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How to get a hunting rifle

Where to hunt solo

How to hunt

Blue Whale Hunting [CO-OP]

Fugitive Khalk Hunting [CO-OP]


You can begin solo hunting at level 30+ if you have a hunting rifle. To hunt harder monsters such as the Blue Whale, you will need a high hunting level and at least one full party of players. Hunting can be profitable once you reach higher levels but it is very time consuming. Some cooking recipes also use whale meat which can only be collect by hunting.

How to get a hunting rifle

To get a hunting rifle, you can either buy it from the item market under the “primary weapon” tab, or you have to craft it yourself using a tool workshop. If you aren’t sure how to buy the tool workshop, click here to view our housing guide

If you are just starting out you will need to use the “Hunting for Beginners Hand Canvas” which requires Copper Ore x4 and Blackstone Powder x1. It will take approximately 20 minutes (worker speed 50). If you are unsure of how to get these crafting materials view our gathering guide.

Hunting rifles can be repaired by the blacksmith just like all other weapons.

Where to hunt solo

There are two types of monsters (which we are aware of) that you can hunt at low level:

  1. Small Whales – These spawn alone and can drop many items such as blackstones, sockets, whale meat, seaweed and starfish. To hunt these you will need a boat, hunting rifle and a knife for tannery/slaughter.
  2. Crocodiles – These spawn in packs of three and can drop blackstones, sockets and crocodile meat. They have a long spawn rate but you can change channels and keep hunting them for a long time. To hunt these you will need a hunting rifle and a knife for tannery/slaughter.
  3. Giant Boars/Giant Big-Horned Deer – These spawn all over Eastern Balenos Mountains and are very easy to kill. Deer are 4/5 shots and Boar are 9/10 with a beginner rifle. There are lots in the area and they have a short spawn time, making them easy to farm for hours. At Apprentice 3, Deers gave 0.5% each and Boars gave 1% each.  To hunt these you will need a hunting rifle and a knife for slaughter, they give deer meet, pork and boar meat, along with some shard drops.

If these areas are empty you can either check another area or wait for their respawn.

How to hunt

Once you have your hunting rifle and knife of tannery/slaughter, go to one of the locations above to search for your prey.


Equip your gun by right-clicking it then aim the cross-hair at the whale/crocodile. If the cross-hair is red you will have a chance of hitting and damaging the monster. It can take several minutes to kill them but you can crouch by pressing the SPACE key to higher your chances of getting a hit. You can run and roll with the gun equpped but you can’t interact with objects so you will have to take the weapon off to gather from the corpse. I recommend putting the gun and your main hand on your hotbar so you can switch easily.


When the whale/crocodile is killed, jump on top of them to receive the loot. Make sure you have your knife for tannery/slaughter equipped then press “R” to collect. A knife for tannery will give you hide and a knife for slaughter will give you meat. Hunting in parties will not share EXP because you receive the hunting EXP when you loot the prey.


Blue Whale Hunting [CO-OP]

To begin hunting a Blue Whale you will need the following equipment:

  • Hunting Rifle
  • Knife for Slaughter

Additional equipment you may want to use (optional):

  • Furtuna Luck 4 set – Helm, chest, gloves, shoes
  • Sockets – Move speed +1 (shoes), Vision (helm)
  • Food – Leap of Insight, Elixir of Wind or Serendia Special

You will also need at least 2 fishing boats with one person driving each boat.

There are three locations where Blue Whales tend to spawn:

  1. Ballet North Sea – Crohn’s Island, Rusty waters, Ballet North Island, Olbia Waters, Arshavin Waters.
  2. Calpheon Sea – John waters, Alumina waters
  3. Media Sea – Shah waters

In the top right corner you can see a hunting rifle icon. If there is a red cross it means that there is a Blue Whale in the sea and you can use this to quickly find whales.

When a Blue Whale has been killed it will re-spawn again in approximately 24 hours.

Fugitive Khalk Hunting [CO-OP]

To begin Fugitive Khalk hunting you will need the following equipment:

  • Hunting Rifle
  • Butcher’s Knife

Bat Hunting is similar to Blue Whale Hunting and requires a large group to kill them. The bat flies around quite fast so you will need to use your hunting rifle whilst on your horse.

The Bat tends to spawn in Mansha Forest or east of Trent Town. The following image shows the path that the bat flew around on a particular hunting session. It is said to take around 13 – 15 minutes to kill.



Possible item drops (after using Knife for Slaughter):


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