Russian CBT2 Information

Russian CBT2 Information

Jun 18 Tansie  
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Gamenet has officially stated that CBT2 will start in September and it will last just one week. OBT will begin shortly after this with the release of the game in Autumn 2015.

CBT2 will have the following changes:

  • Tamer class will be added.
  • Experience obtained per level will be re-balanced.
  • PvP will be enabled from level 30 instead of the current level 20.
  • The PvP rules will be changed in accordance with the wishes of the RU community.
  • Gamenet’s own client security system will be implemented.
  • A limited trading system will be implemented and thoroughly tested during CTB2.
  • The Item Market (auction House) will no longer have min/max price limits, players can set their own prices with no restrictions.
  • Full translation will be available.
  • Full voiced NPC dialogue with professional voice actors.



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