Life EXP Buff List

Life EXP Buff List

May 14 BDFoundry  
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IconNameBuffHow to Obtain
iconElixir of TimeLife EXP +10%Alchemy (Apprentice Lv. 1)
Wise Man’s Blood x1,
Fire Flake Flower x6,
Maple Sap x5,
Powder of Time x2
Choose one
Does not stack
iconElixir of Flowing TImeLife EXP +15%Can proc when crafting Elixir of Time
iconVerdure DraughtLife EXP +20%Processing window (L) > Simple Alchemy
Worker’s Elixir x3,
Elixir of Swiftness x3,
Elixir of Time x3,
Tears of the Falling Moon x1
iconSute TeaLife EXP +8%Cooking (Skilled 1)
Tea With Fine Scent x2
Butter x2
Milk x3
Salt x1
Choose one
Does not stack
iconSeafood Cron MealLife EXP +10%Processing window (L) > Simple Cooking
Balenos Meal x3,
Calpheon Meal x3,
Margoria Seafood Meal x1,
Ancient Cron Spice x1
iconFresh Whale Meat SaladLife EXP +15%Cooking (Skilled Lv. 1)
Blue Whale Meat x1
Egg x3
Cabbage x6
Pepper x4
Dressing x2
iconBook of LifeLife EXP +50%Rarely obtained through eventsChoose one
Does not stack
iconExtra Life EXP ScrollLife EXP +50%Pearl Store (F3) > Loyalties > 300 Loyalties
Pearl Store (F3) > Function > 50 Pearls
Can also be obtained through events
iconTurning Gates Villa Buff
Life EXP +10%Requires a Villa invitation to purchase:
60 minutes – 200k silver
90 minute buff – 300k silver
120 minutes – 450k silver
180 minute buff – 900k silver
iconPerfume of SwiftnessLife EXP +20%Alchemy (Skilled Lv. 1)
Blue Whale Oil x1
Powder of Time x4
Everlasting Herb x6
Purified Water x4
Clear Liquid Reagent x2
iconSilver Embroidered ClothesPRI: Life EXP +10%
DUO: Life EXP +15%
TRI: Life EXP +20%
TET: Life EXP +25%
PEN: Life EXP +40%
Crafted at a Costume Mill (Level 1)
iconLife Skill Mastery Accessoriesup to Life EXP +75%Crafted or bought (Life Skill Mastery Guide)
iconCaphras Journal of NatureLife EXP +10%Obtained from Caphras Record Adventure Journal
iconDim Magic Crystals (Challenge Reward for Life Skill levels)Specific Lifeskill +3% eachAchievement Reward for reaching level 10
Achievement Reward for becoming Apprentice in a lifeskill
iconLightstone combosup to Specific Lifeskill +41%Eg. using the [Choice & Focus: Lifeskill] combos
(Lightstone Combo List)
iconSethra’s ArtifactsSpecific Lifeskill +5% each
or all Life EXP +3% each
Obtained as a rare drop through lifeskills
(Artifacts Guide)
iconValue PackLife EXP +10%Pearl Store (F3) > Travel Aid > 1,500 Pearls
Also obtained through events or sales
iconSecret Book of Old MoonLife EXP +50%Pearl Store (F3) > Travel Aid > 1,250 Pearls
Also obtained through events or sales
iconPearl Outfits Canape and Pavilla or Equipment Tailoring Coupon costumesLife EXP +10% or +15%Pearl Store (F3) > Apparel > 2,200 or 2,900 Pearls
Or use equipment tailoring coupon on clothes sold by Luxury Vendors
Fever Time/Olvia Server/Season Server EXP buffLife EXP +50% to +100%Events and scheduled buffs
iconRNG Pet skillsup to Specific Lifeskill +25%
iconPets with the Life EXP TalentLife EXP +4% to +45%
Experienced CryLife EXP +10%Guild Skill Buff
Complete PerfectionLife EXP +20%Guild Skill Buff
iconGuru’s TouchLife EXP +40%Buff obtained through Guild Drilling system
icon[Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support ScrollLife EXP +20%Obtained as a reward for completing the Season Pass
iconSecret Book of FlorinLife EXP +20%Pearl Store (F3) > Loyalties > 1,000 Loyalties
Also obtained through events
iconKrogdalo’s Donkey GearLife EXP +10%Use the Hee Haw buff on a Donkey equipped with
Krogdalo’s gear (3-set bonus)
iconFalasi’s Bookshelf with Knowledge on ExcavationLife EXP +3%Interact with the furniture to obtain the buff
Furniture obtained from a questline (check BDOCodex for details)
iconGM’s Blessing (1h)Life EXP +5%, +10%, or +15%Obtained through scheduled events
icon[Event] Lara’s Tea (and other event items)Life EXP +8 to +50%Obtained through scheduled events
iconBirthday CakeLife EXP +100%Obtained through mail (B)
Returning players only or account creation birthday

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