Global Lab Updates – 30th July 2020

Global Lab Updates – 30th July 2020

Jul 30 Tansie  
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Global Lab Changes this week:

Item changes

  • Tooltip descriptions have been improved for the Infinite Magic Crystals
    • Ignore Knockback Resistance +10% → Ignore Knockback/Float Resistance +10%
    • Ignore Knockdown Resistance +10% → Ignore Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10%
    • Ignore Stun Resistance +10% → Ignore Stun/Stiffness/Freeze Resistance +10%

Node War QoL update

  • A return button has been added which can be used after a node war ends
    • The return button will send you back to the original position you were in when you took the teleport at the start of the Node War
    • The return button can be found in the top right, next to your mini map

Pit of the Undying – New Boss

  • A new boss “Yuho” has been added to Pit of the Undying
  • Yuho is a samurai who has a low chance of spawning
  • If you win against Yuho you can obtain more Seal of the Undying

Monster Changes

  • Fadus supplies have been added to the Fadus Habitat grinding spot.
    • A group of Fadus now have a chance of spawning and can be found protecting some of their supplies
    • You can steal supplies by killing the Fadus who are protecting the crates

  • When grinding at Sherekan’s Necropolis there is now a low chance of an Ancient Sherekan Soul spawning.
    • The ancient soul will follow players and move to nearby Sherekan monsters
    • When a monster dies near the soul, the soul will obsorb the power of the Sherekan monster
    • Once the soul has obsorbed enough power it can reveal itself on the spot to test a player’s power
    • Ancient Sherekan Souls can only appear during daytime

Other Changes

  • The following UI has been reorganized
    • Gift letter
    • Game minimization guide

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