Global Lab Updates – 25th February 2022

Global Lab Updates – 25th February 2022

Feb 25 Tansie  
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T10 Mythical Dine

A fantasy horse running on the water, Dream Dine, was born. Dream Dine can be created through dreaming, and you can use ‘Silver Run’, ‘Mischief’, and ‘Ogier’s Blessing’, which are unique to Dream Dine.
Many adventurers were surprised because Dine’s horns were not visible in the recently released data. Since the horns, which are attractive points of Dine, are also connected to the dreamy Dine, we ask for your love and interest from the adventurers of Dine owners.
※ Dream Dine can use the same skills as sprinting, drifting, and instantaneous acceleration on water, just like on land!

※ Dream Dine updates cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab, and will be updated on the official server.

  • A new mythical horse born through awakening, Mythical Dine, has been added.
    • You can try awakening by entrusting Dine to Gula, the stable keeper of Stonetail Hill Horse Ranch. 
    • You need one male and one female Dine at level 30 to try awakening.
    • You can attempt to awaken by using the Dream Censer item, and the success rate is fixed at 3%.
    • If the awakening is successful, it will be merged into one mythical dine and will be reborn with a ‘mythical’ grade.
    • The two Dine who have failed to awaken can attempt to awaken again at any time, and you can try the awakening again using the Dream Censer item.
    • The newly born Mythical Dine has acquired both the original Dine’s birth skills and the Mythical birth skills.
    • Birth skills have 100% chance when acquired, and do not disappear even if growth is reset. 
    • The basic price of the Mythical Dine is higher than the combined price of a level 30 Dine male and female required for awakening. However, due to its rarity, it is not traded in the horse market.
    • Mythical Dine is a mysterious fantasy horse born from a dream, and unlike other horses, it does not have a gender.
    • ※ Mythcial Dine consumes resources and can move on water for a certain period of time, but cannot move in the deep ocean. (Add)

  •  The detailed description of the skill of Mythical Dine is as follows.
Skill name prior skill How to use
stamina consumption Explanation etc
silver run does not exist usable on land

use all skills

consumed on land

Consumes the same as stamina

by consuming resources

You can run on water.

Auto movement is not possible on water, and damage is not applied when attacking.
conciliation Continuous jump, high jump, double jump double jump


200  After a double jump, you can jump one more time On water, you can jump higher than on land.
Ogier’s Blessing does not exist after the jump

E during falling motion


continuous consumption

After jumping, while falling from a high place, it uses the power of water to slowly land. When using Ogier’s Blessing skill, it is applied with the effect of not taking fall damage for a certain period of time.
  •   The material production and acquisition method for the ‘Dream Incense Burner’ item is as follows.
item How to make crafting material

Mythical Censer
Alchemy Old Moon Censer x 1 + Mythical Powder x 10 + Mythical Feather x 10 + Fire Horn 10 x Powder of Flame

Old Moon Censer
Alchemy 1 Old Moon Censer Mold + 100 Pure Platinum Crystals + 100 Pure Copper Crystals + 100 Pure Tin Crystals + 100 Moonlight Opal

Mythical Powder
grinding 10 Flower of Oblivion + 10 Royal Fern Root + 10 Millennium Herb + 10 Fruit of Enchantment + 10 Black Stone Powder
item Where to get it

Old Moon Censer Mold
Purchased from the Old Moon Shop

Flower of Oblivion
Imperial Delivery of horses by tier
※ The fantasy horse cannot acquire the Flower of Oblivion item even if it is delivered to the Imperial Family.

Royal Fern Root
Stonetail Horse Ranch Material Vendor Wapra completed the quest ‘[Weekly] Fly Like the Wind’

Mythical Feather
Brilliant Fairy Wings, Brilliant Fairy Wings exchanged for ‘Herawen’

Wild Rachiro Cloak, Raw Rachiro Cloak, Aged Wild Rachiro Cloak, Aged Rachiro Cloak

  • The higher the horse’s Imperial Delivery tier, the more ‘Flower of Oblivion’ items can be obtained.
Tier The number of flowers obtained
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5 5
Tier 6
Tier 7
Tier 8

  • The effect of using the magical land of Dine, the land of life and the earth of protection, has been increased as follows.
    • When using Earth of Life/ Earth of Protection, the effective range has been increased by 30%.
    • For 30 seconds, the recovery effect of HP +200 and Spirit/Spirit +100 every 3 seconds has been increased to be applied for 60 seconds.
    • When using the Earth of Life skill with Dream Dine, you can obtain an additional desert disease healing effect.

Class Changes

All Classes

  • When boarding a ferry, some movements of characters and boats have been improved to be expressed more naturally than before.


  • Fixed the issue where the invincibility effect was applied even during the cooldown when the Prime: Evasive Explosion Shot skill was used in certain situations.


  • Fixed the issue where the movement speed was slower than the normal Succession: Dark Backstep skill when using the Dark Backstep skill.
  • It has been improved to further increase the movement distance when using the Succesion: Dark Backstep  skill. 
  • After using the Dark Flame skill, the phenomenon that the Prime: Dark Flame skill could be linked only by right-clicking has been corrected. 
  • Fixed the issue where the Fragment of Darkness effect was not updated intermittently when an attack was triggered by right-clicking while using the Prime: Midnight Stinger skill.


  • The phenomenon that an unnatural text was displayed in the description of the Full Moon Wall skill has been corrected.


  • The number of pieces of fighting spirit that is recovered when the Core: Tidal Burst skill is successful has been modified from 1 to 2.
  •  The description text of Tidal Burst IV skill has been modified to display the same as the skill effect.

Gyfin Temple Improvements

The emotions of the ancient stone statues under the Gyfin Rasia Temple have deepened.
Due to this, the rules for obtaining the loot of Gyfin Rasia Killers and Emotional Sculpture statues that are generated near the ancient statue are changed, the amount of damage taken when the ancient statue is awakened, and the amount of damage worn when two or more ancient statues are entangled. Damage is changed.
In addition, when you meet the <Despair> and <Destruction> statues, the number of <Fragment of Despair> Gyfin Rasia Killers and the loot obtainable from the <Despair> Gypin Rasia Butchers are displayed in order to obtain more loot. Increased probability and count.
  •  Gyfin Rasia Killer has <Anger> , <Doubt> , <Trust> begun to be subordinated to the emotions of the ancient stone statues
    • It has been improved so that if the ancient statue with emotions is killed first, the Gyfin Rasia Killer created near the statue is also killed and loot can be obtained.

Ex) If <Anger> Gyfin Rasia Slayer’ is killed before ‘Gyfin Rasia Killer’, <Anger> loot can be obtained from the Killers created near , <Trust> or <Doubt> you cannot obtain loot from the Gyfin Rasia Killers that were created near the   

  • <Anger> , <Doubt> , <Trust> Ancient stone statues are affected by emotions that have been hardened for a long time.
    • Damage taken during the awakening time of the ancient stone statue is reduced. 
  • <Anger> , <Doubt> , <Trust> The entanglement of emotions that occurs when two or more ancient stone statues come together has begun to entangle more intensely.
    • When emotions are entangled, the damage reduction effect of the ancient stone statue is additionally applied. 
  • <Anger> , <Doubt> , <Trust> When two or more ancient statues awaken, loot cannot be obtained from statues with different emotions from the ancient statues that were killed first.
Ex) If the <Anger> and <Doubt> statues are awake at the same time and the <Anger> statue is killed first, you can get loot from the <Fragment of Wrath> Gyfin Rasia Breaker, but <Shard of Doubt> Gyfinla You cannot obtain loot from ‘Shia Vaccine Officer’.

※ The following updates cannot be checked at the Black Desert Lab, and will be updated on the official server.

  •  <Anger> , <Doubt> and <Trust> fell, the emotion remained for a certain period of time and then dispersed.
    • Improvements have been made so that if you are using invincible technology at the moment the ancient stone statue falls, you can acquire the emotional buff effect after the invincibility effect ends.
  • The despair of the Gyfin Rasia Killer has deepened.
    • The <Fragment of Despair> that appears from the <Despair> Gyfin Rasia Killer has been changed to appear more Gyfin Rasia Killer.
  • The amount of rubbish and loot drop rate that can be obtained from killing the Gyfin Lasia Butcher of <Destruction> has been increased.
  •  Some monsters’ defense buff/debuff icons have been changed.

Life Skill Improvements

  • [Weekly] Life quest selection reward has been changed.
Quest Existing Choice Rewards change selection reward
[Weekly] 9 kinds of life quests 2 gold bars 10G

Flower Moss Petals (Normal Bag)

3 gold bars 10G

Flower Moss Petals (Pearl Bag)

  • Master of Cooking Lv1. Fixed the issue where the actual completion goal and the description of the quest were different when proceeding with the quest ‘[Daily] [Cooking] Running towards Imperial Crafting Delivery’ that can be progressed in the above section.
    • Deliver 50 Master Chef’s Cooking Boxes: Complete when you receive 27.5 million silver coins by supplying Master Master’s Cooking Box.
    • Delivery of 100 Guru’s Cooking Boxes: Completed when you receive 40 million silver coins by supplying the Guru’s Cooking Boxes.

  • It has been improved so that if there is no ammunition loaded while the matchlock is equipped, it will not switch to the F aim position even if the Black Spirit’s rage level is 100% or higher.

    ※ The following hunting updates cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab, but will be updated on the official server.

  • [Extraordinary] Hunting quest that can be done in the Mountain of Endless Winter has been added.
Quest goal compensation [Unexpected] Common reward for hunting quests
wandering the mountains of endless winter

Hunt 10 <wild> monsters

25 Hunter’s Seals

1 Erebok’s Grudge

Contribution experience

1 Hunter’s Dawn

※ Hunter’s Dawn

When acquired, the following effects are applied for 30 minutes

– 15% increase in hunting life experience
– Movement speed potential +2 level
– Critical Strike Potential +2 level
– Attack speed potential +2 level

UI Ping System Added

The self-position display (`) function, aka guild ping function, which we talked about improving at the last Calpheon banquet, has been classified into 4 patterns: attack / movement / command / warning so that it can be used more effectively. An image display has been added for adventurers who have difficulty distinguishing colors.
In addition to the improved guild ping function, we are preparing a ‘guild marker’ function, a world map display function for each guild. It is expected that the guild marker function can be used in a variety of ways, such as marking enemy bases and defense points or designating allies’ attack routes.

▲ This is a draft of the ‘Guild Marker’ function under development.

The ‘Guild Marker’ will also be applied so that it can be intuitively checked not only on the world map but also on the play screen, like Guild Ping.
We will prepare diligently so that adventurers can strategically enjoy guild battles while working in harmony with their guild members.

  •  Improvements have been made so that more types of location indications can be used when using the location indication (`) function for guild members.
    • When you press Alt + `, the ring menu is exposed, and you can select attack / move / command / warning ping from the menu.
    • ` When you press the key, you can use the selected type of ping.
    • If the ping type is not specified in the ring menu, it will be displayed as before.
    • In the world map (M), you can specify the type of ping with Alt + ` keys, and you can leave a guild ping by pressing Ctrl + left click of the mouse.



UI Improvements

The sorting function of the bag that I was talking about to be improved will be improved. In addition to bags, we have prepared an improved sorting function in the warehouse. Including the existing automatic sorting function, you can sort in various ways such as grade, reinforcement level, weight (LT), load capacity (VT), ascending/descending order of the equipped part, etc., so we hope that you can use it the way you prefer. .
  •  The sorting function has been improved so that items stored in Bags (I), warehouses, and central market warehouses can be sorted according to criteria.
    • In addition to the existing ‘auto-sort view’ function, you can sort items by grade, enhancement level, weight (LT), load capacity (VT), and equipped part.
    • Improvements have been made so that items can be sorted more conveniently by using the ascending and descending sort function even after setting the sort criteria.

  •  The color of the battlefield hero ranking UI has been changed, and medals according to rank (1,2,3) have been added.
  • The output location of the information window displayed when a season character wears an item that cannot be worn has been changed.
    • Before change: Information window is displayed according to the position of the mouse
    • After change: Information window is displayed at the top center of the screen 
  • A guide has been added so that when a feed item is used through a feed cycle without a pet taken out, a message stating that no pet is taken out is displayed.
  • When certain knowledge is acquired, when checking the knowledge in the knowledge (H) window, the alignment of the knowledge name UI displayed at the top of the screen has been corrected.

Quality of Life Improvements

Simple alchemy will be carried out in a regular bag and a pearl bag, respectively, so that you can utilize both the ‘[Event] Item Acquisition Increase Order’ and the existing ‘Item Acquisition Increase Scroll’, which you received through events when making the Florin Secret Recipe, a life-style order book. I added each possible simple alchemy formula. It was intended to increase the usability of the item, but it was judged that the parts that had to separate the flower moss petals and the simple alchemy depending on the normal bag/pearl bag were causing great inconvenience to adventurers, so the ‘[Event] Item Acquisition Order’ of the regular bag We decided to simplify the process by changing it to the ‘Item Acquisition Order’ of the Pearl Bag.
If you do not see the Item Acquisition Increase Scroll after the update, please do not panic and check your Pearl Bag or Mailbox.

※ The following updates cannot be checked at the Black Desert Lab, and will be updated on the official server.

  • To simplify the recipe for Florin Secret/Life Skill Increase Scroll and related items, the Life Skill Increase Scroll and [Event] Item Acquisition Increase Scroll, etc. will be changed and integrated as follows.
    ※ ‘Before change’ items in possession will be converted to ‘After’ items and sent by mail.
Before change after change
[Event] Life Mastery Increase Scroll

※ Normal bag

Florin’s Secret Book

※ Pearl bag

[Event] Item Acquisition Increase Scroll

※ Normal bag

Item Acquisition Increase Scroll

※ Pearl bag

[Event] Item Acquisition Increase Scroll (Advanced)

※ Normal bag

Item Acquisition Increase Scroll (Advanced)

※ Pearl bag

[Event] Valentine’s Catalyst

※ Normal bag

[Event] Valentine’s Catalyst

※ Pearl bag

    • According to the above changes, the rewards such as boxes, quest rewards, growth pass rewards, event rewards, and NPC exchange items that were able to obtain ‘before the change’ items as rewards have been changed to ‘after change’ items, and the related quest name and quest The text has also been changed to describe the item ‘after change’.

  •  The items ‘Ludwig’s Catalyst’, ‘Liana’s Catalyst’, and ‘Floamos Petal’ used to craft Florin’s Secret Book and Florin’s Secret Book have been changed so that they can be acquired in a pearl bag instead of a regular bag.
    • Existing items in possession are repaid by mail, and as the flower moss petals are changed to pearl bag items, they have been changed to items that cannot be sold in stores.
    • Among the simple alchemy of Florin’s Secret Book, the related alchemy that can be performed in the normal bag has been deleted, and it has been improved so that it can be performed in the pearl bag.
    •  In accordance with the above changes, the ‘[Event] Valentine’s Catalyst’ item, which was used for the simple alchemy of the existing life skill increase order book, will also be changed to a pearl bag item and re-supplied.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • The icon of the suppressed equipment item has been improved to match the item name.
  • [PC Room] Ramones equipment item names and icons have been improved.

Content Changes

  • Added Erebok’s Grievance, a stone fragment full of shards that is rarely found in many places in the Mountains of Endless Winter.
    • If you heat up 30 Erebok’s grudges, you can make an Omua’s Breath item. 
  • The class selection area UI of the beauty album has been improved. 
  • It has been modified so that you can use the keyboard to move the camera on the photo taking screen of Beauty Album and Photo Gallery.
※ Beauty album and photo gallery are contents that cannot be used in Black Desert Research Lab, and they will be updated on the official server.

Mount Changes

  •  Ship registration certificate at the forward base supply port: It has been modified so that the Epheria high-speed boat can be registered.
Bug Fixes
  •  The phenomenon that some backgrounds in the following areas were unnaturally exposed has been corrected.
    • Hum Highlands, Valley of Olun, Gervish Mountains, Calpheon Capital, Wind Gnoll’s Nest, Bronte’s Thunderbolt, Tur River, Zvier Hills 
  • Red Battlefield: The phenomenon that attacks and hits were applied abnormally at certain locations in the capital Valencia has been corrected. 
  • Certain NPCs in the Dreaming Oasis area have been modified so that they do not move to abnormal locations.
  • The abnormal arrangement of furniture placed on the ground in the Balenos 3-2 residence of Loggia Farm has been corrected.
  • The unnatural movement of the Frost Wolf in the Mountain of Endless Winter has been improved. 
  • The phenomenon in which the appearance of monsters appearing in the Jade Starlight Forest was intermittently unnaturally exposed has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that some NPC conversations at Twin Post looked unnatural has been fixed. 
  • Fixed the issue where the dialogue for the quest ‘[Daily] Towards a Better Shelter’ was not visible while holding Snowy Cedar Plywood.

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