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UI And Controls Guide

User Interface Click image above to enlarge Current character level and EXP % Skill points available and skill EXP %, Current Energy, Contribution points (left to right) Heatlh (HP) and Mana (MP/WP/SP) Current Black Spirit Rage % (unlocks after level […]

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Valencia Release Date – July 23rd!

Earlier today we received a GM notice about the upcoming release of Valencia! A date has now officially been set for 23/07/2015. The opening of the new zone is said to double the size of the current map and new, […]

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Screenshots of upcoming zone: Valencia

Although Valencia is set to be released in Summer 2015, we have a sneak peak of what the zone is going to look like! Click the gallery below to take a look at the amazing new region: Valencia. Update: Valencia […]

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