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Global Lab Updates – 15th April 2022

Apr 15  Tansie  
Improved Pet Looting   The method of acquiring items for companion animals as mentioned in CalpheON Episode 2 will be improved. In the past, pets had to follow the character when the character moved, so the more the character moved, [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 8th April 2022

Apr 08  Tansie  
Calpheon Elvia - Rhutum Garrison Hadum's encroachment has begun to take effect on the Rhutum Garrison in Calpheon.  The Rhutums of the Rhutums' garrison begin to rally around the warriors of the honorable Rhutums they follow. The Rhutums, who became [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 1st April 2022

Apr 01  Tansie  
Balenos Main Story Rework The main quests in Balenos, the warm hometown of adventurers, will be renewed. Full voice acting cutscenes, appearance improvements of the main characters, and enhanced directing have been added, and the quest line has been greatly [...] Read more

CalpheON Ball 2022: Part 2

Mar 26  Tansie  
Introduction Calphe:ON Ball Part 2 took place on 26th March 2022 to showcase upcoming content and answer common player questions. This time the presentation was hosted and translated by CM StarsEnd, GM Lemoria and CM Endlaive. If you missed the [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 25th March 2022

This week's Black Desert Global Lab regular maintenance is scheduled to end after CalpheON Episode 2 to prepare content to be revealed in CalpheON Episode 2. Mountain of Eternal Winter The 'Mountain of Eternal Winter' region has been opened at [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 18th March 2022

Arena of Solare The contents of Solare's Arena in Black Desert Research Lab are being improved every week based on the feedback of adventurers who have experienced the arena firsthand. First of all, the party system was improved to make [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 11th March 2022

Mar 11  Tansie  
Arena of Solare First of all, thank you to all the adventurers who participated in Solare's Arena test at the Black Desert Lab. In particular, for the purpose of convenience, Solare Arena has a newly developed matchmaking system that allows [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 4th March 2022

Arena of Solare The Arena of Solare is here. It is a matchmaking-based PvP content, where Adventurers can test their skills against other Adventurers to claim Solare's "throne." While developing the Arena of Solare, we mainly focused on two things. [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 25th February 2022

Feb 25  Tansie  
T10 Mythical Dine A fantasy horse running on the water, Dream Dine, was born. Dream Dine can be created through dreaming, and you can use 'Silver Run', 'Mischief', and 'Ogier's Blessing', which are unique to Dream Dine. Many adventurers were [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 18th February 2022

Life Skill Artifacts/Lightstones Following last week's Mastery, Gathering, and Hunting improvements, life-related artifacts and luminous stones are added. Living relics and Gwangmyeong Stones have been oriented to a structure that can be acquired naturally by carrying out activities suitable for [...] Read more