Yuria vs. Liverto

Yuria vs. Liverto

Mar 19 Tansie  
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Livertos are extremely expensive right now, but how much do they cost to get +15? and how much better are they? With this article i hope to answer all the questions you have about moving from Yuria to Liverto.


The differences between Yuria and Liverto

Liverto is the stronger choice for main hands right now, in our current version of the game (19/03/2016). But it will obviously set you back a huge amount of silver compared to the Yuria. This is because Livertos are much more rare and harder to get your hands on.


What you will get with a +15 Yuria

  • 1 Socket
  • AP 68-73 damage
  • Item effects: Additional Damage to Humans +5
  • Enchant effects: AP, Accuracy, Additional Damage to Humans


What you will get with a +15 Liverto

  • 2 Sockets
  • AP 78-82 damage
  • Item effects Critical Hit +3
  • Enchant effects: Increased AP, Accuracy


So you would be sacrificing Additional Damage to Humans, for increased damage, two sockets and critical hit rate +3

Below is a picture of both unmodified for a easy comparison


How to obtain a Liverto

As far as I know, there are only two current ways to obtain Liverto weapons. These would be from defeating a level two boss scroll, which has a chance to drop a weapon box, or field bosses scattered around the world. On my server, the average Auction House price for a Liverto is around 8-10 million Silver, although very few have been listed and they sell out instantly.


How to enchant Liverto and how much it will cost

Enchanting a Liverto is a little different from enchanting a Yuria, because you won’t be using a unenchanted Liverto to repair its max durability. Sacrificing a Liverto each time would be far too costly to even consider and would take you even more time. What you will be using instead are iconMemory Fragments. These repair maximum durability at the rate of 1 for 1, so you will need 10 memory fragments for 10 max durability. This is why the Liverto weapons are very expensive to enchant.


With Liverto you will also be safe enchanting, unless you feel the need to stack fail stack across characters. For the purpose of this article, I will be showing you the price of a safe enchanted Liverto, so you can make up your own minds if it’s worth the gamble or not.


The current memory fragment prices are 100,500k.You will need a total of 380 memory fragments to fully repair the max durability from enchant +7 to +15. This is a cost of 39,900,000 (39 million Silver) on my server. You can also farm them yourself from Ancient Relic Crystal Scrolls to help keep the cost down.


The current Black stone prices are 380k. You will need a total of 113 black stones to safe enchant from +7 to +15. If you choose to buy the Black Stones, that will cost 42,940,000, not including the memory fragments or weapon price.


If you choose to buy everything, including the weapon, you are looking at a total of around 90 million silver.

BDFoundry has made a Safe Enchanting Calculator for you to work out the exact price of Safe Enchanting Weapons and Armor. You can enter the current prices on your server and look at all the costs. Feel free to download it or share it.


My thoughts

I believe you should only aim for a Liverto if you have the time and money for it, our version should be getting the ZAKA weapons in the Mediah patch “very soon”. ZAKA are technically the best weapons in the game. If you are aiming to be top a competitive player you should aiming to get a Liverto now. With this being said there is no problem with staying with a simple Yuria till Mediah and beyond. It will not affect you too much and you will be able to do everything our current content has to offer.
Personally, I’m planning to farm all of the 113 Black Stones beforehand. This will cut my enchantment cost in half and leave more money for other upgrades. I recommend setting up a Auction House Notification for the Liverto weapon you are looking for, they sell almost instant and are very hard to get hold of. If this article has helped you decide which route you are going to take please leave a like and a comment


  • Nov 13, 2016 @ 19:40 pm

    That’s an interesting thing you say there, Thronnos. My main is a sorc and currently i use the yuria amulet on it. Haven’t reached 56 yet (progressing slowly), but so far yuria seems to work. Recently farmed giants and i even have defeated some mobs in mediah (which are purple at this moment)
    So i should forget liverto then and go straight to kzaka weapon.
    However, i also have made more chars, such as a valkyrie and a ranger, which i upgrade as well. Should a valk for example also stick to ultimate yuria or go then for liverto instead?
    And the main question is then actually; is liverto worth it at all or is it actually a waste to go after liverto?
    It looks like liverto is a bit of in between.

  • Apr 27, 2016 @ 21:16 pm

    You should also consider the difference betweeen ultimate yuria and liverto. the Ultimate Yuria is in a unique spot. for Sorcs, I would argue its better than the Liverto since it gives +Human damage ( a total of +20.. +5 base and +1 per enchant) which is higher in pvp than the liverto AND the sorc ultimate yuria STILL gives +3 total stat mod. (cast, attack, crit) sure, you sacrifice 1 gem slot. but considering the amount of money you would save up to getting Zarka. ESPECIALLY when you can dump that money into DUO/TRI jewelry… its a big increase imo

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