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Hashashin Awakening Reveal

The Hashashin Awakening weapon has offically been teased in a new video today as well as a release date set in Korea for both Awakening and Successsion. The weapon is a giant double-edged sword and the Hashashin has sand themed […]

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Maehwa Weapon Awakening Trailer

Maehwa (Plum) Weapon Awakening has been teased in an action trailer. Maehwa becomes stronger and uses her ice spear to destroy her enemies. Watch out for the Ninja Weapon Awakening teaser at the end of the video!   It’s very […]

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Official Teaser Website EU/NA

The official teaser page for Black Desert Online NA/EU is now available! Discuss the news here. In the upcoming weeks the first version of the full website, which will contain the official forums, is going to be released. Additionally, news has […]

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