Valencia Part II Update

Valencia Part II Update

Dec 01 Tansie  
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Good morning adventurers!

In December 2015 we will be bringing lots of exciting changes to the world of Black Desert (Valencia continent only). These include: PvP system, new towns, trading, new resources, dungeons, elite monsters, and annex system.Refer to the information below for more detail.

◈ PvP in Valencia


 ”Yes Resident Evil King Djoser of the Valencia company has tried to combat this criminal naenwat a new alternative is the kkeulja in Valencia.

 Only Ginny national power difficult to control the introduction of outlaws and bounty hunters Islands,

 Creating a tension that suggests a new request for an adventurer. “



PK system applies in Valencia only. The existing system remains in all other regions (North ballet/Serendia/Calpheon/Media).

Valencia guards will not attack low karma players.

Karma penalties have been significantly reduced. No additional penalties such as weapon enchant degrading or socket loss on death. However, you will still lose EXP.

New Jail system: low karma players will be sent to jail on death. Jail time increases depending on the amount of people you’ve killed in a certain period of time. You can reduce prison time by sulfur mining in the camp. You can also escape from the jail.

Players with positive karma can earn ‘Seal of the Bounty Hunters’ by killing low karma players and sending them to the jail. Additional benefits can be achieved with positive karma.

<Lawless looting and never-ending fighting in Valencia>

◈  New Towns: Arequipa Village and Mui Kuhn



 ”Suggesting a fishing village along the Aare in a small harbor town mayor, led a two Dora

 Go out to the west of Valencia membrane metabolism, go down to the desert south of Khan projection is unfolding there.

 Palm forest, desert, let’s village between sea Arenas in Valencia occupy as many places to see the scenery while standing.

 Also the size of the marina are often quite large traders looking to trade routes enabled the trade. “



Two new towns will be opening: Arequipa Village and Mui Kuhn

Arequipa Village is located east of Valencia capitol.

It is a production town. NPCs gather from all over the region. Food and cooking is also really important and you can collect water from the palm trees to help with crafting.


<Panoramic view of the beautiful town of Arequipa Village>


 ”The vast land and wealth symbol, national power as was the darkness Considered the best in Valencia.

 Valencia’s hidden identity of the prince and four outlaws, called SERE Kayal will be revealed. “



Mui Kuhn is a town of outlaws.

Players with positive karma will be attacked by the guards at Mui Kuhn, while low karma players are welcome. NPCs will also offer various quests with various special rewards for outlaws.


<Outlaws of the town, Mui Kuhn>

◈  Valencia Trading


 ”In the conflict over the top of the press to new trade Ostrava Catania it was eventually occupied the two top five Schwerin.

 Ostrava after Amazonia, and the top is opened to new trade,

 The top of the other estates under their supervision was given to allow trading in Valencia.

 Top of Valle north and Serendipity Boutique, thanks to the media and other estates are you still harboring dreams of fortune Wander membrane metabolism.

 However, it should always care.  naejun ohbe children as California and New trade to Ostrava multiple knife sharpening,

 Flagrant offenders are also seeking to increase the top haeteunikkayo begins to boil. “


Valencia will have higher trade good benefits when delivering to or from the city. However, be aware that the new PK penalties will make trading between Valencia much more dangerous.


<Path to move to the top of the world map>

◈  New Resources


 ”Eli eonryeok 284 years, the third prince of Valencia manme a four Serre purity buried in the desert invented sichugi to find a high black stone.

 Beat dug into the desert oasis inde sichugi unexpectedly discovered that each blessing, time, dream oasis was named Paste. “


Guilds can now install resource units in the desert.

Installing the resource units will be used to obtain a new material called “Sichugi”. The material will be utilzed in many ways in the future. For example they will be necessary for sailing boats and trains.

It is important to refer to the World Map when installing the resource unit so that the distribution rate is high.

The resource unit may be damaged from time to time by sandstorms. If the unit becomes damaged you will need to visit the unit and perform maintenance.

Placement of the units are also very important because other guilds can destroy another guilds resource unit. You may need to defend your unit carefully.


<New resource unit>

◈  New Dungeons!



 ”Valencia’s ancient ruins and artifacts are buried en masse Heath triazole itself refers grow patron of ancient civilizations,

 The ancient giants of blindly worshiping community ahkeuman crowd rose from the deep and secret places of dreams.

 In addition, the reflection of outlaws and resentment mingled with the hail hitting the sulfur mine pillar attracts ku prison. “


Two new dungeons will be added: Ahkeuman Ruins and Historic Ruins.

The dungeons will be located underground and will reward adventurers with all kinds of rare and unique items.

Ahkeuman Ruins is a mysterious story of an ancient civilization known as the guardians.

Historic Ruins inherits the story of the old Hasra Ancient Ruins.


<Dream ahkeuman temple resurrection of the ancient giants>

Entering the dungeon will require a bit of luck. There is no entrance to either of the two dungeons. Instead you must locate the “sand swirling” with your party and will travel to the dungeons.

In addition, new dungeon monsters will be added. These monsters are powerful lava monsters and can also be found near the Sulfur Mines in the Valencia Prison.

Remember that these new monsters are extremely strong. We recommend hunting in a party or guild.


<The antiquities of Valencia buried ruins foreground Heath TRIA>

◈  Elite Monsters

New elite monsters have appeared in Valencia

Elite monsters will spawn randomly in the desert. They are very strong so we recommend having someone to help you.

There will also be Goblins which will spawn randomly. They are easier to kill and may drop rare artifacts. You can also catch them using taming ropes (Sugar Lumps are not required).

◈  Annex System

The Annex is used to communicate with other players and share your stories. You can buy tickets to the Annex, which will give you daily buffs and NPC merchants will also be available.

You can also tame baby elephants at the Annex using the NPC. Baby Elephants will act like your other mounts (horses and donkeys).

In addition, outlaws are welcome to stay and enjoy the services provided at the Annex.

Various new knowledge will be obtained by visiting each Annex.

<Baby Elephant>

* The above information may be changed during the actual game update these details, Valencia PART Ⅱ*

 We expect to release these updates gradually during December 2015. We hope you are excited and thank you for your encouragement in the Valencia PART Ⅱ update.

We hope that Black Desert is more enjoyable.

Thank you.


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