Ebenruth’s Nol Guide

Ebenruth’s Nol Guide

Aug 13 Tansie  
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 Ebenruth’s Nol is a very rare treasure to collect. You must collect different items and then craft the Ebenruth’s Nol. You can also buy the item directly from the Crow Shop for 2,000,000 crow coins.

Ebenruth’s Nol can be equipped to Carrack ships to give a unique effect:

  • Use BreezySail an additional time without using ship stamina
  • BreezySail Movement Distance +50%

To equip the item, the Carrack ship needs the Acceleration stat to be 135% or higher and Brake stat of 160% or higher

Creating Ebenruth’s Nol

Ebenruth’s Nol requires the following items to create it:
Ebenruth (crated using Oquila’s Flower and Oquila’s Tear)
Symbol-Engraved Nol (low chance of obtaining from Treasure Chest of a Sailor)

Once you have both items you must place them in the following pattern in your inventory to create the Ebenruth’s Nol

Item 1: Ebenruth

The first item is obtained using Simple Alchemy in the processing window (L). You need Oquilla’s Tear x1 and Oquilla’s Flower x1000 .

Oquilla’s Tear can be bought from Ravinia or Rebinia for 100,000 Crow Coins

Oquilla’s Flower can be obtained from:

Item 2: Symbol-Engraved Nol

To create the Symbol-Engraved Nol you will first need to collect 9 different Torn Treasure Map Pieces. Each Torn Treasure Map Piece has a different icon to help you distinguish which one you have.

To obtain a Torn Treasure Map Piece, you need to collect a Moss-Covered Map. These have a very low drop chance when defeating Saltwater Crocodiles and expire after 1 day. After collecting the Moss-Covered Map, buy a Ravinia’s Moss Remover from the Crow Shop for 100 Crow coins. Then use Simple Alchemy with the Moss-Covered Map and Ravinia’s Moss Remover. This will give you a random Torn Treasure Map Piece.

After you have collected them all you will need to place them in this order in your inventory to create a Treasure Map of a Sailor. There is also a very small chance of obtaining a Treasure Map of a Sailor directly from processing the Moss-Covered Map.

Once you have the Treasure Map of a Sailor, you can right-click it to start a quest. The map will expire in 1 day so make sure to complete the quest as soon as possible. The quest will send you over to Port Ratt to speak to Tretter, who is the Treasure Hunter NPC.

He will give you a random location where you can find a Treasure Chest of a Sailor.

Ivero Cliff Location

Kuit Islands Location

Port Ratt Location – Found in the corner of the Underwater Cave

Oquilla’s Eye Location

After finding the Treasure Chest of a Sailor, you can open it to receive your rewards. There is a low chance of obtaining a Symbol-Engraved Nol from the Treasure Chest.

You can receive multiple of these other rewards when opening the Treasure Chest:

  • Delicately Polished Support
  • Wave Residue Adhesive
  • Violent Sea Monster’s Bone
  • Violent Sea Monster’s Scale
  • Violent Sea Monster’s Ooze
  • Starlight Hardener
  • Starlight Powder
  • Saltwater Crododile’s Scale
  • Sunset Black Stone
  • Oquilla’s Flower
  • Crow Coin Bundle
  • Godlen Coral
  • Gold Bar 1,000G
  • Swaying Wind Shard
  • Breezy Conch Seaweed

Exclusive Furniture and Title

After completing your Ebenruth’s Nol, you can acquire an exclusive furniture item and title.

  • You must have completed the Crow’s Nest questline which takes you to meet Patrigio (Quests (O) -> Suggested -> [The Great Expedition] Crow’s Nest)
  • You must have the treasure item in your inventory
  • Then go to Patrigio at Crow’s Nest to accept the quest – The Treasure’s True Owner: Ebenruth’s Nol
  • Show Patrigio the Ebenruth’s Nol to complete

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