Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06

Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06

Jun 17 Tansie  
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The following is a quote from >this thread< by CM Tytyes:

Dear community,

we are aware that there were many open questions about our recent patch notes [link], so we wanted to take our time to discuss your feedback with our developers and ask them for their intentions behind their decisions. Below you will find a few explanations about their intention behind the recent changes and direction in general.


  • What was the intent behind changing the Processing feature ?

Our intention behind this change is to make Life contents more approachable for everyone. Since there will be much more Life content with bigger scales that needs a lot of raw materials coming up, we want our users to feel free to explore further and enjoy much more of our well-made in game content.

After much consideration, we came to the conclusion of removing the energy consuming from the processing skills. Those users who already invested a lot in processing skills can be dissatisfied with this change. But overall this action will let more users enjoy variety of Life contents in game.

Unlike the existing concerns of some users, this change will not cause dramatic price drops of processing items on the market. Also, we are always trying to prevent the price drops of existing items caused by any changes.

We are expecting this change will increase the needs of various mid-materials and will activate the other Life contents as a result.


  • Why did you change the Ghillie suit ?

Although this matter requires further discussion with DAUM EU, We could offer a refund for anybody who asks.

Since the red battle field and node/siege wars are the special and exclusive features in BDO that is different from the other ordinary fields in game, we concluded that knowing the identity of others at combat will set fair competitive environment and encourage players to enjoy war contents more.

Also in node and siege warfare situations, there is more chances of numerous players to battle in a small limited area and it would be more likely several Guilds’ war than one Guild vs another.

We concluded that hiding Name Tag will cause inconvenience in those case. This change will be applied to all countries after the discussion with each region’s publishers. For other open field activities including Guild War, Name Tag will NOT be displayed.


  • Can you develop a bit regarding the changes coming for every classes

Class Balance was carefully adjusted based on actual in game data of NONE Awakenings. We made much more of our effort to balance these None Awakening Classes since this is the essential stage that leads every user to the next level; The Awakenings.

Every each adjustment is relied on individuality of all classes and the relativeness in the goal of power equality. Some classes got buffs for combats while the others got buffs for convenience.

It may not be satisfying, but we are constantly making extra effort and always trying our best to keep the balance even. We are aware of how important this issue is and how difficult to reach this goal. Please continue observing how our effort is working out.


  • Are we going to receive a free skill reset with all those big changes ?

Actually we are currently in the process of developing a revamped skill system. The development time will require hopefully only a few weeks, however we see the necessity to offer a more flexible skill tree management.

That being said, as of June 17th, the following process will take place as preparation for the revamped skill system:

  • Following items will be removed and disabled temporarily for those who still hold them
    • Cash Shop/Loyalties
      • Partial Combat Skill Reset
      • All Combat Skill Reset
      • Awakened Skill Reset
  • Following items will be added to the Loyalties store; costs 1 Loyalties, can be purchased 3/day/family
    • All Combat Skill Reset
    • Awakened Skill Reset

※The previously sold version of the skill reset will be enabled again once the new system has been deployed, until then you can utilize the free version as much as you feel like to explore the possibilities and full potential of your class.
Once the revamped version has been deployed, the free skill reset items will be removed/disabled and the original versions from the cash shop re-enabled again! So please keep them for the future.


  • Monster Balance + Possible PvP Enable Quest lvl 50 ?

There are total 12 classes in BDO now and all of their awakenings will be added soon. Also we will constantly expend class variety in the future.

We’re trying our best to make every class unique and hope that more users would enjoy various experience with each classes.

So we concluded that lowering the leveling difficulty will boost up the speed for leveling characters which is suit for our intention that is to give players more variety in the class experience.

If a meaningful amount of users keep request, we are open to change the PvP Enable Quest to lv 50.


Best regards,

The BDO Team

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