Surviving the Desert Guide

Surviving the Desert Guide

Apr 05 Tansie  
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How to craft Purified Water

Where to buy Tents

How to craft Star Anise Tea

 Ancient Compass


Valencia was introduced as a free expansion. With this update, the map and it’s content doubled in size. The Valencia region has a desert area which can be deadly to a player if you don’t know what you are doing. Whilst in the desert you will not be able to use your World Map unless you have an Ancient Explorer’s Compass. Horses and carriages are also slowed in the desert and horse skills are limited. This guide will teach you the basics of surviving the Valencia desert.

For more information on how to obtain a camel or Miniature Elephant, click here to view our Elephants and Camels guide.

Tips before entering the desert:

  • We recommend you stay away from this zone completely unless you are level 52+
  • Craft Purified Water or Star Anise Tea to prevent Heat Stroke and Hypothermia
  • Craft at least 100+ Purified Water and take plenty of Star Anise Flowers with you for each real-time hour you intend to spend in the desert
  • Buy tents to keep yourself safe from sandstorms
  • You can take shovels with you to collect extra water if you run out of Purified Water

How to craft Purified Water

Purified Water is used to prevent Heat Stroke during the day. If you don’t drink Purified Water you will get a debuff which deals damage to you every 5 seconds. If you don’t drink Purified Water, you can go through over 100+ HP pots to stay alive.

Purified Water can be bought from the auction house, crafted or gathered using workers from Kunid’s Vacation Spot and Leical Falls.

  • To create Purified Water, go to any material merchant, and buy an “Empty Bottle”.
  • Make sure you equip the bottle by right clicking it in your inventory.
  • Next go to any river or inland body of water (you cannot use ocean water)
  • Press “R” to collect a “Bottle of River Water”. You can tick the box on the right to continue collecting more than one. 
  • Once you have collected the river water, press “L” to open the crafting window and use the “Thinning” option to turn the dirty river water to Purified Water.
You can also use Bag of Muddy Water (obtained by using a shovel in the desert or gathering with workers) and filter it to create Purified Water.

Below are the locations of some bodies of water you can find in the desert. You can collect water from these places to craft Purified Water.
  1. This location is Ibellab Oasis. Here you are not inside the desert and will not get the desert debuff. You can also see your map and there is a Materials Merchant here to buy the bottles as well as other vendors.
  2. This location is just south of Sand Grain Bazaar and is great for collecting water before heading into the desert. There is a Material Merchant at Sand Grain Bazaar where you can get the Empty Bottles.
  3. This location is your closest water if you are at Crescent Shrine. It is just North West of the Crescent Mountains node manager.
  4. This location is inside of Valencia City. It is useful if you are just about to head back into the desert.
  5. This location is just south of Arehaza Town and useful if you are on the east side of the desert. You can go into the town as well and there is a Materials Merchant where you can buy bottles from.
  6. This location is just outside Arehaza Town at Areha Palm Forest.
  7. This location isn’t shown on the map below but there is a body of water inside Gavinya Great Crator and also slightly south east of this grind spot. It is the closest place for water if you are grinding here.

Where to buy Tents

Tents are used to keep yourself safe from Sandstorms. Sandstorms occur randomly and can deal a lot of damage.

Tents can be bought from any stable hand in the Valencia Region. They can also be bought from the stable hand at Altinova City.

How to craft Star Anise Tea 

In the desert, the real danger is at night. Monsters are much more powerful at night and you also have the risk of hypothermia. Just like heat stroke in the day, hypothermia will give you a debuff which will damage you every 5 seconds. To prevent hypothermia you will need to drink Star Anise Tea.

To craft Star Anise Tea you will need one Purified Water and one Star Anise Flower. You can obtain Star Anise in two different ways:

  1. If you want to collect the flowers manually there are 2 nodes where you can harvest them. The first place is “Pohalem Farm” which is west of Valenica City on the map. The second place is “Shakatu Village” will is north of the zone.
  2. You can also use workers to collect the flowers for you. To do this buy workers from “Shakatu Village” and send them to the same node to collect the Star Anise. Once the workers are finished, retrieve the flowers from your warehouse.

Now that you have the ingredients, press “L” to open the crafting window and use the option “Simple Cooking” to craft Star Anise Tea.

Ancient Explorer’s Compass

You can use an Ancient Explorer’s Compass to view the World Map whilst you are in the Valencia Desert.

Part for Explorer’s Compass can be obtained from some grinding locations in Valencia:
  • Titium Valley (Desert Fogans)

  • Gavinya Great Crator (Sulfur Mines)

  • Aakman Temple

  • Hysria Ruins

The parts are also availabe as a one time quest by following the Explorer’s Compass #1 questline. To start the questline you will need level 54 or higher.  Once you have 3 parts, put them into a V shape in your inventory to combine them. The item will last 3 days once it has been combined. You can only view the map, you are not able to set autopaths.


Credit goes to KR player “봄꿈에” for all the beautiful screenshots featured in this post:

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