Fughar’s Adventure Journal

Fughar’s Adventure Journal

Feb 15 Tansie  
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Fughar’s Adventure Journal is a set of quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards in your Adventure log.

Below is a list of all the rewards you will get once completing all 3 books.

Fughar’s Adventure Journal Reward
Book 1 Chapter 1 ~ 4 Fughar’s Secret Book x1 per page
Book 1 Chapter 5 Maximum weight +2LT (applies to all family members)
Book 2 Chapter 1 ~ 4 Fughar’s Secret Book x1 per page
Book 2 Chapter 5 Inventory +1 slot (applies to all family members)
Book 3 Chapter 1 ~ 4 Fughar’s Secret Book x1 per page
Book 3 Chapter 5 All defense +1 (applies to all family members)

Fugar’s Secret Book is an item you can consume that will give you a set amount of Contribution EXP. For example, using all 12 of the Fughar’s Secret Books, with 200 contribution points, you can gain 30 contribution points.

To unlock Fughar’s Journal you must have completed the Mediah Story Questline and your character must be level 57 or higher. Then you must complete the quest “Adventure journal: from bottom to top” which is obtained from your Black Spirit.

Now that you have unlocked the adventure log, you can view the books and begin to complete the tasks in each one. Open your ESC menu and go to the “Adventure” tab and then select “Adventure Log Bookshelf” to view your available adventure logs. Click the book under “Fughar’s Journal” to get started.

When you complete a goal, you must press the reward text in your Adventure log to receive the reward. Use the buttons at the bottom of the pages to turn each page of the chapter.

Fughar’s Journal: Book 1

Meet Patrigio

Patrigio is the Night Vendor and can be found in a town or city between 10pm to 7am in-game time.

Once you’ve spoken to Patrigio, summon your Black Spirit and choose the “chat” option to tell the Black Spirit you have met Patrigio. Then open your Adventure Journal and click the objective text to complete the page, get your reward and unlock the next page of the Journal.

Complete the “‘Big Red Apple” questline

To complete this page of Fughar’s Journal, you need to obtain the quest “[Adventure Journal] Big Red Apple” from your Black Spirit. The quest can be found in the Suggestions quest tab. There are a total of 5 quests you will need to complete in order.
  • [Adventure Journal] Big Red Apple
  • [Adventure Journal] When you see an apple
    • Buy an apple from Milano Belucci and then take it to Lindsiyana Herba, the Trade Manager in Calpheon
  • [Adventure Journal] You need delicious bread
    • Speak to the Black Spirit again to pick up this quest and then go to Ahr, the Seed merchant in Calpheon
  • [Adventure Journal] I feel good
    • Pick up the quest from your Black Spirit and then find the Noble in Calpheon
  • [Adventure Journal] Captivating the heart
    • Collect the last quest from your Black Spirit and then go back to Fughar to give him the Raven Gold Bar you obtained from the Noble.

Obtain Knowledge of the Calpheon People

For this page in the book, you need to gain knowledge of people around Calpheon by speaking to them.

You need to gain the following knowledge:

  • Character > People of Calpheon > Upper Class of Calpheon (16 topics)
  • Character > People of Calpheon > Citizens of Calpheon (18 topics)
  • Character > People of Calpheon > Calpheon City Merchant (21 topics)

I recommend using BDOCodex to help you with gaining the knowledge of all the NPCs and the following Youtube guides.


    Take the Calpheon Slum Antique to Heidel

    For this page you need to buy the Calpheon Slum Antique from the Trader in Calpheon and transport it to Heidel to sell to the trader there.

    Wipe Out the monsters at Traitor’s Graveyard

    You must kill 777 monsters near Marie Cave. These monsters can be found near the node manager of Marie Cave and are summoned by attacking the Traitor’s Gravestones in the area.

    This grind spot is not too difficult with a recommended AP of 160 using Kutum.

    Fughar’s Journal: Book 2

    Complete the “Sweet Sunshine” questline

    To complete this page of Fughar’s Journal, you need to obtain the quest “[Adventure Journal] Sweet Sunshine” from your Black Spirit. The quest can be found in the Suggestions quest tab. There are a total of 5 quests you will need to complete in order.
    • [Adventure Journal] Sweet Sunshine
    • [Adventure Journal] An opportunity to come again
      • Buy 2 Manos Stones from Greco Gorda then give them to Freharau at Glish
    • [Adventure Journal] Lark’s Dream
      • Meet Larc, the Trade Manager in Glish
    • [Adventure journal] Living up your heart
      • Go to Kanna, the Material Vendor in Glish and complete the questline “The Naga Enthusiasts Club” to obtain a Design: Kanna’s Naga Costume-Shai. The costume can also be bought from Kanna for 400 amity if you have already completed the questline before.
      • To complete the questline, you will need to do a series of challenges:
        • Gain knowledge of the Swamp Nagas
        • Answer the 3 questions about Nagas: 1. Fogan, 2. Mountain, 3. #$%^&*%^$
        • Collect 3 Naga related items, the easiest ones to obtain are the Naga Webfoot by killing the nagas nearby, the Naga Commander’s Neck Ornament by killing the commander nagas, and the Confiscated Naga Weapon which you can buy from the Trade Manager at Northwestern Gateway
        • Kill 50 Fogans
      • Once you have the item, go to Bror in Tarif to hand over the item and complete the quest
    • [Adventure journal] The rumors quickly
      • This is the final quest obtained from Bror at Tarif. All you need to do is go and meet Quina the Trade Manager in Altinova and use the chat option


    Obtain Knowledge of the 3 Legendary Blacksmiths

    The knowledge of the 3 Legendary Blacksmiths is obtained by completing a questline called “The Three Blacksmiths” starting at Tulem in Altinova. The questline is not difficult to complete but will require you to kill a few monsters at Helms Post and is mostly just running around to speak to NPCs.

    Speak with Neruda Shen

    For this page of the book you must speak to Neruda Shen in Altinova and use the “Conversation” option to start the amity mini-game. You must successfully raise your amity with Neruda during the mini-game but can exit out straight away. Then use the chat option afterwards with Neruda to complete.

    Defeat Monsters at Kratuga

    You must kill 777 monsters in Kratuga. To get into Kratuga you have to enter the Hasrah Ruins cave. Deep into the cave there is a wall you can interact with. You open the wall you need a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece or Unsealed Ruins Slate. You can find more information about Kratuga and the location by reading the official GM notes.

    Kratuga is a high AP/DP zone and can be difficult. It’s recommended to have at least 250 Kutum AP and 310 DP before grinding here. If you need help with this grind spot or acquiring the items to open the wall then try asking for help from friends or guildies.

    Connect Calpheon and Altinova

    You must connect Calpheon and Altinova nodes together by investing in nodes to link the two places. This will cost a total of 18 contribution points and the shortest connection is to use the following:

    • Calpheon
    • Falres Dirt Farm (2 CP)
    • Marni Farm Ruins (1 CP)
    • Oze Pass (1 CP)
    • Bradie Fortress (1 CP)
    • Northern Plain of Serendia (1 CP)
    • Lynch Farm Ruins (1 CP)
    • Heidel
    • Eastern Border (3 CP)
    • Kamasyle Temple (2 CP)
    • Ahto Farm (2 CP)
    • Stonetail Horse Ranch (1 CP)
    • Asula Highland (1 CP)
    • Highland Junction (1 CP)
    • Altinova Entrance (1 CP)
    • Altinova


    Fughar’s Journal: Book 3

    Complete the Crow’s Nest questline

    This page requires you to complete the Crow’s Nest questline which begins with your Black Spirit. The first quest in the chain is called “[Crow’s Nest] A Strange Tale from the Great Ocean” and requires level 56 or higher. This questline unlocks the Pit of Undying and you can find more information, as well as a breakdown of the questline and how to complete it, by reading our Pit of Undying guide

    If you have already completed the questline on any of your characters, you can speak to the Black Spirit using the “Chat” option to complete this page.

    Defeat a Sea Monster

    To complete this page you must kill either an Ocean Stalker or Hekaru sea monster. Hungry versions of the sea monsters will complete this quest and you can easily find these around Iliya Island. You will need a ship with a cannon to finish this page or a friend willing to take you for a short adventure on the seas.

    Equip the Undying Crow’s Insignia

    After completing the Trial at the Pit of Undying, you wil be given a PRI: Undying Crow’s Insignia which you must equip to participate in the Pit of the Undying. To complete this page all you have to do is equip the Insignia by right-clicking the item in your inventory.

    For more information and help with completing the Pit of Undying or boss stratergies, check our Pit of Undying guide

    Show the Black Spirit 1 Billion Silver

    This page can be completed by exchanging 1 billion silver into x10 Gold Bars (1,000G). This is done at a storage manager using the Currency Exchange option and then purchasing the bars. Talk to the Black Spirit with the gold bars in your inventory. You can then exchange the bars at the storage keeper again to get the liquid silver back.

    Go back to Fughar

    Find Fughar and speak to him again to tell him about your adventures.

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