpheon Shadow Guard Shadow Priestess
shadow knight shadow wizard
keplan top  

Siege/Node War Changes

  • During Node/Conquest War, the barricades that can be installed around the flag of invincibility have been changed so that they can only be built within the Node/Conquest area.
  • Fixed the issue where the same alliance and enemy were displayed in certain situations during Node/Conquest War.


System Changes

  • The description of the companion animal’s specialty, death penalty reduction phrase, has been changed to reduce the penalty in case of death.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where fish from other areas were caught in the Mountain Area of ​​Endless Winter
  • Season Pass ‘Yar!’ Fixed the issue where it was exposed on the world map while not proceeding.
  • The phenomenon of being able to move the mount to a place where it cannot be taken using character transfer has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the character pierced through the terrain when using the Giant Corpse Carrier skill at a specific location in the Free Duel Arena.
  • The phenomenon in which the Conquest War music did not play under certain circumstances during the Conquest War has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the appearance of a specific Black Spirit could not be obtained during simplified quests in the season server has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the main quest ‘[Balenos]’ could not be performed under certain circumstances while the ‘[Age of the Ocean] Oquilla’s Eye’ quest was in progress has been fixed.
    • Accordingly, the dialogue of some NPCs has been modified.
  • The phenomenon that the NPC name located in the tail of Awina, the mountain of endless winter was exposed abnormally has been corrected.
  • Journal of Endless Winter Mountain – The phenomenon that the 14th knowledge ‘Mrabye Waterfall’ of Adventure Journal I of Endless Winter could not be obtained has been corrected.

Class Changes


  • Fixed the issue where air attack was applied instead of down attack when using the Tearing Arrow, Prime: Tearing Arrow skill on horseback.
  • When using the additional hit of Evasive Explosion Shot, it has been modified so that it is not affected by the jump power increase effect.



  •  Fixed the issue where some skills could not be linked when using the Void Lightning skill during the cooldown.




  •  The phenomenon that it was possible to switch to awakening mode when falling while chasing in the state of Tiger Blade has been fixed.




  • The phenomenon that damage was not applied when using the left and right Whirlwind Cut skill in the state of Tiger Blade has been fixed.



  • Fixed the issue where unlearnable skills were displayed when leveling up.




  •  The contents of the Crouching Wolf skill have been deleted from the list of enhancement skills in the description of Succession: Mystic’s awakening skills.




  •  The phenomenon that the command content of the Ravenous Talon skill was awkward has been corrected.




  • The phenomenon in which the demonstration video of the Black Spirit: Crown Kick skill was a demonstration video of the Silent Breach skill has been fixed.


  • The phenomenon in which the character’s movements in the air were awkward when using Core: Sun-shielder Patraca from high terrain has been corrected.


Through today’s patch, 2 types of Dracania’s river skills have been added. Both technologies are designed to be universally used in any form, singular or combined. This causes Dracania to change a bit in PvE and PvP (albeit largely intact).
First of all, PvE will have a more complete transmission frame with the addition of strong skills, and performance will be improved. In particular, ‘River: Cleaver’ is easy to use or link when powerful techniques such as ion-consuming slash and Thunderbolt are on cooldown, and ‘River: Ascension’ technique is difficult to manipulate such as Marktanan’s scales or hand gestures. It is expected that it will be used frequently because it can inflict large area damage when linked after using a limited skill.
On the PvP side, there is a rather big change with the addition of strong skills. The damage that was clustered in the existing Thunderbolt Blast will be lowered because the added strong skills can damage a little more safely with the forward guard and super armor determination respectively. In addition, all hit rate increase effects of Thunderbolt Sweep are changed to trigger when a successful lung sting strike. Originally, Dracania was designed to be received with a relatively high hit compensation, but it was decided that it was necessary to change it because it could receive a very good effect compared to the current method. It is unfortunate that the situation in which the hit rate increase effect could be continuously maintained is reduced, but we ask for your understanding as this is to balance with the addition of the strong skill. Dracania’s PvP will continue to be checked after the patch and adjusted as needed.
  •  Prime: Ascension and Prime: Cleave Claw Succession skills have been added.

Prime: Ascension

Skill Skill action


Prime: Cleave Claw

Skill skill action
  • Brimbolt Strike I ~ Absolute PVP damage reduction rate has been changed from 40% to 43%.
  • Prime: Brimbolt Strike I ~ IV skill PVP damage reduction rate has been changed from 47% to 53%.
  • All the hit rate increase effects of the Prime: Brimbolt Raze skill have been moved to the Prime: Skewers skill, and the effect has been changed to be applied when the hit is successful.
  • It has been improved to attack while moving when using the Skewer I ~ Absolute skill after using the Refraction skill.
  • The phenomenon in which the Skewer skill was activated first when using the Blazing Strike skill after using the Refraction skill has been fixed.
  • When using the Skewer I ~ Absolute skill, the phenomenon that the linkage from a certain action to the next skill was delayed has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the weapon looks awkward when the character climbs the wall has been fixed.
  • After using the Eviscerating Wings skill, the phenomenon in which Skewer was activated when Blazing Strike was linked has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the appearance of the shard looked awkward while on horseback has been fixed.

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