Valencia Release Date and Server Merge!


Valencia Release Date and Server Merge!


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The MMORPG, a black desert.

Meet a wider world

Black desert are proud to announce that Valencia will be releasing this summer! To begin preparation for the new region we are going to be merging servers. We hope that this bring the community together as well as providing lots of new content.

Valencia grand opening will be during July 2015. We are currently aiming to begin updates and preparation on Tuesday, 14th July but this date may be subject to change.

For more Valencia screenshots, click here!


The world is a big place for a single adventurer so we have answered some questions for you to guide you through the updates.

Refer to the information below.

■ Black Desert World

Meet a wider world!

Character information is saved to your current server.

Character information will automatically be moved from the old servers to the new.

If you have multiple characters on each server (exceeding the character slot limit) your character with the most progress with be moved to the new server.

Existing server and character information will remain intact.

■ Release Schedule

We currently plan to begin the updates on Tuesday, 14th July.

Servers are going to need to expand to hold the new information, to do this we are going to merge servers into one big server.

All servers will be updated during July.

We will inform you, via notice, about server merge at a later date.


Q : What will happen to character information?

A:  The character information of all servers belong to a family and the character information is saved here.

If you have multiple characters on each server (exceeding the character slot limit) your character with the most progress with be moved to the new server.

Most of the game information will be saved. Unfortunately some information, such as node investments will be reset during the process.

We are trying our best to avoid any discomfort and inconvenience. Once Valencia is released we can begin to fully balance the game.

Q: Can I keep the same Stronghold as before?

A: Stronghold information will be reset during the process. We will infrom you, via notice, about our base schedule at a later date.

Q: What will happen to Pearl Store Items?

A: All Pearl Store Items that have been purchased will be refunded into your Daum Cash balance. Subscription related items cannot be refunded due to terms of use and operation of the policy. Be prepared for them to be withdrawn.

July 2015, Black Desert Grand Opening!

Valencia is a great continent in Black Desert. There will be more content and new adventures in the world and we hope that this update bring the community together. Information related to server merge will be announced shortly. Once all the servers have been updated, Valencia will be released!

Your support towards Black Desert means a lot to us.

Thank you very much.

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