Caphras Journal

Caphras Journal

Sep 14 Tansie  
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Caphras Journal is currently unavailable in EU/NA and will be arriving with the O’Dyllita region.

Caphras Journal is a set of quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards in your Adventure log.

Below is a list of all the rewards you will get once completing all 4 books.
  • Book 1: 80 Caphras Stones
  • Book 2: 50 Caphras Stones
  • Book 3: 50 Caphras Stones
  • Book 4: 120 Caphras Stones
  • Total: 300 Caphras Stones
To unlock chapters 2 and 3 of Adventure Log, you must have completed the Kamaslyvia Part 2 questline and also completed O’Dyllita Part 1. Chapters 1 and 4 arrived later on after completing O’Dyllita Part 2. When you complete chapter 3 you will be given a Tome called “Caphras – Tome of Light and Shadow” this must be given to your Black Spirit to unlock the next chapters.

Now that you have unlocked the adventure log, you can view the chapters and begin to complete the tasks in each one. Open your ESC menu and go to the “Adventure” tab and then select “Adventure Log Bookshelf” to view your available adventure logs. Click the book under “Caphras Journal” to get started. 

When you complete a goal, you must press the reward text in your Adventure log to receive the reward. Use the buttons at the bottom of the pages to turn each page of the chapter. Some chapters must be done out of order.

Caphras Journal: Book 1

To unlock Book 1 you will need to complete Book 2 and 3 first.

Find Lutragon at Muiquinn (10 Caphras Stones)

Lutragon can be found at Muiquinn. He is located on the east side of the town next to the Stable Keeper.

Unlock the Seal of the Ancient Spellbook in Tarif (10 Caphras Stones)

To complete this chapter you will need the Ancient Spellbook item which can be obtained from Zahad in Valencia after completing chapter 3.

Go to Tarif into the house and wait until a blue light appears. When the light appears, interact with the floating books and use 50 energy whilst the Ancient Spellbook is in your inventory.

Obtain the Ancient Spellbook (20 Caphras Stones)

You must go Zahad in Valencia and talk to him during night-time to accept a quest. He will then ask you 3 questions and the answers can be completely random. Each answer you give will use 50 energy. After completing the quest you are given the Ancient Spellbook.

After obtaining the book, go to Tarif to complete Chapter 2.

Collect O’Dyllita Knowledge (20 Caphras Stones)

To complete this chapter you must collect all of the O’Dyllita knowledge category and must have completed the O’Dyllita main story questline.

Interact with the Black Shard (20 Caphras Stones)

Now go to Grana in Kamaslyvia and inside the Kamaslyvia tree there will be a floating black shard with a red glow. Intearact with the shard to complete this book.

Caphras Journal: Book 2

Go to the place where Caphras was first found (10 Caphras)

Go to Grana in Kamaslyvia and inside the Kamaslyvia tree there will be a floating light. Intearact with the light to begin.

Hunt monsters at Navarn Steppe (10 Caphras)

For this chapter you will need to kill 150 Feather Wolves at Navarn Steppe in Kamaslyvia.

Show Valencia the Eastern Culture (10 Caphras)

Go to Quina the Trade Manager in Altinova and by the item “Eastern Culture”. Take the trade item and sell it to the Trade Manager at Valencia.

Collect Valencia Knowledge (10 Caphras)

For this chapter you need to have knowledge of the following:
  • Valencia City Expedition Log (7 topics) – found under (H) > Adventure Journal > Valencia Journal
  • Valencia (Great Desert) (21 topics) – found under (H) > Topography > Valencia

I recommend using BDOCodex knowledge database if you need helping collecting these knowledge topics.

Defeat monsters in Pila Ku Jail (10 Caphras)

For this chapter you will need to kill 3,000 monsters in Pila Ku Jail. After completing the chapter you will obtain the title “Survived in Prison”.

Caphras Journal: Book 3

Create the Cadry Ring (10 Caphras)

For this chapter you must create a Cadry Ring by combining using the pieces that drop at Cadry Ruins.

Find out what happened in Velia (10 Caphras)

You must complete 3 different quests:
  • Someone’s Remnant
    • obtained from Zaairia the Material Merchant in Velia
    • requires you to gather 100 corn and bring it to Zaairia
    • rewards you with Caphras Essence
  • The trace he left
    • obtained from Alustin in Velia
    • requires you to bring Alustin Titanium Ore x10, Powder of Crevice x100 and Black Stone Powder x1000
    • rewards you with Caphras Powder
  • The Tragedy Revealed
    • obtained from Alustin in Velia
    • requires you to hand over the Caphras Powder and Caphras Essence to Alustin

Obtain the Cron Castle Knowledge (10 Caphras)

Collect knowledge of the following:
  • Gold Coin of Cron Castle – obtained by completing a quest at Igor Bartalli
  • Cron Castle Fall – obtained by reaching 501 amity with Tranan Underfoe
  • Altar of Cron Castle – obtained by interacting with the Altar at Cron Castle (requires 5 energy)

Completing this chapter also gives you the title “Playing with fire”.

Find where the Caphras was sealed (10 Caphras)

For this chapter you will need to dive underwater in the sea just west of Cron Castle and interact with the blue light in the water.

Learn about the history of Illiya Island (10 Caphras)

This chapter requires you to complete two quests staring with Diega on Illiya Island:
  • The woman of Caphras
    • obtained from Diega on Illiya Island
    • requires you show Diega the Caphras Journal, ask about Caphras’ lover and pray for her
    • rewards you with Caphras Leaf
  • Immortal Tome
    • obtained from Black Spirit
    • requires you to give the Caphras Leaf to your Black Spirit and give him the Journal
    • rewards you with “Caphras – Tome of Light and Shadow” – required to start Book 1.
Completing this chapter also rewards you with the title “Good Book, Bad Book, Strange Book”

Caphras Journal: Book 4

To unlock Book 4 you will need to complete Book 1, Book 2 and 3 first.

Find the gift on Illiya Island (20 Caphras)

Go to Illiya Island and find Barbara. She is stood in front of a building and when you go behind the building you can find an item to interact with called “Memory of Caphras”. When you interact with the item you will be given the gift “Rusted Headband”.

Deliver the gift (20 Caphras)

Deliver the Rusted Headband to Oroen, who can be found at the entrance of Kzarka Shrine in Serendia.

Visit Caphras’ Lab (20 Caphras)

Go to Caphras Cave and enter the secret cave. There will be a black shard in middle of the room to interact with.

Kill Cadry Monsters (20 Caphras)

For this chapter you will need to kill 3,000 monsters in Cadry Ruins.

Find the Memory of Caphras in Valencia (20 Caphras)

Go to Valencia city and go to the Royal Palace gardens. In the gardens you will find a “Memory of Caphras” to interact with.

Complete the Altar of Blood (20 Caphras)

For this chapter you need to complete the Altar of Blood questline. The first quest can be obtained from your Black Spirit and is called [Altar of Blood] Yaz and the Mountain of Sanctity. It is a family quest that requires level 56+ so if you have already completed it on any of your characters you will be able to finish this chapter straight away.

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