Bartering Guide

Bartering Guide

Jun 21 Tansie  
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Bartering is a great way to earn money in the game whilst being semi-afk. There are a lot of prerequirements though and you will need to invest a lot of silver (1 billion +) and time to really get the most out of bartering, as well as completing a weeks worth of daily quests. This guide will go over the basics and set you up with an Epheria Caravel (Tier 2 ship) at the end. You can choose to go for the Galleass boat instead but the Caravel is a better boat for bartering because of it’s increased weight.

I would also advise having a look through our Advance Ships guide which will give more detail about things like sailors, ship gear and the new ship UI. This will not be covered in this guide, but information on upgrading to a Caravel will be listed in both.

To get started, you will need a character with level 50 or higher and Skilled 1 in sailing, as well as an Epheria Sailboat. I advise using an alt for bartering and giving them full weight limit gear. You can buy an Epheria sailboat from the central market or using 50 Shakatu Seals. You can easily achieve skilled 1 in sailing by completing the questline [The Great Expedition] Oquilla’s Eye. You can get this quest from your Black Spirit under the Suggestions tab and it can be done on all characters. The first quest is called “Vigorous Velia“. It will take you a couple hours to complete and you will need the Epheria Sailboat but the questline is very important to give you an introduction to bartering and will give you some free sailor slots. The questline is mostly running around and will introduce you to the Oquilla’s Eye Island. You will need to kill a few sea monsters, which won’t take too long. You can ram them with your boat, but this will deal a lot of damage to your boat and you will need Ship Repair Materials. I would advise just shooting them with the cannons, although it is a bit slower.

Make sure to keep the Sea Monster’s Ooze which drops from the sea monsters you kill, because you need 150 of them for the Epheria Caravel upgrade. Make sure to do the Ravinia Ship Upgrade Log listed under Bartering Dailies as well.

Basics of Bartering

Bartering Routes and Chains

To begin, you must place “land goods” into your ship’s inventory at a Wharf Manager.

It is important to note that you can only load cargo onto your ship at a wharf manager and that you cannot barter if your ship is overweight. Remote collecting your ship will also destroy any Barter items in the ship inventory.

Land goods can be items such as Vinegar, Old Tree Bark, Beer, Fleece, Powder of Time, etc. You then go to an island where there is a barter availabe for that item and anchor your ship there. Press [Barter] and make the trade for a level 1 item. Continue this chain until you get higher level items.

Land Goods > [Level 1] > [Level 2] > [Level 3]> [Level 4] > [Level 5] > Crow Coins
*You can also trade Level 4 barter items for less Crow Coins.

Level 1 and Level 2 items cannot be sold and weigh 800LT.
Level 3 items can be sold to an NPC for 1 million silver and weigh 900LT.
Level 4 items can be sold to an NPC for 2 million silver and weigh 100LT.
Level 5 items can be sold to an NPC for either 5 million silver or 10 million silver depending on the item and weigh 1000LT.

Item LevelMax ExchangesUses
Level 16Exchange for Verdant Stones
Level 22Materials for upgrading to Caravel/Galleass
Ship gear blackstone for up to +5
Level 34Materials for ship gear
Materials for upgarding to Caravel
Ship gear blackstone for +6 to +10
Level 46Materials for upgrading to Carrack
Exchange for Crow Coins for profit
Level 54Brilliant Materials for upgrading to Carrack
Exchange for Crow Coins for profit

Bartering Menu

You can open the bartering menu by pressing ESC then going to Life and selecting Barter. 

There are few important things to note in this window:
  • Parley – This is your parley points and are family wide. They start at 1,000,000 (1 million points) and go down as you do barter trades. Once it hits zero, you must refresh your barters to gain 1 million parley again.
  • Exchanges Remaining – This shows the amount of times you can complete this trade. For example, you can trade the [Level 4] Green Salt Lump for a [Level 5] Azure Quartz 4 times in the example below
  • Accumulated Number of Exchanges – This shows how many total barter trades you have done and is family wide. The more barters you do, the more routes you can unlock. More information about this is explained further in the guide.
  • Barter Refresh – This is the amount of barter refresh you points you have and is family wide. You start off with 100 points daily or 150 points if you are using a value pack. Your points reset every day at 6AM UTC. You can use your barter points to refresh your barters. This will also reset your parley. There are different options when you choose to refresh your barter.
    • Regular Refresh (requires 20 points) and will have a 4 hour cooldown. You can choose to either refresh trade items, or ship upgrade items.
    • Instant Refresh (requires 30 points and 70 points if used while regular refresh is on cooldown). This will refresh and not give you a cooldown, you can choose to either refresh trade items or ship upgrade items
    • Reduce Refresh Cooldown (requires parley). You can use parley points to lower the refresh cooldown. Each time you press the button, 50k parley will be removed and will reduce the time by 5 minutes. So pressing the button 12 times will reduce by 60 minutes for 600k parley.
  • Special Barter – Special barter is unlocked after around 140 total barters and will start to randomly show up. Sometimes it can be useful to do depending on the barter and current prices. More information about special barter can be found further on in the guide.

    Unlocking all Bartering Routes

    As you complete more barters, the amount of bartering routes you unlock is increased. You will need a minimum of 70 barters to unlock the main bartering routes.

    **Once you reach around 140 barters, you will unlock Special Bartering

    Total BartersBarter Routes Unlocked
    01st Barter Route
    Old Moon Guild Carrack
    102nd Barter Route
    [Level 2] Material Barter
    303rd Barter Route
    [Level 3] Material Barter
    704th Barter Route
    [Level 4] Material Barter
    140**Special Bartering
    1505th Barter Route
    3106th Barter Route
    6307th Barter Route
    12708th Barter Route
    25509th Barter Route
    511010th Barter Route
    [Level 5] Material Barter
    1023011th Barter Route
    2047012th Barter Route

    Storing Barter Items

    Your goal is to slowly build your bartering storage and increase your total barters while you collect the items required for the Epheria Caravel.

    For the best efficiency you can store items in the following storages:
    Port Epheria: Land Goods, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4
    Iliya Island: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5
    Ancado Inner Harbor: Level 5

    Try to keep an even balance and good amount of each item in both Port Epheria and Illiya Island so you don’t have to go across the map multiple times to collect the items needed

    I recommend using 19 contribution points to get the maximum amount of storage in Iliya Island once you start to build up your stockpile of barter items. This will give you 59 additional storage slots in Illiya. You can also buy a residence on Lema and use a container to access the Iliya storage and save yourself a trip, this will cost an additional 11 contribution points.

    I also highly recommend using this spreadsheet to keep track of your storages. It also has lots of other useful information for bartering.

    Items to Store for Epheria Caravel

    Make sure to keep x2 of each of these trade goods so you can swap them for the materials needed to craft a caravel through a bartering trade. Use the ship material reset to get these trades. Keep extra level 1 items as well because you will need to trade these in for Verdant Black Stones to enhance the ship gear later on.

    [Level 2] Filtered Drinking Water

    Island Tree Coated Plywood x50

    [Level 2] Narvo Sea Cucumber

    [Level 2] Pirate Gold Coin

    [Level 2] Conch Shell Ornament

    Rock Salt Ingot x50

    [Level 2] Balanced Stone Pagoda

    [Level 2] Urchin Spine

    Items to Store for Epheria Carrack

    Carrack Recipe ItemItems to Keep
    ImageSeaweed Stalk

    x205 (Advance and Balance)
    x250 (Volante and Valor)
    Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1x Stalk
    icon[Level 4] Stolen Pirate Dagger
    icon[Level 4] Pirate’s Key
    icon[Level 4] Bronze Candlestick
    iconBright Reef Piece x180Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 4x Piece
    icon[Level 3] Pirates’ Supply Box
    icon[Level 3] Weasel Leather Coat
    icon[Level 3] Lopters Fishnet
    iconBrilliant Pearl Shard

    x35 (Advance)
    x30 (Balance, Volante and Valor)
    Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1x Shard
    icon[Level 5] Elixir of Youth
    icon[Level 5] Mysterious Rock
    icon[Level 5] Golden Fish Scale
    icon[Level 5] Faded Gold Dragon Figurine
    icon[Level 5] Azure Quartz
    icon Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot

    x35 (Advance)
    x30 (Balance, Volante and Valor)
    Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1 Ingot
    icon[Level 5] Portrait of the Ancient
    icon [Level 5] Luxury Patterned Fabric
    icon [Level 5] 102 Year Old Golden Herb
    icon[Level 5] Taxidermied White Caterpillar
    icon [Level 5] Azure Quartz
    icon Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Beginner) x60Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1x Artifact
    icon[Level 2] Opulent Marble
    icon [Level 2] Big Stone Slab
    icon[Level 2] Monster Tentacle
    icon Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Expert) x30Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1x Artifact
    icon [Level 4] Amethyst Fragment
    icon#[Level 4] Headless Dragon Figurine
    icon Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood x300Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 10x Plywood
    icon[Level 4] Stolen Pirate Dagger
    icon[Level 4] Marine Knights’ Spear
    icon[Level 4] Bronze Candlestick
    iconFiery Black Stone x40Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1 to 4 Stones
    icon [Level 2] Cron Castle Gold Coin (1 to 3)
    icon [Level 3] Stalactite Fragment (2 to 4)
    icon [Level 3] Skull Decorated Teacup (2 to 4)
    icon[Level 4] Boatman’s Manual (2 to 4)
    icon [Level 4] Old Chest with Gold Coins (2 to 4)
    iconFrosted Black Stone x40Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1 to 3 Stones
    icon [Level 2] Cron Castle Gold Coin (1 to 3)
    icon[Level 3] Round Knife (1 to 2)
    icon [Level 4] Seashell Deco (1 to 3)
    iconGreat Ocean Dark Iron x150Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 5x Iron
    icon [Level 4] Opulent Thread Spool
    icon[Level 4] Green Salt Lump
    icon [Level 4] Panacea
    icon Luminous Cobalt Ingot x30Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1x Ingot
    icon [Level 4] Stolen Pirate Dagger
    icon [Level 4] Solidified Lava
    icon [Level 4] Pirate’s Key
    icon Pure Pearl Crystal x45Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 1x Crystal
    icon[Level 3] Torn Pirate Treasure Map
    icon [Level 3] Scout Binoculars
    icon [Level 3] Skull Symbol Carpet
    icon [Level 3] Ancient Orders

    Bartering Dailies

    Once you have completed the questline, you can begin to get dailies that will give you materials towards your Epheria Caravel.

    The most important dailies to do are the Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log dailies from Ravinia on Crow’s Nest (location shown in the next section of the guide). There are 7 in total, so it should take you a week to complete them. It’s also worth noting that the quests are family wide so you can complete the talking quests with an alt to save time. 

    Each quest will give you an item which you use to gain a random follow up quest. This will reward you with 50% of the materials for your Epheria Caravel so keep hold of them. Make sure you do not delete the Letter she gives to you or abandon the follow up quest!

    Quest NameObjectiveRavinia’s LetterRavinia’s Letter Rewards
    Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log ISpeak to Carpuro on Oquilla’s EyeRavinia’s Wiggly Waggly Letter
    (use to obtain a special quest)
    Sailing Skill EXP (10,000)
    Verdant Black Stone x50
    Graphite Ingot for Upgrade x25
    Timber for Upgrade x25
    Adhesive for Upgrade x25
    Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log IISpeak to Proix near VeliaRavinia’s Cutesy Wootsy Letter
    (use to obtain a special quest)
    Sailing Skill EXP (60,000)
    Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log IIISpeak to Curio on Oquilla’s EyeRavinia’s Lovey-Dovey Letter
    (use to obtain a special quest)
    Sailing Skill EXP (10,000)
    Chowder x10
    Elixir of Regeneration x1
    Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log IVSpeak to Wale at Wale Farm near OlviaRavinia’s Wiggly Waggly Letter
    (use to obtain a special quest)
    Sailing Skill EXP (10,000)
    Verdant Black Stone x50
    Graphite Ingot for Upgrade x25
    Timber for Upgrade x25
    Adhesive for Upgrade x25
    Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log VSpeak to Ravikel on Oquilla’s EyeRavinia’s Cutesy Wootsy Letter
    (use to obtain a special quest)
    Sailing Skill EXP (60,000)
    Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log VISpeak of Chief Diega on Illiya IslandRavinia’s Lovey-Dovey Letter
    (use to obtain a special quest)
    Sailing Skill EXP (10,000)
    Chowder x10
    Elixir of Regeneration x1
    Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log VIISpeak to Dichzy Borne on Lema IslandRavinia’s Sparkly Shiny Letter
    (use to obtain a special quest)
    Sailing Skill EXP (10,000)
    Crow Coin x1000

    Other daily quests you must do for the Caravel upgrade can be found on Oquilla’s Eye:

    • [Daily] Ravikel’s Test
      • Obtained from Ravikel on the west dock of Oquilla’s Eye
      • Barter 5 times
      • Reward: Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue x8 (you will need 4 of these for the Caravel and more for the Carrack)
    • [Daily] Precious Coral Piece
      • Obtained from Curio the Otter Merchant on the south beach of Oquilla’s Eye (location)
      • Give coral pieces x10 (you can just buy these from the central market) 
      • Reward: for Seaweed Stalk x4 (you will need 6 of these for the Caravel so do the quest twice)

    Crow’s Nest (Crow Coin Shop)

    Crow’s Nest is located north east of Oquilla’s Eye and is hidden on the map because it is in the Ross Sea. You can use an Explorer’s compass to view the hidden island and your location on the map. The easiest way to find it without one is to go north from Tinberra Island.

    There is a small dock on the south west of the island and this is where you can find the wharf manager. Once you get to the dock, just follow the pathway around the island to get to Ravinia. She gives daily quests and also sells items at the Crow Coin shop. All items in the Crow Coin shop are not worth buying unless you need them desperately for upgrading your ship. It is much more profitable to trade your Crow Coins for the Caphras stone bundle and then sell these.

    You can also swap any Level 1 Barter items for a Voucher at Revinia on Illiya Island, and then use the voucher to exchange for a Verdant Black Stone.

    Upgrading to the Epheria Caravel

    Upgrading to the Caravel requires the following materials

    Upgrading an Epheria Sailboat to an Epheria Caravel
    Materials neededHow to obtain
    iconShip Upgrade Permit: Epheria Caravel x1purchase from Philaberto Falasi for 400 million silver
    icon+10 Epheria: Old Prow x1purchase from Philaberto Falasi for 3.5 million silver then enhance
    icon+10 Epheria: Old Plating x1purchase from Philaberto Falasi for 4 million silver then enhance
    icon+10 Epheria: Old Cannon x1purchase from Philaberto Falasi for 3.5 million silver then enhance
    icon+10 Epheria: Old Sails x1purchase from Philaberto Falasi for 3 million silver then enhance
    iconGraphite Ingot for Upgrade x100processing (L) > Heating
    Zinc Ingot x100 and Sea Monster’s Ooze x1 (Sea Monster’s Ooze is obtained by killing sea monsters)
    (iconTimber for Upgrade x100

    processing (L) > Chopping
    Old Tree Bark x100, Red Tree Lump x100 and Sea Monster’s Ooze x1 (Sea Monster’s Ooze is obtained by killing sea monsters)
    iconAdhesive for Upgrade x100processing (L) > Heating
    White Cedar Sap x100, Acacia Sap x100, Elder Tree Sap x100 and Sea Monster’s Ooze x1 (Sea Monster’s Ooze is obtained by killing sea monsters)
    iconIsland Tree Coated Plywood x100obtain x50 by swapping [Level 2] Filtered Drinking Water, [Level 2] Narvo Sea Cucumber or [Level 2] Pirate Gold Coin (Bartering)
    iconRock Salt Ingot x100obtain x50 by swapping [Level 2] Conch Shell Ornament, [Level 2] Balanced Stone Pagoda or [Level 2] Urchin Spine (Bartering)
    iconDeep Sea Memory Filled Glue x4obtain x4 by swapping [Level 3] Torn Pirate Treasure Map, [Level 3] Gooey Monster Blood, [Level 3] Rare Herb Pile,
    [Level 3] Blue Candle Bundle, [Level 3] Skull Decorated Teacup, [Level 3] Weasel Leather Coat,
    [Level 3] Old Hourglass, [Level 3]Round Knife (Bartering) or purchase for 140 Crow Coins
    iconSeaweed Stalk x6low chance of obtaining at the Eye of Oquilua island, daily bartering quests, bartering exchange with Level 4 trade goods, or purchase for 600 Crow Coins


    You can get 50% of these materials by completing the Ravilia’s Ship Upgrade Log and a couple of the other dailies listed in this guide (under Bartering Dailies).

    This should give you:
    • Graphite Ingot for Upgrade x50
    • Timber for Upgrade x50
    • Adhesive for Upgrade x50
    • Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue x4
    • Seaweed Stalk x6
    To craft the remaining items, you will need 150 Sea Monster’s Ooze. You should have obtained this from the first questline but if you don’t have this then you can kill sea monsters to get them. Ask a friend to help you out if you are struggling. You should only need to kill ~8 monsters for the full amount. Use the Sea Monster’s Ooze to craft the remaining amount of Graphite Ingot for Upgrade, Timber for Upgrade and Adhesive for Upgrade.

    That means you will have to either buy or gather the remaining materials needed to craft them:

    • Zinc Ingot x5000
    • Old Tree Bark x5000
    • Red Tree Lump x5000
    • White Cedar Sap x5000
    • Acacia Sap x5000
    • Elder Tree Sap x5000

    You should also have Level 2 bartering items to exchange for the Island Tree Coated Plywood and Rock Salt Ingot. Next, you will need to buy the Ship Upgrade Permit from Falasi in Epheria for 400 million silver and then craft the equipment and enchant with the Verdant stones. The gear doesn’t downgrade and doesn’t require failstacks so it shouldn’t be too hard. You can get the Blackstones required by exchanging Level 1 goods for a voucher on Iliya Island, then taking the voucher to Crow’s Nest (location is shown in the Crow’s Nest section of the guide). You will need a total of 220 Verdant stones to get all 4 items to +10.

    Once you have all of this, go to a wharf manager, check in your Sailboat and click on Upgrade. Select the Caravel option and upgrade your ship!

    Head over to Crow’s Nest and use the Crow Coins to buy Fiery Blackstones x40 and Frosty Blackstones x60 from Ravina. It will cost a total of 1,600 coins.

    Go back to Falasi and buy the Epheria Caravel Green Gear. Then, use Fiery blackstones until +5 and then Frosty blackstones until +10. I recommend having +10 green grade gear at a minimum because they give a lot of extra stats which greatly increase your weight limit and movement speed, making bartering much more efficient and increasing your profit for time spent. Check out our advance ships guide for information about ship gear


    Bartering for Profit

    Once you have a Caravel or Galleass ship, you can begin to barter for profit. It is really hard and frustrating to try and make profit before then because of the lack of weight on your ship. I also recommend having +10 green grade gear for your Caravel/Galleass at a minimum because they give a lot of extra stats which greatly increase your weight limit and movement speed, making bartering much more efficient and increasing your profit for time spent. Check out our advance ships guide for information about ship gear

    You want to have a good stockpile of different item levels to start really making money and then either sell the Level 5 goods for silver, or exchange them for Crow Coins. 

    • Begin by doing all the Level 5 trades around Lema, Iliya and Velia, and do any of the 1:3 material trades available.
    • Try to find the most optimal route so you can collect as many items as possible before going back to storage and overstack items on your character to save you some trips.
    • You should always keep 3 or 4 of each Level 5 item to use for coin trades and then sell the rest for 5 million silver each at the Wharf manager. Send the spares you kept to Ancado Inner Harbor using the storage transport. Once you’ve done this, complete the Level 4 trades and 1:3 trades around Altinova, Lema and Port Epheria and continue to work your way backwards, only doing the trades that are convenient to you.
    • Afterwards, reset your barter and repeat.

    Use the crows coins to buy the weekly and daily Caphras bundle on Lema Island to convert your Crow coins into silver. You can use an alt to do this so you don’t have to travel there because the Crow coins are a family wide currency (like loyalty). You can also buy the Khan’s Heart there for 80k Crow Coinsif you save up enough. The main way to make silver with your Crow coins is to trade 2,500 for a Manos box (contains a life skill mastery accessory) and sell the accessory on the market for over 200 million silver.

    Margoria Bartering Trades

    If you have accumulated a high amount of total barters then you will unlock the Margoria routes which give either Crow Coins or Level 5 items worth 10 million silver. These usually take a bit more time because you have to travel quite far, so only do them if there are 3 or more Margoria trades available and if you are going for Blue Carrack gear since you need a lot of Crow Coins for this. If you struggle to find where you are going, open the Barter Menu in the Map and then click the arrow next to the name to take you directly to the Barter NPC. This requires a compass. You can find a map for the Margoria Trades in the tips section at the end of the guide.


    Hakoven Island Coin Runs

    Hakoven Island has the best exchanges for Crow Coins, but it is hard to get to and can take you a long time to sail all the way over there. To speed this up you can transport your Level 5 items to Ancado Inner Harbor and then take them to Hakoven Island from there.

    Ideally, you will have a second character with
    Skilled Sailing. You can do the [The Great Expedition] Oquilla’s Eye questline on an alt to achieve this. You will need a second ship as well, preferably an Epheria Frigate with speed gear so that you can complete it quickly. It should only take around 10 minutes this way. If you don’t have a second ship, you can transport your ship to Ancado Inner Harbor (takes 10 minutes and costs 100k silver).

    Remove your sailors and put the Level 5 items in your boat at Ancado Inner Harbor. Sail to Hakoven Island and trade the items for Crow Coins (only make trades that are 250+ coins for the best profits). You can either use a Traveller’s Map to teleport back to town, or go to the spot shown on the screenshot below and jump off the cliff to suicide and respawn back in town. Remote collect your ship and repair it, then transport it back to Iliya Island.


    Special Bartering

    Special Bartering is unlocked once you reach around 140 total barters. Whilst bartering you can randomly obtain a special barter (approx every 250 barters). The Special Barter appears at the top of the Barter Information window and you can click it to view the offer. If you have a value pack running you can view the offer remotely, otherwise you will have to go to the island.

    The offer will not disappear if you reset your barters. You must either go to the island and exchange the item needed, or skip the Special Barter if you’re not interested.

    Some special barters are not worth doing so make sure to check the prices of the items offered. There are many different offers you can get and it is completely random. Some examples are shown below of Special barters that can appear. You can also view a full list on BDOCodex

    You should also keep at least one of each of these Level 5 items listed below, in case any of these special barters are available, because they give a lot of Crow Coins. 

    Chance of appearingSpecial Barter Item RequiredSpecial Barter Reward
    9.0977%[Level 5] Supreme Gold CandlestickImage
    900 – 1100 Crow Coins
    10.9146%[Level 5] Faded Gold Dragon FigurineImage
    900 – 1100 Crow Coins
    13.4083%[Level 5] 102 Year Old Golden HerbImage
    900 – 1100 Crow Coins
    17.102%[Level 5] Golden Fish ScaleImage
    900 – 1100 Crow Coins


    Tips and Tricks

    • Make sure to check the box that says “Continously use Breezy Sails”. This skill doesn’t work if your boat is overweight or has less than 50% HP.
    • You can press LMB on the ship icon in the top left, to teleport to the wheel of your ship if you are within 40m. You can then press it again to go onto the wheel of your ship. This is useful in crowded areas such as velia.
    • If your boat gets stuck, you can press RMB on the ship icon in the top left, to call the ship to you (you must be within 40m).
    • You can instantly stop your boat without the awkward animation by pressing [T] > [S] > [R]
    • You can use a tagged alt (use this guide) with weight limit gear to carry more items and overstack your weight. 
    • If you are swimming whilst overweight, continously tapping W will make your character move faster in the water
    • Place a storage container in a house on Lema Island. This will cost you 11 contribution points (10 for the container, 1 for the house) but the storage is linked to Iliya so you can save yourself a trip.
    • Keep various Level 1 to Level 4 items in both Iliya and Epheria to save you time so you don’t have to go across the map to complete routes
    • You can use storage maids to transport land good to your boat directly but you can’t use them to remove items from your boat. Keep land goods in your Velia storage or Epheria storage so you can access them easily with a storage maid
    • Always Explore islands when you arrive at them if you can. You can recover sailors stamina this way or it may give you a barter supply box which provides you with land goods. Don’t use explore if your boat has less than 60% durability though, because you can get the event where you find a Putin’s Pet Bear and this can destroy your boat.
    • Use Innocent Goblin Sailors because these have the highest speed on them. You can level them quickly doing the daily quests. You want them to get at least 3.0 speed at level 8, if you don’t get this then reroll your sailor.
    • Transport Level 5 items between storages using the transport. It takes around 4 hours to transpor them and you can only transport 5 items at once. 
    • Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your storages. It also has a helpful checklist for your Caravel Upgrade, a Barter Calculator and lots of other really useful information. It may be a little overwhelming at first so make sure you read the instructions clearly on the sheet.
    • Use this map route if you are planning to do Margoria Barter trades. It has the fastest routes and instructions if you don’t have a compass.

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