Global Lab Updates – 18th March 2022

Global Lab Updates – 18th March 2022

Mar 18 Tansie  
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Arena of Solare

The contents of Solare’s Arena in Black Desert Research Lab are being improved every week based on the feedback of adventurers who have experienced the arena firsthand. First of all, the party system was improved to make the identification of the enemy clearer, clearer distinction and communication with the team members, and the voice chat function was added to use the voice chat function in Solare’s Arena.
In addition, I would like to talk more about the development direction. First, I would like to explain the stat caps that you are most interested in. In fact, this was the part we had the most trouble with. It is because the pros and cons are so clearly defined that MMORPGs stat caps. We plan to develop it in a form of a kind of ‘sport’ so that more people can enjoy it, and skill and teamwork are much more important than equipment in this direction by making this direction more firm.

Accordingly, in the case of stat caps, we would like to add dedicated arena equipment instead, rather than the current stat caps.

In fact, it was not that we didn’t consider the dedicated equipment from the beginning, but it was more that changing your equipment every time would be annoying. After looking for a better way to do this, we developed an equipment storage window for the equalised gear, and it is possible to select the gear in this separate space. Therefore, adventurers can use the equipment when they enter Solare’s Arena if they have set their settings.

※ Some settings, including corrections, are subject to change.

The settings are being developed as shown in the image above. It is a structure that can be set freely in a separate window, not in your inventory window or storage. It wasn’t really an easy task, but considering the future, we decided that it was a necessary system to develop, so we hope for your support.
Dedicated equipment is being developed in a way that starts with the basics, and more equipment options unlock as your rank goes up as you progress through Solare’s Arena. There is an idea to unlock more equipment depending on the character’s Workshop Combination value, and not necessarily the rank. We are considering the options to unlocking gear in various ways, however,
the equipment that is unlocked does not improve in performance, but allows you more customisation
As many adventurers have commented, Solare’s Arena is going to balanced so that they can clash more with each other. At first, we thought about three battlefields, and we are adding various strategic gimmicks without affecting the original pleasure of PvP. To make it more enjoyable, we will focus on improving the work to the end, and we will update the lab as soon as development is complete. Thank you.

  •  A spectator function has been added that allows you to watch other players’ battles in case of death during a match.
  • It has been improved so that the cooldown time of all skills is reset when entering Solare’s Arena. (Excluding Black Spirit’s Rage 200% skill)
  • It has been improved so that the cooldown of Emergency Evasion (V) is reset at the end of each round.
    • The cooldown time of skills other than emergency evasion is not reset.
  • Rob and Daz NPCs to support battle have been added to the starting camp of each team.
    • You can change skills addons, repair items, purchase potions, etc. even within the battlefield through the NPCs.
  • The size of the battlefield in Valley of Olun has been reduced and the starting location has been changed. 
  • It has been changed so that the escape function cannot be used inside the battlefield.
  • It has been changed so that each team of the contestants is composed of a party unit.
  • It has been improved to enable party chat, ping function (Shift+`), and ally identification in the party configuration state.
  • Character tag/camp/maid functions in the battlefield have been changed so that they do not work.
  • Items unnecessary for the match have been changed so that they are not used.
  • It has been improved to display up to 10 recent records displayed on the main screen of Solare’s Arena
  • A voice chat channel that can be used between team members when entering Solare’s Arena has been added.
  • Improved visibility of system messages indicating match progress.


※ In the Black Desert Research Lab, Solare’s window contents can only be used during the trial period, and the matching function cannot be used outside of the trial period.

Treasure Items

When it comes to furniture items with irresistible rarity in Black Desert, treasure items cannot be left out. Even if adventurers struggled to obtain treasure items with difficulty, the only way to express their pride was by linking the items in the chat window.
Even if you don’t show off yourself, we needed something that other people could naturally recognize and ‘respect’, but it seems that we lacked respect for the efforts and challenges of adventurers.
Today, I would like to fill it in a little bit. First, we added a special title so that others can recognize it immediately, and added furniture that embodies a treasure so that you can see the sense of pride when you achieve it. The furniture was made with ‘Respec’ down to the smallest detail, and I hope that it can give small satisfaction to treasure owners and adventurers.
※ Treasure items are not taken from the quest, so you can rest assured.
  • Special furniture and titles have been added for players who have acquired treasure items
    • In possession of each treasure item, show it to Patrgio in Crow’s Nest to receive the corresponding ‘True Master of Treasure’ quest.
    • By completing the quest ‘The True Master of Treasure’, you can acquire furniture and titles with the shape of the corresponding treasure.

※ Patrigio, located in the crow’s nest, can be found during the quest quest (O) – recommended quest – ‘[Age of the Ocean] crow’s nest’.

Quest name Furniture Title
The true owner of the treasure:

Ebenruth’s Nol

Masterpiece: The Ebenruth’s Nol


The true owner of the treasure:

Lafi Bedmountain’s Improved Compass

Masterpiece: Lafi Bedmountain’s Improved Compass

Polar Star

The true owner of the treasure:

Merchant Ring

Masterpiece: Merchant Ring


The true owner of the treasure:

Archaeologist’s map

Masterpiece: The Archaeologist’s Map


Masterpiece: The Ebenruth’s Nol

Masterpiece: Lafi Bedmountain’s Improved Compass

Masterpiece: Merchant’s Ring

Masterpiece: The Archaeologist’s Map

Voice Chat Improvements

  • The voice chat function has been renewed so that you can use the voice chat more smoothly.
    • Headset, microphone icon ( ) to set up a voice chat or see other adventurers participating.
    • in the voice chat UI, you can check the voice chat channel you are currently participating in or set the listening/speaking status.
    • At the bottom of the voice chat UI, you can check the list of other adventurers who are currently in the same voice chat channel and adjust the individual volume.
    •  The list of other adventurers is displayed so that you know who the adventurer you are talking to is.
    • You can change channels (Guild / Red Battlefield – Valencia City Street / Solare’s Arena) or make detailed settings related to listening and speaking through the gear button on the voice chat UI.
    • Voice chat UI supports sticker UI function.
    • When voice chat is enabled, the family name or character name is temporarily displayed on the left side of the minimap when other adventurers belonging to the same voice chat channel are speaking.


  •  Red Battlefield – The ‘[Red Battlefield] Valencia Urban War’ voice chat channel has been added so that you can have a voice conversation with your teammates in the Valencia Urban War.
    • Even if you do not set up a separate setting, you can freely communicate with your teammates when entering the Red Battlefield – Valencia City War.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • A description of how to obtain the following items has been added.
    • The Flower of Delusion, Fern Root, Powder of Dreams, Old Moon Censer Mold, Old Moon Censer, Dream Censer
  • Florin’s Manual, [Event] The description of the buff effect of Joban Grolin’s Certificate of Support has been improved to be the same as the description of the item. 
  • Immortality: Unnecessary phrases have been removed from the descriptions of the ironclad spirit items.
  • It has been improved so that you can check the perfume elixir items that hold breath in the crafting notes.
  • A phrase has been added to the description of Spirit Water with Ancient Blessings and Spirit Water with Blessings, saying that you can obtain material items made with simple alchemy.

Mount Changes

  • When selling mounts below level 14, a notice has been added stating that the sale price and additional items can be obtained when delivered to the imperial family after reaching level 15 or higher.
  • The phenomenon that the horse’s dash, front paw, and hind kick skills could not be used in swamps or shallow waters such as Catfishman Camp, Swamp Naga, Swamp Fogan, and Tshira Ruins has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that forced attack could not be activated in swamps, shallow water, sea, and rivers while riding Dream Dine has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the character’s basic attack and skills could not be used in the sea and river when mounting Dreaming Dine has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon in which the ‘Please try again later’ system message was displayed has been corrected if the horse fell out due to lack of Ogier’s breath while running on the water with Dream Dine.
  • The phenomenon that the effect of Junma’s wake up technique was not applied to Dream Dine has been corrected.



  •   It has been improved so that you can acquire the knowledge of ‘The Day the Blood and Wind Blowed, Galieva’s Memory I, II’ even when you have a new Neuvelicant helmet and armor.
    • If you have crafted a Nuvelicant helmet or armor without acquiring knowledge, you can acquire knowledge by talking to NPC Lonely Galeva in Tyrant’s Hill while holding the item.


Backgrounds, NPCs, Effects, Cutscene

  • In the city of Red Battlefield, occupied areas that can be captured in places that are not attacked by a specific class have been modified.


UI  Changes

  • When using the pad-only UI, it has been improved so that you can use the equipment/bag view search function of other characters in the family in the game end UI.
  • The alignment of the awakening weapon, awakening weapon costume, underwear, and eye decoration slot in the equipment window (I) has been improved.
  • The phenomenon in which the word of the day in the Guild (G) window looked abnormal in certain situations has been corrected. 
  • The text of the voice chat status tooltip that is displayed when you mouse over the voice chat icon at the top right of the game screen has been modified to be aligned.


System Changes

  • Server optimization related to carriage movement has been performed.

Bug Fixes

  • The ‘[Cultivation] How to get more potatoes’, ‘[Cultivation] Awkward part of the quests for my own small farm’ have been corrected.
  •  The phenomenon in which the invitation notification was displayed differently depending on the server where the opponent is located and the status of the invitation rejection option has been corrected.
  •  When the main quest is performed by setting the pad-only UI, the key guide that is guided in a specific quest has been modified to match the reality.
  •  The phenomenon that the world boss reward could not be obtained under certain circumstances has been fixed.

Class Changes

All Classes

With the reorganization of the Crypt of Resting Thoughts and the underground area of ​​the Gyfin Temple, the importance of the attack hit/miss rate is emerging among seasoned adventurers not only in PvP but also in PvE. Accordingly, we have added a judgment effect that shows how much the character’s attack was hit. This will allow you to set a clearer course for your equipment, or experience firsthand how effectively the attack hits against monsters with a large level difference.
  •  Improvements have been made so that ‘Miss’ is displayed when an attack is not hit so that you can more clearly recognize when an attack misses or succeeds in evasion.

▲ This image was taken with a low accuracy setting.


  • The attack range of the Prime: Claws of Darkness skill has been changed.
  • Fixed the issue where the damage was not applied in certain situations when you turned your back to the wall when using the Prime: Claws of Darkness skill
  • When the Swirling Darkness skill is on cooldown, it has been modified so that it cannot be reset.
  • The hit range of the Shadow Eruption skill has been modified to match the effect.



  • Fixed the issue where the addon effect of the Beastly Wind Slash skill was not applied when the Flow: Windstorm skill was hit.
  • The bug where if the Prime: Frenzied Destroyer  I ~ IV skill has been acquired and when using Ultimate: Frenzy Destroyer, the melee attack power increase effect is not applied has been fixed. 
  • The phenomenon in which the skill addon of the Succession: Weakling Hunt was not applied has been corrected when the skill is hit. 
  • The skill guide command of the Seismic Blast skill has been modified so that it looks the same as in reality.



  • During mid-air motion, the Heilang: Scratch skill has been modified so that it can be used in the left/right direction as well as forward.
  • During Tree Climb skill, the Heilang: Scratch skill has been modified so that it can be used in the left/right direction as well as in the front.



  • The phenomenon in which the backwards Barrage of Lightning and Lightning Blast skill was not linked after the Black Spirit: Detonative Flow skill has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon in which the backwards Barrage of Lightning skill was not linked after the Black Spirit: Thunder Storm skill has been corrected.



  • The phenomenon in which the damage of the Flow: Grand Bloom skill was applied abnormally when initializing after acquiring the Full Bloom skill has been corrected.



  • After using the left, right, and backwards Hop skills, the Try This! skill has been improved so that the skills are smoothly linked.


  • The phenomenon that the cooldown time was not displayed when using the Savage Hack I skill has been fixed.

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