Musa/Maehwa release date announced!

Musa/Maehwa release date announced!

Apr 12 Tansie  
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Musa and Maehwa release date has now officially been announced for the 20th of April 2016.

The Musa (Blader) class is a traditional samurai with a female counterpart “Maehwa” (Plum).

There are a couple skill differences between the two, which change the play style completely. They each wear light armor and use a sword as their primary weapon with a horn bow as their secondary weapon. Both use Stamina and Energy (EP).

The classes are fast paced, dynamic, and fun to play. Musa have more AoE skills with a lot more mobility and utility. Due to this they thrive in PvE. They are also quite strong in small scale PvP but their low defenses make them a little harder to master in large scale PvP. They rely heavily on their mobility and utility to survive a larger battle.

Maehwa uses a mixture of melee and ranged attacks with plenty of dodges and charges. They thrive in small scale PvP due to their single target lockdowns and high burst. They are also quite strong in PvE but their low defenses and lack of survivability make them an easier target in large scale PvP.

New players must really keep in mind that there is quite a learning curve with any low defense class. However, just like any other class, Musa and Maehwa are very rewarding when you master them.

Check out the teaser trailers below!





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