Install & Setup (JP)

Install & Setup (JP)

Jun 03 Tansie  
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Getting your account

How to install Black Desert

English Patch

Captcha Help



This guide is for installing and setting-up the game for the Japenese OBT. All the guides and patch notes or news on BDFoundry are currently for the Korean version.  The differences between the Korean and Japenese OBT is that Japan’s version does not require you to buy an account. The disadvantages is that the version does require a VPN and that the patches are really behind. This means that the Valkyrie, Blader, Plum, Wizard and Witch classes are not avaliable, along with some armor types, items and other various features.

 Getting your account

To access the website you will need a VPN, refer to our VPN section below for free VPN services we recommend. The website will only load in Internet Explorer and will not work correctly with Chrome or Firefox. Once you are on the webiste, you can link your account with Facebook, Twitter or Google by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the screen. You will need to pass a Japanese Captcha to validate the account, refer to the Captcha section below. When passing the Captcha make sure you check the button on the right of the text box. Once you have passed the Captcha, enter your full date of birth using the drop-down menus.

How to install Black Desert

Please make sure you read this guide very carefully and follow all the steps. If you have any problems please post a comment and I will try to help.

Getting a VPN

You do not need a VPN to download the game so I would recommend starting the downloader whilst you are setting up the VPN. However, a VPN is required to access the website and play the game. Disconnecting from the VPN whilst in-game will result in the game crashing.

A lot of people like to use this VPN service and I haven’t heard of any issues with it so far:

If you’re not sure how to use a VPN this guide can be really helpful: 

Installing Black Desert

  1. Open Internet Explorer (Google Chrome or Firefox will not work properly)
  2. Go to
  3. Click the red button to install the download plugin
  4. When the plugin pops up, you can select your file location by pressing the yellow/gold button with the folder next to it
  5. When you are done click the yellow/gold button at the bottom of the pop-up to download the installer


6.  Run the installer

There is also a link to a torrent you can download here:

Launching the game

  1. Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, go back to and log-in
  2. Click “Start Game”


3.  Click the green/yellow button under “step 1” to install an additional plugin (one time only)

4.  Click the red button under “step 2” to launch the game


5.  Run the launcher and let it patch if needed

I recommend joining the Calpheon (칼페온) server because this is where most of the English speaking players are.

English Patch

I highly recommend using the Full English Patch as it translates all the basics, most item descriptions, quest descriptions and some NPC conversations and story lines. All of our guides use the Full English (Beta) Patch.

To download the English Patch go to:

You can place the patcher anywhere on your computer and it will automatically detect your Black Desert files.

Every game patch you will need to delete and re-apply the English Patch or you will experience crashing and will not be able to play.

Captcha Help

You can use these websites to type out the captcha on an English keyboard: OR

Just try to match the correct symbols then copy and paste it over into the captcha box. Make sure you check the box on the right of where you type in the captcha!

You can also use Google Translate’s Handwriting tool to try and draw the symbols yourself and then copy and paste them.

If you are still having difficulty with the captcha, take a screenshot and upload the image to imgur. Then, tweet the image link to and you should get a reply with-in 5-10 minutes. If they don’t answer back straight away try again later of leave a comment below for help.


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