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FS Storage, Season Boss Scrolls, and New Grind Spot

Global Lab Changes this week:Main Quest changesMain quests have been seperated from all other quests so you can find them easierA “main quest” menu has been added when speaking to NPCs and when talking to your black spiritYou can use […]

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Maids/Butlers Guide

Introduction Maids/Butlers are available from the Pearl Store, under the function tab, for 1,200 pearls and can be used to access your storage or marketplace from anywhere, depending on which one you buy. There are 2 types of maids/butlers, and […]

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CP Optimization [Heidel Storage]

Below is the recommended storage options for Heidel. You should which is best for you and how much storage space you need or contribution points you have. I would highly recommend using the orange and red options because they give […]

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