FS Storage, Season Boss Scrolls, and New Grind Spot

FS Storage, Season Boss Scrolls, and New Grind Spot

Jul 17 Tansie  
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Global Lab Changes this week:

Main Quest changes

  • Main quests have been seperated from all other quests so you can find them easier
  • A “main quest” menu has been added when speaking to NPCs and when talking to your black spirit
  • You can use the shortcut (Q) when speaking to an NPC to automatically go to the main quest menu
  • If there are no more main quests left, pressing Q will take you to the regular quest menu

Nader’s Belt (Failstack Storage)

  • Failstack storage has been added called “Nader’s Belt”
  • You must complete a quest to obtain the belt and it will also give you a “Nader’s Scroll” to increase your Failstack storage slots by +1
  • To do the quest you must be level 58+ and can only complete it once per family
  • The quest can be obtained from your black spirit and sends to your Tarif
  • When enhancing, a new option appears allowing you to save failstacks for later
  • All family members can use the failstack storage and the saved stacks can be accessed by all characters

Brave Warrior’s Box

  • When grinding in Kamaslyvia, Dreighan or O’Dyllita, you have a low chance of dropping a Dark Red Spirit Stone
  • Exchange Dark Red Spirit Stone x100 for a Brave Warrior’s Box
  • Open a Brave Warrior’s Box to obtain one random accessory:
    •  Deboreka Necklace 
    • Dawn Earring
    • Turo’s Belt
    • Black Distortion Earring
    • Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
    • Eye of the Ruins Ring
    • Narc Ear Accessory
    • Orkinrad’s Belt

Season Boss Summon Scrolls

  • A new item has been added for season servers called “Rift Echo”
  • The item can drop in Valencia, Kamslyvia, Dreighan, O’Dyllita and when participating in Savage Rift
  • Combine 5 pieces together to summon a variety of bosses in 3 different stages
  • A party may be required to complete the scroll

New Grind Spot: Hexe Sanctuary Rework

  • Added a new grind spot with a 160 AP recommendation
  • The grind spot is located at Hexe Sanctuary
  • Tombstones have been added to the area up on the cliff
  • If you hit a tombstone it will become invinsible to you and will summon new monsters in waves, which will begin to attack the tombstone
  • You must protect the tombstone from the monsters, if the tombstone is destroyed the monsters will disappear

Other Changes

  • Tents can now be placed in more locations such as on slopes and in places where there are obstacles around
  • When using an Archaeologist’s Map, you can now return back to your initial position even if you change characters or are disconnected (must still be used within 30 minutes on the original character)
  • Awakening and succession quests have been moved on the quest log to be clearer and easier to find
  • Equipment can now be equipped/unequipped directly from the enhancing window by pressing the button at the bottom of your inventory

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