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Japan Upcoming Skill Changes

These skill changes will take place on this weeks maintenance check on 30/09/2015. Wizard/Witch class will also be released this week! For more information on this update click here. Skill Changes Warrior Active Skill Thrust Battle Spear And change re-use […]

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16/09/2015 Translated Patch Notes (JP)

Hello, this is the black desert management team. Wednesday 16th September, we have introduced the newest patch “cries of Vu~orukusu”. This patch includes the implementation of new items, new NPC Maid and tier 8 horses. More information can be found below: [September 16 […]

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Valkyrie Class coming to Japan on 17th June!

Jun 12  Tansie  

Pmang has officially stated that the Valkyrie Class will be coming to Japan this following Wednesday (17th June). View the video below for the Valkyrie trailer. Source: http://blackdesert.pmang.jp/info/update/valkyrie_update/index

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