Tamer Weapon Awakening coming 18th February!

Tamer Weapon Awakening coming 18th February!

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2 2016 May 18 Thursday,
Tamer Weapon Awakening  ‘Sky Rod’  Update
Tamer is the true master of the Beast
I shall have the power to shake the sky!

Good morning, adventurers!


Many people are expecting the fifth Weapon Awakening in Black Desert and we are now proud to announce her arrival.


At the same time, the story behind the darling Tamer is a cruel one.

Follow her on her journey and unlock the skills and strength of the Tamer Weapon Awakening!

Translated Manually by BlackDesertFoundry.com

Thursday, 18th February 2016

Tamer is the true master of the Beast!


“Love of the princess, the power of the Divine thirst.”


The far east end, the huge birds of prey in the lush forests dosarineun Island,

So human feet are not touching the inside of a woman’s baby in your arms to do the moseom came.


She suffered severe injuries, forest to hide in the end, the baby accidentally thrashed the animals around the jinadeon.

At first I never did see was pure curiosity about that creature.

The beast was suddenly grown with other pups of their own heard in the infinite mind of the clear centrality Over time, more and more babies.


Through the years the baby grew up as a girl, he left the way of fresh moseom  hwisa His Divine,  heukrang looked back to the island with.

Fresh was returned to the unsuccessful search for a successor to moseom and relaxation.

Dunn grew up watching the girl without Then the beasts of the field and thought it odd difference, thrashed by his disciples.

Girl from childhood grew up with the beasts, soon served like a friend without regard to appearance of biting heukrang.

And it went quickly accepted the teachings of freshness.


The girl, not wild animals, to humans grew and began to wonder where it came from who you are.

But no one knows this about it. It leads a woman embraces his former one, this baby tribulation

It was only in the year moseom is entered. So the girl stepped to the teacher secretly human world.


This takes a few years, until the girl could know about his identity.

However, the result was not so welcome. There were themselves in the middle of a civil war yieojyeoon swirl around for a long time.

The half way up the kingdom declining royal family has suffered genocide.


One of the maids of the Queen took the newborn baby girl who was barely able to escape from the palace were 0 shares

It is forbidden to damage the tracker zone will moseom heard fold.


When I came back to find that all the girl moseom, he was already goten a bloody vibration.

Two liras due to the fact that the girl group went to the ears of the authorities blame the whole country went back hejipgo to reveal his identity.

Meanwhile, the girls pay for a teacher Hui’s death, and mourning, the more I realized you can not live in this country.

And I had to leave to distant places. And before you leave, Hui’s tomb was placed Walk ‘sky sealed’ she most cared about.


Around the foothills trying to escape, dark and shadow distance buseul one revealed the figure in front of a girl.

Heukrang mother left the cub was left in the world. But still a weak force cubs, the girl alone to withstand the journey than I thought eurira

Hit the road toward the west with cubs heukrang.


Trip to the West was not smooth. Cross drove their families and loved teacher hwisa death,

Also he stumbled with a black aura swirling hit the midst of a civil war. Parry died a few ferns come off

The girl recalled her childhood had whipped the horse Saga me.



“The true master of Beast. Now, we will follow the power to shake the sky.”






◈ Tamer Weapon Awakening Teaser Video

Tamer unfolds more powerful and deadly attacks against her enemies, using the Sky Rod and her Beast! Watch now!


※ There is a sneak peak of the Valkyrie weapon awakening at the end of the video. Do not miss out!



◈ Weapon Awakening Skills
The Sky Rod will give Tamer longer range and cause fatal damage on her enemies.
In addition, she will be able to deliver a more powerful attack to the enemy when using her Beast.
Skill breakdowns are as follows:

Rampant in Darling

Fast, powerful skill used to continuously attack enemies using the Sky Rod..

NEW WEAPONS everywhere

Capture the spirits of the four symbols (White Tiger, Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle) then a powerful attack in all directions will unfold.

Use this skill with Beast to cause damage in all directions.



Directions yeonhwan price

Deal damage to all enemies in close proximity to the Tamer. The high wind pressure will prevent the enemy from moving.

Use with Beast to float enemies in the air.

Partly tread

Strike down on your enemy from the sky. Can be used directly after using Sky Rod.

Accelerate across the sky towards your enemy, take advantage of the mobility skill.


Moonlight other

Use a surprise attack on your enemy. This skill is close range.

Beast: congestion

This skill is a buff that will give you extra damage for 1 minute.

After using Beast is de-summoned.


◈ Weapon Awakening Information
Weapon Awakening is only available once you reach level 56 or higher.
Meet in the Valais mountains north of the Epiphany. The king says that you must speak to a Beast to become the owner of the real Beast.
You may then proceed with the Awakening of the little princess and unfold your true strength.
Complete a total of 6 quests to unlock Weapon Awakening and claim your Sky Rod.
When you have completed all the quests, you will unlock your additional skills and Sky Rod. Remember to go back to the King to awaken your Beast and gain an additional reward.

<Weapon Awakening is available for level 56 or higher>
Thursday 18th February 2016 we will be releasing the Tamer Weapon Awakening “Sky Rod”.
Thank you adventurers, for you support and enthusiasm.
We hope to provide a pleasant and fun service for you.
Thank you.

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