O’Dyllita Patch Guide

O’Dyllita Patch Guide

Jun 24 Tansie  
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To do the O’Dyllita story quest you must have completed the Kamaslyvia Part 2 questline.
Completing the questline will reward you with a Wind Tear Necklace (10 AP) and unlock the O’Dyllita Adventure Log.

O’Dyllita Nodes

O’Dyllita is a new zone expansion which is coming to the game in late 2020 (for PC users EU/NA). O’Dyllita is a located south of Dreighan and east of Kamasylvia. This is the zone that the Dark Elves come from (Dark Knights) and they have a rivalry with the elves from Kamaslyvia. The capital is called O’Dyllita and is a fortress located south east of the zone. It is very similar to Grana but has more of a dark and sinister vibe.

Below is a map of the O’Dyllita region and all of it’s node connections.


List of resource nodes:
  • Thornwood Forest (3 CP)
    • Lumbering (3 CP) – Bramble Timber, Bramble Sap
  • Starry Midnight Port (3 CP)
    • Fish Drying Yard (3 CP) – Dried Mullet, Flounder
  • Tears of Turasil/Naxxion (2 CP)
    • Farming (2 CP) – Chicken Meat, Eggs
  • Blade Narrows (0 CP)
    • Lumbering (2 CP) – Bramble Timber, Bramble Sap
  • Delimor Farm (0 CP)
    • Farming (2 CP) – Potato
    • Farming (2 CP) – Grape
  • Silent Grave (3 CP)
    • Excavation (5 CP) – Mass of Pure Magic, Trace of Battle
  • Divided Mountain (2 CP)
    • Excavation (3 CP) – Trace of Violence
  • Ollun Valley (3 CP)
    • Mining (5 CP) – Nickel Ore, Mythril
    • Mining (5 CP) –  Nickel Ore, Powder of Darkness
** Blue = new materials

O’Dyllita Housing

The housing in O’Dyllita costs 2 – 3 CP each and there are only 5 in total. They are quite a bit smaller than the Grana houses but still quite big in size compared to the other regions for the same price (Heidel, Calpheon, Velia, etc.) All the houses are either one floor or split-leveled, apart from the one which costs 3 CP.

Official Trailer

New Workers

Just like in Grana, O’Dyllita has it’s own worker races and the workers have different base stats than workers in other regions.

Icon Worker Grade/Race Base Worker Speed Base Movment Speed Base Luck Base Stamina
Human Worker 40 2.5 10 17
Skilled Human Worker 50 3 15 17
Skilled Dwarvern Worker 75 4 4 10
Professional Human Worker 75 3 16 20
Professional Dwarven Worker 100 4.5 4.5 12
Professional Giant Worker 70 3 5.5 30
Artisan Dwarven Worker 125 5 5 17

New Items

New Gear

  • iconBlackstar Armor
    • You must complete a quest to create a Blackstar Armor piece. The quest can only be completed once per character. You will need the same knowledge and Mass of Pure Magic, just like with the blackstar weapon. You will also need a new rare item called “Specter’s Energy” which can be obtained by killing monsters in various grinding zones, including the new zone: Thornwood Forest
    • It has a Max HP +200 item effect and MP +100.
  • iconDead God’s Armor
    • This gear is a stronger version of Black Star Armor and can be obtained by crafting (similar to the Blackstar Armor/Weapon).
    • It requires a TET Blackstar Armor to exchange or a PEN Red Nose Armor/Dim Tree armor with level 10 Caphras.
    • Can only be enhanced up to +5 and has a base DP of 99 (Evasion 45 + 126, DR 54 + 29). It also has a Max HP +310 item effect and MP +100.
  • iconTuro’s Belt
    • Has a base AP of 7 (less AP than a Basilisk Belt but lots more Accuracy)
    • Drops in the new grinding zone “Land of the Turos”. 

Crystal Sockets

Dandelion and Dragon Slayer weapons can now also be turned into Fiery weapons using the Garmoth’s Heart in the same way that Kutum and Nouver can. Turning your awakening weapon into a Fiery version will allow you to add the new crystals to it.

Item name Item Effect How to Obtain
Accrad’s Crystal All AP +3, Monster Damage +5 Processing (L) > Simple Alchemy
Accrad x1, Black Magic Crystal – Precison x1, Magical Shard x20
Oluka’s Crystal All AP +3, Human Damage +5 Processing (L) > Simple Alchemy
Oluka x1, Black Magic Crystal – Precison x1, Magical Shard x20

New Recipes

  • iconElixir of the Fallen Armor
    • Effects: Reduced all damage +8, Damage taken by monsters -7.5%, All damage -3
    • Duration: 5 minutes
    • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • iconEnchanting oil

New Grind Spots

Three new grinding zones have been added with Drieghan which are designed to be different difficulties, with some being solo grinding spots and others for a party. Black Energy Residue can drop from all 3 grinding zones and have a much higher chance of dropping than in other areas (such as Mediah/Valencia). Marni Stones have also been added for each new area for levels 58 – 61.

Thornwood Forest

This grind spot is recommended for level 60+ with at least 250 AP (kutum). It is a solo grind spot with high density and multiple viable rotations. The monsters here are human species and can easily be CC’d. There is also a General Goods NPC and a Blacksmith very close to the zone so it is very convenient for players who don’t have the pearl store tent.


Trash loot: 
White Powder (15k each), Tower Fragment (6.5k each), Claw (6.5k each)

Item drops include: Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Carphas Stone, Ancient Spirit Dust, Specter’s Energy (used for Blackstar Armor, 30 mil vendor price), Accrad (used to craft new crystals)


Land of the Turos

Land of the Turos is a a new grind spot for level 60+ and requires at least 270 AP (kutum) with high DP as well. The zone is a solo grind spot. The mobs here are a bit spread out and it can be hard to find a good rotation but the item drops here are very good. There are also repeatable quests for this grinding zone that you can pick up from various NPCs in the region.


Trash loot: 
Minotaur Horn (18k each) – high quantity of trash loot per mob

Item drops include:
Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Caphras Stones, Ancient Spirit Dust, Turos Belt (new), Turo Blood (new elixir material), Turo Heart (new elixir material), Flame of Despair (material for Dead God’s Armor)


Ollun Valley

This is a 300 AP (kutum) grind spot intended for groups of 3. The zone is very hard and only has few items listed that drop there so it isn’t really considered worth grinding there just yet. The trash loot does have a very high sell price but it takes a long time to kill the mobs so you won’t get a lot of trash loot here.

Trash loot: Colossal Heart Fragment (107k each) 

Item drops include:
Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Caphras Stones, Ancient Spirit Dust, Oluka’s Crystal (new awakening weapon crystal)


Silent Grave

Silent Grave is the hardest grinding zone in O’Dyllita and requires 310 AP (kutum). It is a solo grind spot and is supposed to be even harder than Ash Forest.

Trash loot: Unknown name (38k each)

Item drops include: Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor) 
Item drops are currently unknown, more information will be added at a later date.


New PVP/PVE Mode

A new PVP/PVE gamemode is coming and will be located south of Thornwood Castle on the very south of the zone.

  • 5 Adventurers will band together and form one team, then randomly be assigned to either the Ganelles or the Vedirs. Both teams will participate in a PvP plus boss-raid type of combat. The team that defeats the final boss, Sephir Odore, will claim victory. 

  • As each team moves towards their destination, they must react quickly to the given situations, balancing between monsters and the enemy team. 

  • Thornwood Fortress is a new content founded on simple PVE rules with a dash of PVP. A variety of tactics and strategy can come into play as Adventurers will be required to effectively communicate with their team members. 


Inverted Garmoth’s Heart Questline

A questline has been added which will reward you with a “free” inverted Garmoth’s Heart at the end. The questline can only be done once and is quite long. It requires a bunch of items and work to complete. Honestly, I would not bother doing the quest in it’s current state.

Quest # Objective Details
1 Hand in the Fallen God’s Ring You can get this by completing the Star’s End story quests
(if you have deleted the ring speak to Merio to receive another)
2 Hand in 400 Intact Nouver Scales You can obtain these by killing Nouver (world boss)
There are also weekly quests that reward you with the scales
3 Hand in 70 Dark Spirit’s Greed You can collect these by defeating Dark Rift bosses
4 Hand in 50 Turo’s Hearts Obtained by killing Turos in the new zone (Land of Turos)
5 Defeat 10k Thornwood Forest monsters Any monster in the new zone (Thornwood Forest) will count
6 Hand in 100 Earth, Water, Wind and Tree Spirit Fragments You can obtain these by killing various monsters in Kamaslyvia
7 Hand in 10 Hesed Crystals Craft these in the Duvencrune workshops using Refined Black Energy Residue
(requires 110 Refined Black Energy Residue – 2750 Black Energy Residue)
8 Hand in 5 Concentrated Boss Aura’s You can get these by heating any boss weapon
9 Hand in 100 Concentrated Magical Black Gem Obtained by hunting or crafting
Simple Alchemy – Sharp/Hard Shard x1 and Black Gem x5
10 Hand in 50 Magical Shards Heat yellow grade Black Magic Crystals
11 Hand in 1,500 Alchemy Stone Shards Grind Alchemy Stones to obtain these
12 Hand in Decision of Canternia Buy the item from Francia in O’Dyllita (costs 500 million silver)
13 Talk to the Gahaz Bandit You can find her in O’dylllita (not Valencia)
14 Reach Level 62 and speak with Black Eyed Root

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