Install & Setup (KR)

Install & Setup (KR)

May 03 Tansie  
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Getting your account

How to install Black Desert

English Patch

Changing your email and password



This guide is for installing and setting-up the game for the Korean OBT. All the guides and patch notes or news on BDFoundry are currently for the Korean version. The differences between the Korean and Japenese OBT is that Japan’s version does not require you to buy an account. The disadvantages is that the version does require a VPN and that the patches are really behind. This means that the Valkyrie, Blader, Plum, Wizard and Witch classes are not avaliable, along with some armor types, items and other various features.

Getting your account

I recommend using to purchase an account for 10$. Myself and 3 friends have all purchased our accounts from this website and have had no problems at all. The account will take up to 12 hours to be set-up and you will receive an email as soon as it is ready with a guide on how to set up. If you don’t receive an email within 12 hours of purchasing, you can contact them through live chat.

  1. Go to and register
  2. Select Black Desert (KR) from the list
  3. Add “Black Desert (KR) OBT Account(General)” to your cart and follow the website instructions to purchase

The set-up guide can be found here:

How to install Black Desert

Please make sure you read this guide very carefully and follow all the steps, if you don’t do everything in the right order it will not work correctly and you may experience issues such as patch looping. Changing your DNS is no longer required to install or connect to the game. You can also skip stages 9 to 16 under “Installing Black Desert” if you download the game from the official website, however this can take much longer. If you have any problems please post a comment and I will try to help.

Changing your DNS (optional)

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click “Change adapter settings”Change adapter settings
  3. Right-click your network connection and go to “Properties”
  4. Click “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click “Properties”
  5. Select “Use the following DNS server address”
  6. Change “Preferred DNS server” to and “Alternate DNS server” to adapter settings2 Change adapter settings3
  7. Click OK then Close

Installing Black Desert

  1. Open Internet Explorer or Firefox (Google Chrome will not work properly)
  2. Go to
  3. Click “Daum ID” to log inLogin
  4. Click the download button underneath Game Start, then select mirror 1 on the leftDownload 1Download 2
  5. Run the setup and click next
  6. Here you need to change the file location, if you are using 64 bit install it to “Program Files”, if you are using 32 bit install it to “Program Files (x86)”, and click next
  7. Click next, then untick the bottom check box, and click next two more times
  8. Check the tick box then click the blue button
  9. Leave the downloader to set-up for a few seconds then close it
  10. Go to (Most recent version 23/07/15 includes Valencia Patch) OR OR to download the uTorrent files
  11. Go to your Black Desert folder in your Program files and delete everything inside it
  12. Extract the files you downloaded from uTorrent into the empty Black Desert folder in Program Files
  13. Go to and download the “Take Ownership” registry files then extract them to your desktop
  14. Run the “InstallTakeOwnership” file
  15. Right-click your Black Desert folder and click “Take Ownership”
  16. Once it has finished you can remove Take Ownership by running “RemoveTakeOwnership”
  17. Right-click the Black Desert folder and go to “Properties”
  18. Uncheck “Read-only” and click OK
  19. Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, go back to and log-in again
  20. Click “Game Start” then the blue button to download the launcher
  21. Run the setup
  22. Go to your Start Menu and search for “Regedit”
  23. Open “Regedit” and go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\DaumGames”
  24. Double click “Version” and change it to 1, 0, 0, 4 then close Regedit

Launching the game

  1. Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, go back to and log-in
  2. Click “Game Start”
  3. Run the launcher and let it patch if needed
  4. Click the Red button to launch the game

I recommend joining the Calpheon (칼페온) server because this is where most of the English speaking players are.

English Patch

I highly recommend using the Full English Patch as it translates all the basics, most item descriptions, quest descriptions and some NPC conversations and story lines. All of our guides use the Full English (Beta) Patch.

To download the English Patch go to:

You can place the patcher anywhere on your computer and it will automatically detect your Black Desert files.

Every game patch you will need to delete and re-apply the English Patch or you will experience crashing and will not be able to play.

Changing your email and password

  1. Go to and log-in
  2. In the top box enter your current password
  3. In the bottom box enter your new password
  4. Click the blue button to confirmPassword change
  5. Go to
  6. Enter your new password then click the blue buttonPassword change2
  7. Click the button to change your account email addressPassword change3
  8. Enter your new email in the top box and press the button next to it to send a verification code to your email. You may need to check your spam folder and junk mail
  9. Enter the verification code in the bottom box and press the button next to it to confirm
  10. Click the blue button at the bottom to confirm your new emailPassword change4

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