Bottle with a Note – Gardaka’s Treasure Map (locations)

Bottle with a Note – Gardaka’s Treasure Map (locations)

Apr 01 Tansie  
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Bottle with a Note is an item you can randomly obtain whilst fishing in Kamasylvia, Drieghan or when harpoon fishing. When you right-click a Bottle with a Note, there is a chance of obtaining a treasure map. You can then right-click the treasure map to receive a quest.

The reward for completing these quests is a Sealed Golden Treasure Chest. You will need a Gold Key to open this chest.

There are a total of 10 different Treasure maps and each one has a hint to help you find the location of the treasure. For example, in the image below, the hint we have is “Those who work diligently will never have to feel ashamed, until a never-drying well covets your share.” You can then use this hint and the screenshots below to help you find the treasure and complete the quest.

Once you have the location you will need to use a Shabby Shovel to dig in the area. You can buy these from a material vendor. It may take around 50 shovels to dig up the treasure (Filthy Gardaka Artifact) and you may need to move around the area a little.

After obtaining the artifact, you will need to go to Marzana in Ibellab Oasis to complete the quest and obtain your reward.


”Woke up to find myself lying at the bottom of a valley. Sharp needles facing each other, fall of the burning flower. From there, at the end of the ordeal, I saw the light.”


”For an ordeal of thirsty, as passing by a long long canyon, when fire finally started to burn, I caught my breath in a small shade. I was walking towards burning camel at infinite time. When it was less than 100 steps, I found myself standing in hard and cozy nest. That was my utopia.”


”Where it is full of Aal’s grace, a snake slipped into Old Moon’s embrace. Infuriated, I fed the vile snake with a sweet blade.”


”Those who work diligently will never have to feel ashamed, until a never-drying well covets your share.”


”Three big bright stars above a soaring eagle. Twins fell in love with one another, and a child is born. The eldest child shall rule the world.”


”For I lack four fingers – four skies and four lands. Punctured the neck of the thirsty and let the spring water run through it.”


”Underneath the lonely lamp, lighting the sand, what do I sing for? Among all blue skins that are fallen off like a fragment, one painful nail that is the farthest from me.”


”Oh, Cantusa! My great warrior! Beyond space and time, I stand here today looking down on the valley of your blood!”


”Here lies the fort of nature, the hideout of those who have paid heavily for their freedom. I have left a marking in the gateway of this canyon to keep it in my memory.”


”With the most glorious mansion to my back, I walked right out into the scorching sun of the summer. When I was drenched in the heat, a place offering a cool shade appeared before my eyes.”

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