11/01/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

11/01/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Jan 11 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

Found below are the content update patch notes for the January 11, 2017 update. This update features new awakened boss scrolls in addition to other content. The patch file size will be 2.58 GB in total, the extra size is due to the inclusion of the Margoria pre-download content.

We understand some users may have slower connections or bandwidth limitations, we have opted to break the upcoming Magoria content into these smaller pre-download patches until its release. We’ll have more information on when that is in the following weeks so keep an eye on our announcements!

What is coming with the Margoria update? Find out here!


[ Updates ]

  • The Snowflake Costume was not intended to be removed and will be returning with next weeks maintenance to run for it’s normal limited time offer.

[ System ]

  • Pre-load of the upcoming Margoria content.

    • We have opted to deliver this in smaller content packages over the next few weeks to reduce the overall impact of such a large update.


  • Loyal Adventurers Event has begun.

    • Attendance rewards can begin being claimed from 1/12/2017 ~ 2/15/2017

      • There is currently a known issue where in-game it shows the event end date as 2/11/2017 instead of 2/15/2017. This is simply a visible issue by text and the actual event will end on 2/15. Please be advised of this issue.

    • Each attendance reward tabs have been adjusted to to better differentiate from the others. The new tabs are named Returning, Rookie, and Loyal.

  • Lavientia’s Event has returned!

    • The event will run from 1/11/2017 ~ 1/25/2017

    • Find more event information >Here<

  • The Elion’s Blessing Event has ended restoring the desert debuff to normal, make sure to bring your water and tea if you plan on adventuring in the desert!

  • Guild Activity Event reward has been distributed.

    • The rewards can be claimed through the in-game mail system.

    • [Individual] Being in a guild within the first 2 weeks after the New World update.

      • Reward: 5 Black Stone (Weapon), 5 Black Stone (Armor)

    • [Guild] Guild Skill XP distributed depending on the number of Guild Missions completed within the first month after the New World update:

      • [5 – 9 Missions] 2,000p

      • [10 – 19 Missions] 5,000p

      • [20 – 39 Missions] 10,000p

      • [40+ Missions] 20,000p



  • Accessories now move in a more natural manner to character movements during face customization.



Pearl Shop Update




  • Awakened Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Dim Tree Spirit, Hexe Marie, and Muskan have been added.

    • Daily scroll quests have been changed to give players an option to choose from either awakened scroll fragments or normal daily boss scrolls.

    • Awakened scrolls can be obtained by combining awakened scroll fragments in an  pattern specified on the fragment within your inventory.

    • The awakened scrolls summon a boss which has been adjusted for higher difficulty than normal scroll bosses with an increased chance of item drops.

    • These new bosses are very powerful and should only be attempted by players adequately prepared for this new challenge.

  • New Awakened Boss Scrolls and their related Awakened Boss Scroll Party Quests  have been added.


  • For fish knowledge that has not yet been gained, a hint has been added to the unknown knowledge when hovering over the question mark icon in the knowledge window.



  • Black Spirit’s Adventure button has been removed from the (ESC) menu.

  • The “PARKING” text which displays above your mount has been changed for better visibility. The text color has been changed from yellow to green and the size of the text has also been changed.



  • Imperial crafting and imperial fishing delivery CP count has been fixed.

  • Pearl items that have had much lower prices registering on the market place have been fixed to their normal market price.

  • A bug that was giving out more than one [Guild] Large Siege Tower from the Large Siege Tower Factory during sieges has been fixed and will no longer be possible.

Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/127134-patch-notes-january-11th/

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