Campsite Tent Guide

Campsite Tent Guide

Apr 12 Tansie  
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  • The Campsite Tool (often known referred to as just “Tent”) is an unlockable feature that summons a tent at your location. The tent allows you to store items, buy potions, villa buffs, the “tent” drop rate buff, and repair your gear on the spot.
  • Once unlocked, the button to summon your Campsite Tool can be found in the top left of your screen, under your HP bar.
  • You can also hold the ALT button as you left-click the button, to set a hotkey for summoning the Camping Tool (eg. ALT + T)
  • Tents can only be summoned in Combat Zones, and cannot be placed on roads or if there are any obstacles or steep slopes.
  • Tents cannot be placed 10 minutes before or during a Node War/Siege on those channels.

How to Obtain

To unlock the Campsite Tool, you first need to complete a short questline (3 quests only). The start of this questline can be found in your quest log (O) > Suggested Tab > [ADV Support] Start of Camping.

Questline Pre-requisites:

  • Completed the quest [Boss] Witch-Hunting or Looking for Adventurers
    • These quests are from the Calpheon Main Story Questline

Quest Name Quest NPC How to Complete Rewards
Survival Guru Black Spirit Go to Behr and speak to Likke Behr 80 Contribution
How to Survive the Wilderness Likke Behr Hand Over Cedar Timber x3
Hand Over Cedar Sap x5
Hand Over Rough Stone x3
iconCamping Tool
Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill Likke Behr Speak to Jensen
(General Goods Vendor)
iconOld Moon Camping Tent
Old Moon Camping Anvil
iconOld Moon Camping Shop

Now that you have the parts for the Camping Tool, you need to right-click them in your inventory to learn the ability to summon the tent.

Then click the tent icon in the top left to summon the tent. Once your tent is summoned, you can right-click the rest of the tools to add them into the tent UI.

Camping Tool Items

Campsite Tool items are required to use the tent functions. The “free” versions of the tools have a lifespan and will expire after a certain amount of time. You can buy the Naphart Campsite (pearlstore tent) for permanent tools and to unlock the additional features.

Icon Camping Tool Item How to Obtain Effect Duration
icon Camping Tool Complete the questline

Speak to Jensen in Behr to exchange 100G Gold Bar

Right-click to learn the ability to summon your Campsite Tent None
icon Old Moon Camping Tent Complete the questline

Speak to Jensen in Behr to exchange 10G Gold Bar

Appearance/Skin only None Old Moon Camping Container Sold by Old Moon Managers for 2,500,000 silver Store up to 16 items and/or 200LT using the Storage function Expires after 7 days
Old Moon Camping Anvil Complete the questline

Processing (L) > Manufacture

  • Polished Stone x2
  • Steel Bar x20
  • Pure Vanadium Crystal x2
  • Old Moon Anticorrosive x10
  • Pure Mythril Crystal x15

Old Moon Workshop (Tarif 2-2, 1F)

  • Polished Stone x2
  • Steel Bar x20
  • Pure Vandaium Crystal x2
  • Golden Pearl x2
  • Old Moon Anticorrosive x10
    Repair gear using the Repair function Expires after 24 hours
    icon Old Moon Camping Shop Complete the questline

    Sold by Old Moon Managers for 14,000,000 silver

    Buy potions and camp buffs using the Shop function Expires after 7 days

    Naphart Campsite (Pearlstore Tent)

    The Naphart Camping Tools can only be bought from the Pearl Store (F3) > Travel Aid > Campsite (4,900 Pearls).

    The Tent rarely goes on sale and cannot be purchased from the Central Market, so keep an eye out for coupons or deals! Unfortunately, the tools are all sold as a package as well, so you can’t pick and choose which ones you want for a cheaper price.

    Unlike the “free” in-game camping tools, the Naphart Camping Tools have the following additional benefits:

    • Tools do not expire
    • You can buy Villa Buffs directly from your tent
    • Tent Appearance can be dyed
    Naphart Camping Gear
    icon Naphart Camping Tent
    icon Naphart Camping Anvil
    icon Naphart Camping Shop
    icon Naphart Camping Container

    Storage Function

    The Storage Function can be accessed on the Campsite menu as long as you have an Campsite Container installed. The function allows you to store up to 16 items or 200 LT.

    If you store items in the Campsite container, you will not be able to place your tent on another character until the items have been removed. However, the exception to this rule is that you can still use the tent and access the items if your characters are tagged.

    Repair Function

    The Repair function can be accessed from your Campsite menu as long as you have a Camp Anvil installed. The repair funtion allows you to repair your Mount Gear, Equipped Gear and Inventory Items on the spot for a price.

    Shop Function

    The Shop function can be accessed from your Campsite menu as long as you have a Camp Shop installed. The Shop funtion allows you to buy potions, camp buffs, and exchange Gold bars.

    Villa Buffs

    If you have the Naphart Campsite (Pearl Store Camp), you can use the Villa Scroll function to buy Villa buffs directly from the tent.

    As well as having pearl store tent, you also need either a Secret Book of Old Moon, or any Villa Invitation.

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