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Global Labs Guide

Introduction Global Labs is a test server that all regions with Black Desert can access. It is a seperate game client, so you must register a new account and download Global Labs. You cannot have Global Labs and another Black [...] Read more

Official release date announced – 3rd March 2016!

DAUM EU have officially just announced the release date for Black Desert Online. The release date will be 3rd March 2016.   Conquerer’s package head start will begin on 28th February 2016. Check out the new game trailer below. You can […]

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EU/NA CBT1 Keys Giveaway

Black Desert Online EU/NA CBT1 is here! Forum discuss thread All giveaways are now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered. Winners have been sent their keys via e-mail. All keys have now be distributed via e-mail. Check your inbox! Congratulations to all […]

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EU/NA Alpha Day 2 – 3 Review

Overview Read my Day 1 Review! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play much on day 2 and only managed to get the level 22. I checked through the forums though and it didn’t seem there were any major issues. Mike […]

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EU/NA Alpha Day 1 Review

Overview Today (26th October 2015) the official EU/NA Alpha testing began! Alpha lasts for 1 week with 2 separate servers for EU/NA which are up for 12 alternating hours of the day. There were 5 available classes: Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, […]

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