Global Lab Patch Notes – 19th August 2021

Global Lab Patch Notes – 19th August 2021

Aug 19 Tansie  
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New item – Rapid Flares

  •  The ‘Rapid Flare’ for Black Desert Research Lab has been added.
    • Rapid flares can use items with a much faster movement than normal flares.
    • * 50 rapid flares will be sent to players through the mailbox (B) at 10:00 (GMT/UTC + 9) on weekdays excluding weekends from the regular inspection of the institute on August 19 (Thu), 2021 until the regular inspection of the institute on August 26 (Thu), 2021
    • * Please note that this mail is only issued on the Black Desert Research Lab.
Two weeks ago, when wearing a camouflage suit, we updated the name so that it is printed as ‘Unknown Adventurer’ instead of disappearing. After this update, many adventurers gave their opinions, and there were many conflicting opinions, such as opinions to remove them altogether, opinions to preserve them, and opinions to release them as they are. Therefore, rather than the current method (as some adventurers have added), we would like to change the direction to a form that strengthens the means to destroy the camouflage. In particular, in the case of flares, it is almost the only means of destruction along with the reagents on the cover, but the movement of using the item was too long to use. In this regard, ‘Rapid Flare’ has been added exclusively for the Black Desert Research Institute. It can be used much faster than conventional flares. At the Black Desert Research Lab, you can receive a ‘Rapid Flare’ through a letter and try it out.

However, this content is for the Black Desert Lab test, and when it is updated on the official server, the content will be partially changed. Existing flares will be changed so that they can be used immediately without movement, and we are also considering adding recipes so that they can be crafted by adding higher-level flares. The upper flares are intended to further alleviate the phenomenon of difficulty in ‘identifying enemies’ due to camouflage clothes, and they can be used immediately without movement and increase the duration and range, or are installed in the form of a flare that acts as a flare in the vicinity for a certain period of time. Please take note of what you are doing.

Beauty Album

  • When using the beauty album and photo gallery, the tabs and the order of tabs that are exposed by default have been changed.
Beauty album – Download Rank (default selection)
– Creator Ranking
– Adventurer Gallery
– my folder
Photo gallery – Popular photos (default selection)
– Gallery ranking
– My Gallery
※ Beauty album and photo gallery contents are not available in Black Desert Research Lab.

Atoraxxion Dungeon

  •  If you complete the quest ‘[Atoraxion] Sealed Vaha’s Time’, one of the main quests of Vahamachia, limited to once per family. It has been improved to allow entry to Atoraxion through Magia NPC.
    • However, in the case of characters who are in the process of completing the Sage Awakening quest, depending on the progress of the quest, the secret passage where the Ancient Man’s Stone Chamber Sol Magia NPC is located may be closed. Please note that the door will reopen when all the Sage Awakening quests are completed.
  • When interacting with NPCs in each area of Vahamachia, a dialogue has been added to guide you through the NPCs that help you leave Atoraxxion. You can now talk to the next NPC to find the location of the nearest escape NPC that you can move to another area.
District name NPC name
Vaha’s Sky Vaha’s Sky – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Storm Vaha’s Storm – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Heart Vaha’s Heart- Sol Magia, Equivalent Supply Station
Vaha’s Head Vaha’s Head – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Garden Vaha’s Garden – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Paradise Sealed bar time

Node War/Siege War

  • The layout of the first stage of the Balenos and Serendia regions has been changed as follows, and the stage of of each territory has been changed.
Before change after change
In each territory of Balenos and Serendia
Tier 1 Easy/Medium/Hard placement
Balenos – Tier 1 Easy
Serendia – Tier 1 Medium
※ Tier 1 Hard has been removed.
  • The changed tiers for each node in Balenos Territory are as follows.
Balenos estate
stronghold area Steps before change Steps after change
Western Guard Camp Tier 1 Hard Tier 1 Easy
Ehwaz Hill Tier 1 Medium
Toscani Farm
Wolf Hills
Wale Farm
  • The changed tiers for each node in Serendia Territory are as follows.
Serendia estate
stronghold area Steps before change Steps after change
Biraghi Den Tier 1 Easy Tier 1 Medium
Eastern Border
Southern Neutral Zone
Glish Ruins Tier 1 Hard
Northwestern Gateway
Costa Farm
Bloody Monastery
Northern Plain of Serendia
  • In accordance with the changes in some stages of the tier 1 node wars, the tax acquisition rate for each node has been changed as follows. Accordingly, the tax accumulated at each base will be accumulated at the changed ratio after the regular inspection.
Tax Acquisition Rate by Node Stage
Steps before change Tax Acquisition Percentage Before Change Steps after change Tax Acquisition Rate After Change
Tier 1 Easy 4% Tier 1 Easy 9.6 %
Tier 1 Medium 8% Tier 1 Medium 14.4 %
Tier 1 Hard 12% Tier 1 Hard Tier 1 Hard removed
Tier 2 20% Tier 2 20 %
Tier 3 24% Tier 3 24 %
Tier 4 32% Tier 4 32 %
  •  In Balenos, Serendia Tier 1 battles, maximum accuracy and hit rate, and all resistance limits have been added.
    •  In the case of the hit limit of each tier 1 node, it was calculated based on the wearing of the TRI (III) Tuvala and TET (IV) Tuvala equipment sets.
Node stage hit limit hit rate limit limit all resistance
Tier 1 Easy 652 15 % 20 %
Tier 1 Medium 671 15 % 30 %

  •  Mediah, Valencia territory occupied before the maximum accuracy and hit rate limit has been added.
Location hit limit hit rate limit
Mediah 708 20 %
Valencia 718 20 %

Hit and resistance values ​​have been added to the limits of Node and Conquest Wars. In particular, in the case of resistance, in order to reduce the burden of setting, the base of the first stage was adjusted to 20-30%, but if it is judged to be excessive, we will consider raising it further. In addition, we are also developing a life limit. It will be a form of limiting the maximum that can be increased by means such as buffs or elixirs, rather than being fixed to a specific value for all adventurers. In the limited Node Wars and Conquest Wars, we will continue to take care in the future so that everyone can enjoy the battle under the same conditions as much as possible.
  • The appearance of sloppy barriers and sloppy barricades before Node/Conquest has been changed to distinguish them from existing barricades and barriers.

▲ Barriers and sloppy fences

▲ Barricades and sloppy barricades
  • The maximum durability of the gates of Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia territory has been increased as follows.
name Durability
outer gate 130% increase
introspection 165% increase

  • The icons for the defeat in the occupation war, the encouragement reward with the fighting spirit, which is a liberation reward, and the encouragement reward item with the fighting spirit, have been changed. 
  • The icons of gold bars that can be obtained from victory, defeat, and liberation rewards have been changed. However, there is no change in the amount obtained when exchanging gold bars.
  • Fixed the issue where attack/defense restrictions were not applied in certain situations while multiple node battles were being conducted at the same time at the 1st stage base.
With the Conquest War Pre-Season in full swing, everyone at the Black Desert Studio has been thrilled by the incredible passion our Adventurers have shown Conquest War recently. 


We’ve seen many passionate discussions of several topics, but the most discussed topic seems to be about the cooperative play to purposefully Liberate a specific castle. 


Black Desert at its heart is a warfare game. As such, many hold the opinion that such “political maneuvers” should be accepted as a natural part of warfare. However, we’ve heard a majority of voices asking for “super-fun sieges,” and we wish to continue to stoke that flame of passion and desire. 

And so, we would like to briefly share today what kind of concerns we’re facing as we prepare future patches to bring more activity to Conquest War. 

First off, let us touch upon guilds working together to purposefully liberate a certain territory in order to share the rewards. We believe this is happening because we heavily leaned into the positive aspects of setting the liberation rewards relatively high. To any Adventurers who’ve felt discouraged or been harmed by this, we apologize. 


To start off with, we’re going to take a somewhat drastic measure by temporarily suspending the long-standing Liberation system. In the future, once Conquest War has ended, there’ll be a ranking system, which will follow certain rules, that will rank guilds for tiered rewards to incentivize the “politics” and “battles” of Conquest War. There will also be measures and barriers in place to prevent abuse/exploitation. 


Next up is the “handover” kind of cooperative gameplay. Black Desert has previously had attempts to mitigate guild alliances in Conquest War because we believed that Conquest Wars would be more active if even solo guilds could join the battle. Unfortunately, the results have mostly fallen short. As before, we’ve considered a variety of possibilities, but we concluded that trying to implement patches to prevent this kind of gameplay would only lead into more loopholes, which would necessitate more patches, ending up with our Adventurers feeling more frustrated.  


Although there are many reasons for why this is happening, we believe one of the biggest influences is a “fixed power structure,” which we see as the fundamental reason for cooperative castle handovers. As such, we’d like to open up a new era of rivalries by introducing indirect ways to politically maneuver with the “policy system” that we mentioned previously. 


Simply put, guilds that control a territory will be able to enact policies using acquired polity points or taxes. While these policies may favor either the castle holder or all the other guilds, if said policies are repeated, they may turn the public opinion of specific guilds. Of course, the usual alliances or hostilities will also affect this public opinion. 


Furthermore, guilds that occupy a Node in this territory will be given the right to vote. This voting right will vary depending on the Node’s Tier. The voting rights will be similar to how “votes,” which varied depending on the size of the territory, existed in medieval Europe to choose the King of an alliance. We hope this will serve as an incentive or goal to occupy a higher-tier Node. Additionally, we’re continuing to internally discuss how to extend the scope of this vote to guilds without a Node. 


Votes will take place weekly and a reputation score will accumulate according to this vote. This reputation score will influence the “wealth” that the castle-owning guild will obtain.We hope that this will encourage the castle-owning guild to be more mindful of their reputation with Node-owning guilds and actively engage in “politics” to create “a favorable side.” Of course, we hope our Adventurers will always remember that we want them to have freedom in their gameplay. 


Once the Conquest War Pre-Season comes to an end, a new season that is backed with these rules will be introduced. Besides what we mentioned earlier, we are also preparing new siege weapons, such as cannon chariots and ballistas, as well as other rules. We truly wish to finish our development and present it to our Adventurers as soon as possible. To give you all a sneak peek at the new weapons, these three are intended as weapons to destroy gates and wooden walls. As for ballistas, they counter elephants, while elephants counter cannon chariots, and cannon chariots counter ballistas, in a rock-paper-scissors concept. This makes scouting even more important, and we expect this to introduce more variables and strategic elements for the later portions of a war. 


We hope for your continued interest and feedback regarding the Conquet War, and we will do our best to bring you good news. 

UI and Settings

  • ‘Turn off full screen when hit’ setting has been added. If this setting is turned off, the screen will not turn off in full screen state even if it is being attacked.
    • NPC conversation (including summoning black spirits)
    • Pearl Shop (F3)
    • Beauty (F4)
    • Dyeing (J)
    •  Knowledge (H)
    • World Map (M)
    •  Skill (K)
  • A sort function has been added to the list of alliance members.
    •  Select each title in the alliance member list to sort the list.
  •  Real-time key input display UI has been added so that you can see the input status of the Z and X keys.
  • When selecting an arrangement in the dwelling arrangement mode, the key guide mark has been added to be exposed.
  • A setting has been added to turn on/off the durability display for furniture with a buff effect in the residence and manor.
  • To improve the readability of Fugar’s cheers, the spacing has been corrected.
  •  AMD FSR function has been added to allow you to play Black Desert.
    •  FidelityFx Super Resolution (FSR) feature is an upscaling technology that extracts high frame rates and quality detail while maintaining the original resolution as much as possible.
    • This function works on some other graphics hardware other than AMD’s graphics hardware.
      [Learn more about AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution]
  • The function of Upscaling has been changed to use the AMD FidelityFx Super Resolution (FSR) function.
    • These settings can be set through the ESC menu – Game settings – Screen settings – Quality – Upscale or Game settings – Performance settings – Optimization – Upscale menu.

  • AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) FSR image and detailed text have been added to the copyright information of the ESC (New) menu – Game Information (F1) – Copyright (8) menu.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • The ‘Show Auto Sort’ phrase in the descriptions of loot combination items, quest combinations, summons, and key combinations has been improved to be more prominent.
  • [Guild] The monster cannon assembly set item has been changed so that it can only be installed in Oquilla’s Eye.
  • The world message has been changed to be displayed when acquiring the Spectre’s Energy item that can be obtained from the Ash Forest.

Monster Changes

  •  Released Gaktum prisoners have been modified so that they do not attack pets

Quest Changes

  •  The general quest ‘Be careful of your feet while on patrol’ in Calpheon area has been changed more naturally.

Backgrounds, NPCs, Effects, Cutscenes
  • The location of certain villager NPCs located around the Blue Mane Lion’s Manor has been changed.

Bug Fixes

  • The phenomenon that the exchange of yellow tulip blooming tulips and undergrown tulips from Norman Reit in Northern Wheat Farm was applied in reverse has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the highlight effect of the Dark Rift icon was exposed again when manipulating the Challenge and Knowledge icons even though the Dark Rift was checked through the icon in the lower right corner. 
  • The phenomenon that certain areas of Oquilua Sea were unnatural has been corrected. 
  • The phenomenon that the character was moved to an abnormal location in a specific area of ​​Serendia has been corrected.

Class Changes

All Classes – Class Reworks

Hello everyone, this is Black Desert Studio. Today, we would like to share with you the future plans and progress of the character reboot, which many people are curious about and are looking forward to.

First of all, as adventurers know, the character reboot is currently in progress and is being developed with the highest priority. The original plan was to complete the development and release all the characters, but we are going to change that direction and share the development process through the Black Desert Lab every week and receive feedback by providing an environment where you can play directly. Therefore, on September 2nd, the first update will be applied through the Black Desert Lab.

Many of you may be curious about the reboot order, but the first target character is going to be a warrior. This is because we decided to proceed in the order of the oldest character, and we want to keep this standard as much as possible, but the order may change depending on the situation.

In the case of applying the official server (live server), we aim to apply it at once after all target characters have been applied to the Black Desert Research Lab. Now that it’s a full-fledged start, I’ll leave many possibilities open and focus on moving forward quickly.

Lastly, I think you are most curious about how it will be improved.

First of all, we will review each skill, including succession and awakening, and adjust performance (attack range, attack speed, hit, etc.) as needed. Additional content is added depending on each character’s characteristics or current status.

In particular, in the case of Awakened Warrior, operation fatigue and difficulty due to too fast frame cancellation and frequent main weapon switching will be improved in a large frame, and in addition, we want to change even the limited performance in PvE focusing on knockdown and down attack. This is the direction, and we will guide you in detail along with the Warrior-related updates.

Character reboots are one of the hottest topics in Black Desert these days. We, too, are nervously working on the development to meet the expectations of adventurers. Let’s do it one by one.

Some people say, “Isn’t it trying to make all the characters strong?” The result of the reboot may not be perfect. Adventurers may not like it. However, we do not give up until the very end and try to make constant modifications in a way that will satisfy as many adventurers as possible. We ask for your support and reprimand.


  • When jumping while sprinting in a non-combat state, if you hold down the ↑ or Shift + ↑ keystroke, the movement will continue naturally. 
  • The movement speed when you stop sprinting in a non-combat state has been changed to match the character’s movement.


  •  The movement behavior of the Bolt skill has been improved.

For the bolt, we received a lot of feedback from adventurers. We are sorry to the sage adventurers who were hurt by the loss of so-called ‘coolness’ because there was no mention of it while further improving the motion and effects (T_T). Flash movement behavior has been improved with today’s update, and we’re making additional fine-tuning to make it look a little nicer. Therefore, when it is updated on the official server, please note that there is room for further changes compared to now.
  • Fixed the issue where the jump motion was not activated when the space bar was input without a weapon equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to maintain sprint without consuming stamina when left-clicking while sprinting without a weapon equipped.


  • Black Spirit’s Rage has been expanded to be used in Close Quarters: High Spirits, Close Quarters: Charge, and Ocean’s Allure skills.
    •  The skills (K) have been added to the skill (K) window: Black Spirit: Close Quarters: High Spirits, Black Spirit: Close Quarters: Charge, and Black Spirit: Ocean’s Allure
    • Each skill can be used as an additional key input depending on the situation when the Black Spirit’s Rage is 10%, 25%, or 50%, and more dynamic operation is possible. 
    • When using each skill, you can receive special effects such as adding the number of hits and increasing the casting speed.

  •  In the Skill (K) window, the bug in which the stun icon was not exposed to the Flow: Whirlpool skill has been fixed.

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