Official Teaser Website EU/NA

Official Teaser Website EU/NA

Oct 14 Tansie  
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The official teaser page for Black Desert Online NA/EU is now available! Discuss the news here.

In the upcoming weeks the first version of the full website, which will contain the official forums, is going to be released. Additionally, news has been posted that the EU/NA will be Buy to Play. You can read more information about this below. CM Oli has also posted in a comment on reddit “More news to come later today!” so make sure you stick around.

Official Website: 

Official Twitter:

Official Facebook:

Official YouTube:

Go check it out already! What are you still reading this for?


Are you back? Ok, lets continue. With this teaser page we saw the new Black Desert Online logo which will be used for NA/EU. You can see this below:

Isn’t it beautiful? I love this logo. The overall design of the teaser is giving me a lot of hope for the full website. The first official YouTube video has also been posted:

The description for this YouTube video reveals some interesting news which was later confirmed by CM Oli. The description states:

 Black Desert Online will be released in early 2016 and will not be free to play or employ a subscription model. Instead, players will buy the game once and can buy vanity items in-game to allow for further customization. Initially, the game will be localized in English, French and German.

If you are reading this post in November 2015 or later the teaser may have been replaced by the full website. Don’t worry, we took some screenshots!

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