Valencia Patch Guide

Valencia Patch Guide

May 24 Tansie  
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UPDATE (28/05/2016):


Daum also stated in a recent interview:

“We are also debut the new marketplace feature (that you can read about in detail, by clicking here) that will allow players to place purchase orders for items, which means no more hours of camping the marketplace in order to get that rare weapon, or the perfect gem for your equipment.

Another features players have been requesting will be added with this patch: the Duel System.  Players will also get to try out the new Duel system, for both 1vs1, 1vs Party, and Party vs Party.

And last but not least, we will add more different horse types for the Tier 7 horses to the game, which will offer a bigger variety of horse colors.”


























Valencia Part I  release date has been announced and will be coming to BDO on the 1st of June 2016!

The new content adds an extra third to the current size of the world, as well as bringing hundreds of new quests and gear. The enchantment system will also be brought up to +20.

Node/Castle Siege Warfare is also set to begin on 15th of June 2016. A 2 week trial period will take place allowing players to familiarize themselves with the system before the real battles begin.

Below is the Valencia Part I trailer which was released when the new area was brought to Korea:

Everything in this guide is written by BDFoundry unless stated otherwise and you can find more information about some features in our guide section. If you have any questions, find any errors, or something you think we have missed, you can leave a comment in the comment section below or a topic on our forums. We hope that this guide helps you to understand exactly what is coming with the Valencia patch and that you are as excited as we are!


Valencia is full of terrifying and powerful monsters which will require a well geared player, or party, to conquer. I would recommend at least 250 AP+DP to fight these monsters and 300 AP+DP or higher to comfortably grind them. Below are two of the most well known levelling spots, we will add more spots to our “Farming spots for level 50+” guide when we have had a chance to test them properly.

Crescent Moon Temple (level 55 or higher)



Titium Valley (level 55 or higher)



The Rocaba Armor set will be obtainable with the Valencia patch. This set gives evasion and is viable on some classes, such as Berserker, due to it having similar stats to the Grunil set but is much lighter. I wouldn’t recommend switching to this set but if you are a new player it may be something to consider.

  • Rocaba Helmet
    • DP: 3
    • Weight: 15.00 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Armor & Shoes Set Effect: Max HP +75 & Max MP/WP/SP +75
    • Helmet & Gloves Set Effect: All Evasion +5
    • 4-Piece Set Effect: All Evasion +2
  • Rocaba Armor
    • DP: 6
    • Weight: 23.00 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Armor & Shoes Set Effect: Max HP +75 & Max MP/WP/SP +75
    • Helmet & Gloves Set Effect: All Evasion +5
    • 4-Piece Set Effect: All Evasion +2
  • Rocaba Gloves
    • DP: 1
    • Weight: 12.00 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Armor & Shoes Set Effect: Max HP +75 & Max MP/WP/SP +75
    • Helmet & Gloves Set Effect: All Evasion +5
    • 4-Piece Set Effect: All Evasion +2
  • Rocaba Shoes
    • DP: 1
    • Weight: 13.50 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Armor & Shoes Set Effect: Max HP +75 & Max MP/WP/SP +75
    • Helmet & Gloves Set Effect: All Evasion +5
    • 4-Piece Set Effect: All Evasion +2


Rosar Weapons are decent alternatives to a Yuria if you have just joined the game but honestly they are not worth switching to. The Primary weapons give 69 ~ 74 AP which is 1 AP higher than the Yuria weapon. They also allow for 2 crystal socket slots and give accuracy when enhanced.

  • Rosar Primary Weapons
    • AP: 17 ~ 22
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack, Accuracy Increase
    • Set Effect: Ignore All Resistance 10%
  • Rosar Secondary Weapons
    • AP: 1 ~ 4
    • DP: 4
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Enhancement Effects: Evasion Increase
    • Set Effect: Ignore All Resistance 10%

The enchanting system for +15 to +20 has been reworked so, unfortunately, we don’t know much about it right now.

What we do know:

  • You can force enhance up to +18
  • If you fail enhancing past +17 your enhancement has a chance of reverting by -1. E.g. failing +17 to +18 can take your gear back to +16.
  • You can use Cron Stones, which are bought from a blacksmith for 1 million silver, to stop enhancements from reverting when they fail. The item will be consumed whether the enhancement is successful or not.

You will also need to use Concentrated Magical Black Stones to enhance past +15. These can be crafted in the production window (L) by heating the following materials:

  • iconConcentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor)
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard x1
    • Black Stone (Armor) x2
  • iconConcentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon)
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1
    • Black Stone (Weapon) x2

It’s important to note that Black Crystal Shards are already in the game so you can start to collect them now in preparation.

Hard/Sharp Black Crystal Shards are a rare item obtained from gathering or farming. You can use a Lucky tool when gathering to increase your chances of gaining a Black Crystal Shard.

Black Crystal Shards can also be bought from a Black Market NPC, found in treasure chests (gold key) or as a reward in various profession quests.

You can gain a Hard Black Crystal Shard by completing the Knowledge Battle with Hailey quest line. I advise following >this reddit post< for more information.


The Valencia region has a desert area which can be deadly to a player if you don’t know what you are doing. Whilst in the desert you will not be able to use your World Map unless you have an Ancient Compass. Horses and carriages are also slowed in the desert and horse skills are limited.


Purified Water is used to prevent Heat Stroke during the day. If you don’t drink Purified Water you will get a debuff which deals damage to you every 5 seconds. Without drinking Purified Water, during 7 minutes of the debuff, you can go through over 100+ HP pots to stay alive.

  • To begin crafting, go to any town or city, the closest place is Altinova City just outside Valencia.
  • Buy an “Empty Bottle” from the material merchant. Make sure you equip the Empty Jar.
  • Next go to the river, there is one north of Altinova, stand in the river and press “R” to collect a “Bottle of River Water”.
  • Once you have collected the river water, press “L” to open the crafting window and use the “Thinning” option to turn the dirty river water to Purified Water.


In the desert, the real danger is at night. Monsters are much more powerful at night and you also have the risk of hypothermia. Just like heat stroke in the day, hypothermia will give you a debuff which will damage you every 5 seconds. To prevent hypothermia you will need to drink Octagonal Tea.

To craft Octagonal Tea you will need one Purified Water and one Octagonal Flower. You can obtain Octagonal Flowers in two different ways:

  • If you want to collect the flowers manually there are 2 nodes where you can harvest them. The first place is “Pohalem Farm” which is west of Valenica City on the map. The second place is “Shakatu Village” which is north on the map.
  • You can also use workers to collect the flowers for you. To do this buy workers from “Shakatu Village” and send them to the same node to collect the Octagonal Flowers. Once the workers are finished, retrieve the flowers from your warehouse.

Now that you have the ingredients, press “L” to open the crafting window and use the option “Simple Cooking” to craft Octagonal Tea.


Tents are used to keep yourself safe from Sandstorms. Sandstorms occur randomly and can deal a lot of damage.

Tents can be bought from any stable hand in the Valencia Region. They can also be bought from the stable hand at Altinova City.


You can use an Ancient Compass to view the World Map whilst you are in the Valencia Desert. You can only get this item from the Sulphur mines in Valencia, then combining 3 of them in your inventory. The item will last 3 days once it has been combined. You can only view the map, you are not able to set autopaths.


Elephants can have up to 3 players riding them with 1 driver and 2 players on either side which can throw spears to fight. Elephants are used in Node Sieges and can only be owned by guilds. They also require a guild house to be fed and raised.

Guild houses may not be available straight away but you can still capture a baby elephant and will be able to raise them when guild houses become available.

To catch an Elephant you will need to buy Peanuts from a Guild Manager. These will cost 50,000 silver each and I would recommend buying at least 3. You will also need to buy capturing ropes from a Stable Master. Depending on how much experience you’ve had with catching horses, buy between 3 – 10 ropes.

Below are two images showing where Elephants can spawn:


Once you have found an elephant you can begin to capture one. Be careful of nearby mother elephants because they will come to attack you when you throw the rope. It is safer to kill the mother before attempting to capture the baby.

When you are ready, right-click the capturing rope to use it. Aim the rope and left-click to throw it. A bar will show up on the right and you need to press the space bar and land it in the red area of the bar. You cannot let the bar go up and down, you only have one chance to land it in the area. If you miss the area or don’t press the space bar you will lose the capturing rope.

원본 크기로 보시려면 그림을 클릭하세요.

If you manage to get the rope over the elephants head you will now be able to start moving towards the elephant using W,A,S and D. If you see the elephant start to pull away from you, press the space bar to start the mini-game. If you do not press space bar in time you will lose the elephant and have to try again.

To win the mini-game you will need to repeatedly press the space bar for 10 seconds. When the 10 seconds are over you need to make sure it is on the “winning” side of the bar at the top. Repeat this process until you are close enough to feed the elephant the peanuts you bought.

The elephant will now follow you. Be careful because it will have a health bar and other players can attack your elephant and kill it.

Once you get back to the Stable Master, register the elephant. The elephant will now be an item in your guild warehouse which weighs 800LT. Do not attempt to remove the item or it could be deleted. From here you will need a guild house to feed them and raise them.


In the Valencia desert, horse have limited movement and skills, so camels are the best way to travel. To obtain a camel you will need a level 26+ horse (any tier). You can then exchange this horse for Imperial Taming Seals at certain Stable Masters (Magyar Sands Stable Master has this option).

The amount of Seals you get for your horse depends on the tier. For example, a tier 3 horse will give you 3 Seals, a tier 6 horse will give you 6 Seals. You will also be given 1/2 of the silver that the horse is worth.

5 Imperial Taming Seals are required to purchase a Camel mount at a Stable Master in any town in Valencia.

Once you have your camel you will need to feed it Dry Thorns to increase it’s stamina/endurance, in the same way that horses eat carrots.



Imperial NPCs are new characters added to the world which are used in 5 different professions (trading, alchemy, cooking, training and fishing). You can exchange certain items such as trade goods, horses, fish and food to these NPCs in exchange for Shiny Golden Seals and sometimes more silver.

Imperial Delivery (Trading)

Imperial Delivery/Trading is very similar to normal trading but only occurs with certain items at a given time. These items are just your regular trading goods in main towns but will sell for a much higher price than usual. When you hand in a trading good, there is a chance you will be given a Shiny Golden Seal, these can be exchanged for one of the following items:

– 250 seals: High-Quality Merchant Wagon Cover
– 250 seals: Ancient Kamel Statue
– 300 seals: Feather Champron of Storm
– 320 seals: Iron Horseshoe of Fighting Spirit
– 400 seals: Black Essence
– 400 seals: High-Quality Horse Trainer’s Clothes

Imperial Cooking/Alchemy

Imperial Cooking/Alchemy Packages can be crafted and given to an Imperial Alchemy NPC for a large profit. You can use our recipes list to find out how to craft Imperial Packages. There is a chance you will be given a Shiny Golden Seal, these can be exchanged for one of the following items:


– 250 seals: Ancient Kamel Statue
– 280 seals: Hardened Leather Saddle of Storm
– 400 seals: Black Essence: Cobelinus
– 400 seals: High-Quality Horse Trainer’s Clothes


– 220 seals: Ancient Artifact Pot
– 320 seals: Hardened Iron Horseshoe of Storm
– 400 seals: Black Essence

Imperial Fishing

Blue grade fish or higher can be exchanged at an Imperial Fishing NPC for a large profit. There is a chance you will be given a Shiny Golden Seal, these can be exchanged for one of the following items:

– 10 seals: Spellbound Sap Gathering Tool
– 200 seals: Ancient Slate Ornament
– 250 seals: Hardened Leather Saddle of Storm
– 250 seals: Black Essence: Carmae

Imperial Training

Level 26 or higher horses can be exchanged for Shiny Golden Seals. The amount of Seals you obtain depends on the tier of the horse. A tier 5 horse will give you 5 seals and a tier 3 horse will give you 3 seals. Shiny Golden Seals can be exchanged for one of the following items:

– 2 seals: Spellbound Lumbering Axe
– 5 seals: Camel Coupon
– 6 seals: High-Quality Merchant Wagon Wheel
– 6 seals: Fishing Boat Prow of Abundance
– 12 seals: Black Essence: Viper



This world boss may not be available straight away.

Verbe spawns in the Valencia Desert at 1 of 3 different locations (randomly). The coordinates for these locations are: x8100y2300, x7300y50 and x10050y350 (locations shown on the map below are not 100% accurate). The Dragon will spawn 30 minutes after the spawn announcement has been made. Just before Verbe spawns, the location will become dark. This boss drops legendary, yellow grade secondary weapons. The weapon has 6-8 damage, 10% damage reduction and 2 sockets. Enchanting will increase damage and accuracy.


  • Nouver Shield
    • Exclusive: Warrior, Valkyrie
    • AP: 6 ~ 8
    • Weight: 15.00 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Item Effects: All Resistance +10%
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack Increase
  • Nouver Dagger
    • Exclusive: Ranger, Wizard, Witch
    • AP: 6 ~ 8
    • Weight: 5.00 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Item Effects: All Resistance +10%
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack Increase
  • Nouver Talisman
    • Exclusive: Sorceress
    • AP: 6 ~ 8
    • Weight: 1.00 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Item Effects: All Resistance +10%
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack Increase
  • Nouver Ornamental Knot
    • Exclusive: Berserker
    • AP: 6 ~ 8
    • Weight: 6.50 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Item Effects: All Resistance +10%
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack Increase
  • Nouver Trinket
    • Exclusive: Tamer
    • AP: 6 ~ 8
    • Weight: 3.50 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Item Effects: All Resistance +10%
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack Increase
  • Nouver Horn Bow
    • Exclusive: Musa, Maehwa
    • AP: 6 ~ 8
    • Weight: 6.50 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Item Effects: All Resistance +10%
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack Increase
  • Nouver Shuriken/Star
    • Exclusive: Kunoichi, Ninja
    • AP: 6 ~ 8
    • Weight: 3.20 LT
    • 2 Crystal Socket slots
    • Item Effects: All Resistance +10%
    • Enhancement Effects: Attack Increase


The Valencia Story Quest lines are well worth doing and will lead you to the “Edana’s Descendant” quest. This quest will reward you with 1000 Contribution EXP and will follow on to one of 4 quests which will give you a ring as a reward:

  • Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch
    • AP: 7 ~ 7
    • Item Effect: Max HP +25
  • Barhan’s Ring of Conquest
    • AP: 7 ~ 7
    • Item Effect: Max MP/WP/SP +25
  • Manmehan’s Ring of Gold
    • DP: 7 ~ 7
    • Item Effect: Max HP +50
  • Saya’s Ring of Eternity
    • DP: 7 ~ 7
    • Item Effect: Max MP/WP/SP +50

This quest line begins at the bridge between Altinova and Valencia with the NPC “Aliba”. Players must be level 54 or higher and will gain various rewards including Concentrated Magical Black Stones, Skill Points and Gold Bars. The quest line is quite long with just under 50 quests before reaching “Edana’s Descendant”. However, I highly recommend doing all of the quest line because it will show you around Valencia and give you lots of contribution points as well as the other bonuses.


There will also be a new quest line which gives a lot of experience and is only available at level 55. This quest line may not be in the Valencia patch straight away and may only appear after weapon awakenings are released. The quest line gives around 30% at level 55, 12% at level 56, 5% at level 57 and 2.4% at level 58. It’s definitely worth looking out for because it only takes a couple of hours to complete! The quest is taken from Porio on the top of Sarma Outpost in Mediah. You must follow and complete 3 quests:

  1. Slay 500 Helm Tribe, 300 Elric Temple, 500 Abandoned Mine monsters.
  2. Slay 500 Sausan monsters and gain knowledge of all of the Sausan catagory.
  3. Give Porio 10 Black Stone (Armor) and 10 Black Stone (Weapon)



New ingredients and where to find them:
  • Gaziantep: Oh Capote,  Al Tasmanian Farmland, Titium Valley, Distribution Farm
  • Nutmeg: Iris
  • Africa: Bamboo Valley,  Valencia Plantation
  • Dates: Crescent Temple, Aire Farm, Valencia Plantation
  • Pistachios: Gorgon Crag, Aire Farm, Valencia Plantation , Titium Valley
  • Fig: Shakato Land, Ahkeuman
  • Octagonal: Shakato Land, Kumaje Ravine
  • Coconut:  Arequipa Palm Forest
  • Lion meat: gathered from dead lions
  • Scorpion: (found in the desert) gathered from dead scorpions
  • Snake meat: (night time only) gathered from dead cobras
You can also use our interactive map to find where you can get the ingredients from.
Cooking Quests:
  • [Berhie] Magyar Sands:
    • Healthy Snake Meat! (beginner 10+)
    • Sweet Desert Dessert (beginner 10+)
    • How to Make Savory Rice (apprentice 5+)
  • [Valencian Soldier] Stone Block Guard Post:
    • Making Teff Flour
    • Making Teff Dough
    • Making Teff Bread (beginner 5+)
    • Typical Grains in Valencia (skilled 10+)
  • [Maguliggio] Shakatu Town:
    • Truly Delicious Wine (apprentice 5+)
    • Good Wine, Good Sides (apprentice 10+)
  • [Epicure] Ankado Inner Harbor: 
    • Do you Know Couscous (skilled 5+)
    • Entertain Your Mouth with Teff (skilled 10+)
    • How to Handle the King of Jungle (skilled 10+)
  • [Walagala] Valencia:
    • Challenge! Valencia Meal (professional 5+)

Below is a list of all the new recipes, these are also available on our recipe list and include the use of each food.

  • Gaziantep Powder
    • Press “L” and use “Grinding” to grind Teff Grain
  • Gaziantep Dough
    • Press “L” and use “Mixing” to mix Mineral Water and Gaziantep Powder
  • Octagonal Tea
    • Octagonal Flower x1, Purified Water x1
  • Pistachio Rice
    • Pistachio x4, Gaziantep x6, Cinnamon x2, Salt x2
  • Date Palms Wine
    • Dates x5, Essence of Liquor x2, Sugar x1, Leavening Agent x4
  • Fig Pie
    • Fig x5, Dough x3, Sugar x3, Olive Oil x2
  • African Snake Stew
    • Snake Meat x3, Frica x6, Parca x2, Mineral Water x5
  • Millet
    • African Snake Stew x1, Dough x6, Nutmeg x3, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika/Olive) x4
  • Grilled Scorpion
    • Scorpion Meat x3, Butter x2, Nutmeg x3, Chilli x3
  • Gaziantep Bread
    • Gaziantep Powder x5, Mineral Water x3, Leavening Agent x2, Salt x2
  • Gaziantep Sandwich
    • Gaziantep Bread x1, Grilled Scorpion x1, African Snake Stew x1, Red Sauce x3
  • Jungle Hamburger
    • Gaziantep Bread x4, Pickled Vegetables x2, Lion Meat x4, Nutmeg x3
  • Coconut Cocktails
    • Coconuts x2, Exotic Herbal Wine x1, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x1, Essence of Liquor x2,Mineral Water x5
  • Coconut Pasta
    • Coconuts x2, Onions x2, Dough x5, Garlic x4, White Sauce x1
  • Fried Coconut Fish
    • Coconuts x3, Dried Fish x1, Egg x2, Dough x3, Deep Frying Oil x4
  • Valencia Special
    • Gaziantep Sandwich x1, Jungle Hamburger x1, Millet x1, Fig Pie x2, Date Palms x2
  • Alehaza Special
    • Coconut Cocktails x2, Coconut Pasta x1, Fried Coconut Fish x1, Steak x1, Meat Stew x1



Valencia Part II came to Korea in December 2015 and brought lots of exciting features to the world of Black Desert. We currently don’t know when Valencia Part II will be coming to EU/NA regions but it’s still important to know what the changes will bring.

  • PK System and Jail (Valencia only)
    • Killing another player will make you an “outlaw” for 30 minutes. If you die to another player as an outlaw you will be sent to jail instantly. It is possible to escape from jail but can be quite challenging to do so. Your sentance mmay be 30 minutes, 50 minutes or 60 minutes depending on how many player you have killed.
  • New Towns: Arequipa Village and Mui Kuhn
    • Arequipa Vilalge is a production town located east of Valencia capitol. You can collect water from the palm trees around Arequipa.
    • Mui Kuhn is a town for outlaws where positive karma players will be attacked by the guards, and negative karma players are welcomed. NPCs also offer various quests here with special rewards.
  • Trading goods to and from Valencia city will give higher benefits due to how dangerous the journey is.
  • Guilds will be able to install resource units to obtain a new material “Sichugi”. Other guilds can attack and destroy resource units.
  • Dungeons: Ahkeuman Ruins and Historic Ruins
    • The dungeons are located underground and it is recommended that players hunt in a party.
    • Entering the dungeon requires going through a portal which will randomly spawn in various locations in the desert.
  • Annex buildings will be added. You must buy a ticket to enter and these buildings can be used to tame baby elephants. Baby elephants can then be used as a normal mount which specialises in carrying trading goods.



Valencia Part III is currently not available in any region but Pearl Abyss have shared their plans for these future updates, and we estimate that they will be introducing Valencia Part III to KOREA within next 4-6 months.

The sea region is a huge area on the north side of the map. Pearl Abyss plans to make the sea much larger and says that the desert region will not even compare in size. There are plans to introduce more sea content and give players a reason to go out into the ocean.

Advanced fishing will be available along the ocean current with seagulls flying in the air to indicate a fishing spot. These fishing spots will allow you to catch fish much faster and will be much more efficient.

Along the coast, there will be underwater treasure chests and other rare items or hidden areas to collect and explore.

A new life profession will be implemented known as “Sailing”. This profession will be leveled by sailing boats and other methods.

Two new ships are also planned:

  • Battle Ship – The Battle Ship is constructed at a Guild House and can only be used by the Guild Master and Officers. It is a large ship specially designed for GvG battles and will have cannons installed.
  • Trading Ship – The Trading Ship is a faster ship designed for traders which can be used by your workers.



The Kunoichi and Ninja classes have unfortunately been delayed until July because DAUM/Pearl Abyss would like to implement a balance change before the class is released. The classes use a sword as their primary weapon and shurikens as their secondary weapon. The classes are dynamic and fast paced with many movement and jump skills.

Check out these videos of each class:






Weapon Awakenings are a separate weapon you switch to whilst in combat which will replace your primary weapon. You must be level 56+ to unlock and use your Weapon Awakening.

Below are the Weapon Awakenings for each class:

  • Warrior – Great Sword
  • Sorceress – Scythe
  • Ranger – Sword
  • Beserker – Iron Gloves/Cannon
  • Valkyrie – Lance and Shield
  • Tamer – Sky Rod
  • Blader – Naginata
  • Plum – Spear
  • Ninja – Multiple Swords
  • Kunoichi – Chakram
  • Wizard – Golem (Fire and Water)
  • Witch – Golem (Earth and Lightning)


During the beginning of the Weapon Awakenings, the third world boss “Karan” (Harpy Queen) will start spawning and dropping legendary Awakening weapons.


Daum have announced that, if possible, they intend to release as many, if not all, of the weapon awakenings at the same time to avoid balancing issues between classes. However, it seems that Weapon Awakenings will not be coming any time soon for the same reason. Here is a quote from the official forums:

CM Tytyes:

To shed some light about the situation and the spam around it. Few weeks ago we said that we wanted to release all the awakenings all at once. That is still our plans so far. There are no silence around this, mostly maybe a “let’s not repeat ourselves everytime someone new ask for it”.

Now, this is mostly due to the fact that releasing only a part of it might create some unbalance in the actual PvP system. Your concerns are based on the PvE yes, but that doesn’t mean PvP will not be impacted by it.

On top of that there are 2 things to notice, first not all classes have their awakening skill ready to be released, this is not a matter of “this new class has an issue let’s try to fix it”, it can only be solved by waiting, would it be ok for them to wait ? Would it be if we were playing a class without awakening when everybody has its own ?

Second point is that, as you saw in many patch notes, we keep changing monsters/boss stats in our version of the game, meaning our client is different than the KR one and that also we’re trying to adapt the game.

There is actually no reason to be afraid of something that isn’t garanty to happen. Awakening won’t be coming soon no, and it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to grind properly in Valencia.


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