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Life Skill Mastery

Yellow grade gear is currently unavailable in EU/NA and will be coming on 25th September! Farming and Trading mastery is not completed yet either. We presume these will be coming with Life Skill Mastery Part 2. Navigation Introduction Mastery Clothes and […]

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Life Skill Mastery Events!

Life Skill Mastery is now in EU/NA and completely changes Life Skills! You can read all about the newest update here: are a list of all the current events.Event 1: Help the Old Moon Guild!(September 4th – September 25th)Complete […]

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Guilds Guide

Navigation Clan vs. Guild How to create/disband a Guild How to upload a Guild Icon Recruitment & Contracts Support Funds and Tax Guild Bonus Payout (Incentive) Guild Activity Ranks & Permissions Bank & Store Guild Missions Skills Node/Siege Wars (War […]

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