Nouverikant Costume Guide

Nouverikant Costume Guide

May 02 Tansie  
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Crafting the Nouverikant costume costs a minimum of 15 billion silver for each piece (with 2 pieces total).

Nouverikant (also known as the Nouver Costume) is the second costume that can be earned in-game and is not available from the Pearl Store. The costume is purely cosmetic and does not have any additional stats, other than the stats available on all Pearl Store costumes.

  • The costume has two seperate pieces (Helmet and Armor), which you must create individually.
  • Unlike La Orzeca, the Nouverikant costume items are a rare drop from Bloodstorm Nouver only.
  • Once you have “Dormant” piece from Bloodstorm Nouver, you must enhance the “Dormant” costume to PEN (V) using special Bloodstorm Black Stones, then craft it into a Sealed costume piece which can be opened on the character of your choice.
  • Enhancing the costume has a 100% chance but will take time since you need certain drops from Bloodstorm Nouver

After crafting the outfit you can recieve a special title “Nouverikant” and Tier 4 Nouvermon pet.

You can grind for the items again if you would like multiple costumes for each of your characters.

How to obtain a Dormant Piece

You need the Dormant Nouverikant Helmet/Armor piece to begin crafting the wearable costume. The Dormant piece CANNOT be worn, is obtained by exchanging a rare drop from Bloodstorm Nouver.

Then you must find and talk with “Guest from Everfrost”. This NPC can be found wandering around the building in Valencia, she is nearby to Manmehan Nesser. Here you can accept the quest to swap one of the items for a Dormant piece.

Bloodstorm Nouver loot drop Costume Piece
icon Bloodstorm Nouver’s Split Horn x1
iconDormant Nouverikant Helmet
iconBloodstorm Nouver’s Ragged Wing x1 iconDormant Nouverikant Armor

NPC Location

NPC Appearance

Enhancing the Dormant Piece

After acquiring the “Dormant” piece, you must enhnace it to PEN. This requires a total of 210 Bloodstorm Black Stones.

Enhance Level Stones Required Enhance Level Stones Required
+1 Bloodstorm Black Stone x1 +11 Bloodstorm Black Stone x11
+2 Bloodstorm Black Stone x2 +12 Bloodstorm Black Stone x12
+3 Bloodstorm Black Stone x3 +13 Bloodstorm Black Stone x13
+4 Bloodstorm Black Stone x4 +14 Bloodstorm Black Stone x14
+5 Bloodstorm Black Stone x5 +15 Bloodstorm Black Stone x15
+6 Bloodstorm Black Stone x6 PRI Bloodstorm Black Stone x16
+7 Bloodstorm Black Stone x7 DUO Bloodstorm Black Stone x17
+8 Bloodstorm Black Stone x8 TRI Bloodstorm Black Stone x18
+9 Bloodstorm Black Stone x9 TET Bloodstorm Black Stone x19
+10 Bloodstorm Black Stone x10 PEN Bloodstorm Black Stone x20
Total Stones Required: 210


iconRecipe to Craft Bloodstorm Black Stones:

Processing (L) > Heating
  • iconBloodlit Eye of the Desert x1
  • iconBlack Stone (Weapon) x100
  • iconBloodlit Eye of the Desert x1
  • iconBlack Stone (Armor) x100


iconHow to obtain Bloodlit Eye of the Desert

  • Can drop directly from Bloodstorm Nouver
  • Exchange spare Bloodstorm Nouver’s Split Horn or Bloodstorm Nouver’s Ragged Wing at “Guest from Everfrost” for Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x30

Crafting the Nouverikant Costume

Now that you have a PEN Dormant piece, you can craft the Nouverikant Costume with the help of a few more materials.

This will require an item called “Cantarnia’s Crystal” which costs 500 million silver each to buy, and you will need 30 of them altogether for a total cost of 15 billion silver.

iconTo buy the Cantarnia’s Crystal, you will need to go to Francia in O’draxxia.

iconYou will also need to craft Unstable Nouver Core x3 for each costume piece. This is obtained by Processing (L) > Heating the following materials:

  • iconAny Concentrated Boss’s Aura x1
  • iconNouver’s Latent Aura x10

Finally, once you have all the materials, you can craft the Sealed costume which you can open on any character for a wearable costume piece.

Crafting Recipe Result
Proccessing (L) > Manufacture
  • iconPEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Helmet
  • iconCantarnia’s Crystal x30
  • iconUnstable Nouver Core x3
Sealed Nouverikant Helmet
(Right-click to open on the class of your choice)
Proccessing (L) > Manufacture
  • iconPEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Armor
  • iconCantarnia’s Crystal x30
  • iconUnstable Nouver Core x3
Sealed Nouverikant Armor
(Right-click to open on the class of your choice)

Obtaining the Title and Pet

After obtaining both of the wearable Nouverikant costume pieces for your class, you can go back to the “Guest from Everfrost” in Valencia to collect the unique “Nouverikant” title and Nouvermon pet.

Make sure both of the costume pieces are equipped when talking to the NPC to receive the “Nouvermon” quest, then speak to the Black Spirit to complete.

Nouvermon Pet details:

  • Tier 4 pet (Special type)
  • Pick up speed (level 10): 2.5 seconds
  • Talent: EXP Increase 4%
  • Special Skill: Hostility Detection
  • Cannot be exchanged with Wizard Gosphy

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