Suggestions/Feedback 2018

Suggestions/Feedback 2018

Mar 31 Tansie  
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I’ve put together a compilation of feedback/suggestions for the game. I’ve been extremely thorough and literally listed everything I can think of that could use some improvement. I’ll be updating this post with more feedback overtime as well as adding tags for any suggestions which have been implemented/resolved so you can keep up-to-date with the progress. There are also [HIGH PRIORITY] tags on some suggestions that I believe are either heavily requested, or deserve more attention.

Most suggestions were either gathered from reading the community feedback forums, reddit, or personal suggestions that I would like to see added to the game. Of course, you may not agree with every single suggestion on this list, but I think most of these are highly desired by the majority of the community.


  • Add more optimization settings to help combat lag and FPS issues, such as adding a setting to load a default appearance/preset for all other characters [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add an option to hide other player’s tents, similarly to the hide pets setting. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add options to turn off world map animations
    • The world map is too taxing on some computers, add an option to turn off it’s animations and provide a static clean map as an option for players. There is no need to have animated grass/trees/water.
  • Add more flexibility to the UI elements [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Let us move and resize the UI more freely – buff bar, minimap, stamina bar, horse HP bar, etc.
  • Add more filters to the storage/inventory
    • The current filters available are: filter trade items, filter for housing items
    • The current filter will make all other items black and white only and is completely useless for players with colour blindness 
    • Example image:
  • Show a cooking/alchemy utensil durability whilst it is being used
  • Show timers that tell the player how long their items will take to transport from one location to another 
  • Display your current knowledge grade of the monster next to it’s name/HP when you hit it 
  • Add a “miss” hit effect to show when we miss an attack on an opponent. You should be able to turn this option on/off in the settings.
  • Split the “hide player effects” setting into “hide enemy player effects” and “hide allied player effects” [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Show available lodging when talking to the Worker Manager
  • Add a bid phase to the horse market for courser/T7 – T9 horses, to stop bots from having an unfair advantage – it is almost impossible to bid on a horse unless you know the exact second it will go on the marketplace. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add a feature where players can type the command “/afk” in chat to place a [AFK] tag next to their name. If a player goes AFK (screensaver) the tag will also come up automatically as well. The AFK tag will also show on your friends list and guild member list by hovering over your name. Players can turn this off in their settings.
  • Add more skill cooldown slots [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Seperate the jump key from the skill action key. We should be able to rebind jump without it effecting our skills. Some classes have skills that use the “space” key a lot and with lag you can end up jumping and making yourself vulnerable. We should be able to rebind the key to jump, whilst keeping the skill as “space”.
  • The Special Deals window should not close by pressing “ESC” and should be part of the sticker UI, so that we can place it on our other screen and watch for items we want to purchase/dice.

Pearl/Loyalty Store

  • Remove ghuille suit item effect in Red Battlefield, Arsha Arena and any other controlled PvP environments [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Reduce the prices of loyalty store items, or include more ways to obtain loyalty (such as events, quests, more achievements, etc.) 
  • Add an option to hide/show the costume’s cape in the Pearl Store preview
  • Add daily or weekly sales/offers to cosmetic ONLY items and limited time costumes to increase sales [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add more items to the loyalty store such as: Family/Character Name coupons, more 7 day costumes/outfits, horse skill change coupons
  • Introduce a quest for new players that allows them to obtain 2-3 free pets at T1 (or with lower stats than a T1 pet). [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add more cosmetic items to the pearl store, such as ship costumes ( for Epheria Sailboat/Frigate), elephant costumes, camel costumes, horse costumes, pet cosmetics, more unique pet species, etc.
  • Players with the processing outfit should be able to process out of a container in their house. This would greatly reduce the amount of players stood around the storage keeper and improve FPS issues around these areas. [HIGH PRIORITY]

PVE Content/Life Skills

Horse Training/Racing

  • Add active ways to train your horse’s EXP, which is faster than just riding AFK.
    • Horse training and breeding is currently very tedious and not very profitable unless you are extremely lucky. A buff to horse training would be a good improvement that has been needed for a while.
    • This could be done by implementing a new mini-game or adding horse EXP coupons/scrolls to the current horse related content (imperial horse training, more horse training daily quests, etc.)
  • Horse skill change coupons should be obtainable in some other way than just the pearl store. Obtaining a T7/T8 courser is extremely hard unless you are willing to pay for the horse skill change coupons and you need a lot of them just to reroll one skill. Add skill change coupons into the loyalty store or obtainable in some other way such as Imperial Training Seals or Hunters Seals. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add more to the horse training skill to make your skill level actually mean/do something. 
  • Horse racing needs to be more profitable for the time spent doing it. It needs better rewards, such as horse skill change coupons to make it more popular. It is another unique feature which has been forgotten about due to it not being rewarding enough [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Horse racing should allow more time for other players to finish the race. Unless you have a horse with all the skills, you will not be able to finish the race and won’t get any rewards.
  • Have horse tier races fixed to certain channels so we can easily find a race we want to join. Eg.  Velia 2 could be for Tier 1 and 2 horses, Calpheon 2 could be for Tier 3 horses, Balenos 2 could be for Tier 4 horses, etc.
  • Add horse racing to the ESC menu to give it more visability [HIGH PRIORITY]


  • Rework harpoon fishing to make it more worthwhile. Currently it is completely overshadowed by hotspot/active fishing. It could be a really great feature/alternative for fishers if reworked. [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Perhaps keep the mini-game for harpoon fishing (or rework it to make it harder and more interactive)
    • Add harpoon hotspots or have fishing/harpoon hotspots shared.
    • Add more harpoons that can be crafted, enhanced and are repairable.
    • Change the fish we can catch to make it more profitable and worthwhile. Perhaps if you catch a fish with harpoon fishing, the fish is so big it acts like a tradepack and is very heavy. You can only catch one at a time, but the fish is worth a lot of silver.
  • Allow harpoon fishing on the Epheria Sailboat/Frigate, or perhaps create a new “fishing boat” we can craft like the Epheria boats, that will work alongside harpoon fishing. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add more meaning to the fish guide and something you can achieve by collecting all the different types of fish, similarily to how collecting high grade knowledge will give a passive item drop rate increase when you have a certain amount of points


  • Improve hunting by adding traps we can place and making it much more interactive/challenging. Especially at the earlier levels of hunting.
  • Continue to work on the musket animations and make them less clunky/stiff to use.


  • Add a red circle (like the pet hunger warning) around the farming icon when farms need to be pruned/harvested. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Introduce larger fences than the x10 slot farms. For example: 15 slots for 16CP and 20 slots for 22CP.
  • Add seed bundles to shorten the time it takes to tend to your farm.
    • Concept: Use 4 seeds and a new item from the material vendor to craft a seed bundle (using processing – manufacture). Seed bundles will take up 4 slots on a farm and will yield the same amount of crops as using 4 seeds. The disadvantage of using seed bundles is that you will not have as many chances to prune, meaning less chances of shards and less farming EXP. It will however, greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to tend to your farm. Seed bundles can possibly only be crafted if you have Professional Lv. 1 or higher in farming, giving you reason to level up the profession and something to unlock.
  • Add tree saplings to the farming profession to give players a more “afk” friendly way of obtaining logs and timber. Logs are always highly desired and often preordered on the marketplace due to the fact you can only obtain them actively.
    • Concept: Players can obtain saplings as a rare drop, by chopping down trees. If you chop down a Fir tree, you have a chance of obtaining a Fir tree sapling. You can plant these saplings on a farm, but they will use 4 – 6 slots on your farm, depending on the type of tree. Trees will take a long time to grow (8 – 12 hours perhaps), but will give you a high amount of logs and timber (perhaps around 100 logs, and 200 timber per tree- I’m not great with numbers and balance though, plus it really depends on how rare/obtainable these saplings would be). It will of course still be more efficient to gather the timber/logs yourself, but provides another option for farmers. Perhaps saplings can only drop or be used if you are high enough level in farming/gathering.
  • Add underwater farms to improve the farming profession and also put more underwater gathering materials on the marketplace.
    • Underwater gathering is really not designed well and needs to be looked into and improved. As an alternative, underwater farms could be added to the farming profession, which allows players to rent an underwater fence and place it in shallow water. Coral could be planted on the farms which has a chance to obtain rare/highly desired underwater gathering materials such as lobsters, shrimp, golden pearls etc. Underwater farms may only be used if you have higher farming skill, giving players a reason to level up the profession and something to unlock.

Sea/Margoria Content

  • Sailing EXP should be granted regardless of what body of water a player is in, and regardless of whether or not a player is autopathing, and the EXP received should be vastly increased [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Increase swim speed or include more items to improve swimming speed. These could be specific gems you can place in your boots, or a new craftable costume such as “diving gear” that will increase your swimming speed and breath. This effect should not stack with the pearl store diving costume.
  • Rework the swimming controls [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Swimming feels very clunky and I’ve heard this same feedback so many times, ever since Margoria was released a year ago. It has never been changed! The direction you swim in depends on the camera angle, so to swim upwards you have to look at the sky and can’t see anything around you. The movement controls when out of water is much better and different to when you are in water, which confusing the player.
    •  “E” should make the player dive down into the water, then use “SPACE” whilst underwater to raise to the surface, without changing the direction. “A” and “D” should also act the same way as when you are above water, by “strafing” to the sides, instead of the way it currently works, which is to rotate your character on the spot. 
  • Improve ship maneuvering [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Ships feel very robotic and stiff in movement. Rotating the ship is in block movements and it doesn’t gradually rotate. Stopping or starting the ship also takes seconds to react and it makes the movement of the ship feel very very stiff. They don’t feel like they glide over the water or are even in water. They don’t behave like a ship should.
    • When reversing the ship, the controls are not reversed either when they should be.
    • As well as this, the ships could be much more fun and interactive if they had more mechanics built around them. Players should need to anchor the ship, move the sails and lower/raise the sails to increase/decrease turn speed. As well, being in the crows nest should give you a vision advantage, such as being able to see further on the mini-map to spot sea monsters or players easier.
  • More ship customization, allow players to dye different parts of their ship
  • More sea content or incentive to go into the sea, perhaps with incentive for PVP at sea, so we can actually use our cannons
  • Improve underwater gathering by decreasing the respawn timer of underwater gathering nodes
  • Allow party members to control the ships of another party member
    • If the boat owner dies in an event such as Vell, the boat is stuck and cannot move. Party members, or perhaps just the leader of the party, should be able to drive another party member’s boat.


  • Increase the maximum amount of residences to 10.
  • Add more furniture and more variety of furniture that can be obtained in-game, through crafting or quests/rare drops.

PVP Content

Red Battlefield

  • I will mention it again, remove ghuilles from RBF [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add equalized RBF only gear and some channels which you can only enter when wearing the equalized gear.
  • Remove/fix fall damage when jumping down from the spawn
  • Add more maps with different sizes/themes, such as a desert map which is almost completely open.
  • Add more game modes and objectives. Some examples are King of the Hill, Controls Points and Capture the Flag. 
  • Add a statistic board to show how many kills/deaths and points all players have.
  • Introduce ranked leaderboards with seasons and rewards. This would be on certain channels only.
  • Allow players to reconnect to RBF within 3 minutes if they disconnected from the game during RBF.

Node Wars/Siege

  • Add more optimization for sieges. Lag/server issues are making sieges not fun at all [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Switch on default character templates so that we don’t have to load as many textures
    • Kick AFKers and spectators from node war channels (at the very very least stop spectators from being able to pop traps) or bring new dedicated channels just for siege/node wars
    • Remove pointless objects during this time, such as fences/trees/rock/grass/bushes to save server resources (like removing monsters)
  • Revoke the re spawn timer update (1 minute at start). [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Since its been implemented I’ve had node wars and sieges that haven’t lasted over 30 minutes. It’s no fun spending days preparing to get knocked out in 10 – 30 minutes. It just takes 1 wipe and you have no chance to recover.
  • Revoke the broken AP buff or at least remove it from PVP [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • The AP buff makes the gap in gear even worse and should be removed from PVP.
  • Nerf trina axes [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Directly Nerf their damage so that they are only useful for weak guilds. Make their damage equal to someone with around 470gs attacking with skills. They should not do more damage than someone with full soft cap gear (520+gs)
    • OR/AND make it so axes do not deal damage once the fort is 50% HP or lower. Make it so we have to take it down using skills once it reaches a certain point to stop TP plays and give people more time to recover.
  • Make it harder to defend a castle for long streaks. [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Make it actually harder for a guild to defend and hold the castle for weeks in a row. In both NA and EU the top guilds have held the castles for 20+ weeks and haven’t even been contested (until recently). This shows something is wrong and there needs to be more incentive to kick them out.
    • Introduce increased spawn timers for the longer they hold the castle (in a streak). For example 5 seconds could be added to the respawn timer for each week they hold the castle. This is applied from the very beginning of the siege and could stack up to 2 minutes, meaning that from the second siege starts, you have a 2 minute respawn timer and the attacking guilds have the odds in their favour. If a guild has not been kicked from the castle in 20+ weeks, then the attacking guilds clearly need something to help balance the odds.
    • Introduce an incentive for guilds to ally together and kick out someone who has held the castle for a long time. It’s hard to convince guilds to attack the castle if they don’t get anything from it (unless they win it in the end). An incentive could be introduced to make guilds naturally work together more. This could be done by giving all the attacking guilds an individual tax payout equivalent to 30 percent of the castle regions taxes, when a guild that has owned the castle for a 20+ week streak is defeated. The guild that takes over the castle would not recieve any extra payout, but the guilds that helped would recieve payout for their contribution.
  • “Bases” (aka your fort) should be much safer. Flame towers and hwachas need to be buffed in damage (percentage based damage please) so that they are actually a problem again and useful when defending your base. They shouldn’t be something you can just ignore.  You also should not be able to hit someone through the wall of your fort and you should feel more protected in your guild’s base. It should be a place you feel safe in and can regroup in without instantly dying to someone who is outside the walls. The base should actually be hard to take down as well and a wall shouldn’t take 20 seconds to be destroyed. [HIGH PRIORITY]


  • Give better rewards that at least cover the costs of villa buffs [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Kick and possibly replace players who go afk. If players get kicked they can’t join for 1 week (leave status). Militia can currently go afk and earn a rewards with no contribution to the war. They are taking up a slot of someone who actually wants to join the war, and getting rewarded for it. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Militia members should not be able to interact with the gate to cause grief [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add kill/death counts for Militia and rewards for performing well. Such as titles similar to “Stormtrooper” which you can only get by joining the Militia.

Karma System/OWPVP

I think everyone knows I hate the current karma system and would like it to be completely reworked. These are suggestions to improve the karma system we currently have though. Here is the link if you’d like to see my post about a karma system rework.
  • Remove karma loss from desert areas where the jail system is active. The jail system is enough punishment in these areas and you don’t need to lose karma as well. All it means is that players end up stuck in the desert trying to work off their karma because they are too scared to go outside of the desert where they have the harsh negative karma punishments. Either remove the karma loss from the desert, or change the jail system so that you only go to jail if you are negative karma. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Players should have to flag up to attack someone with negative karma. Negative karma players cannot defend themselves when trying to grind and get back to postive karma. They can be freely attacked and sometimes accidentally attacked. If they want to defend themselves, they have to flag up and lose more karma for killing someone. Change this so that players must flag up to hit someone with negative karma (but still won’t lose karma for attacking/killing them). This means that negative karma players can defend themselves freely, but if they choose to flag up and kill another person they will still lose karma for it. It also means that people can protect a negative karma player if they want to. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add housing (residences) to Muiquinn and develop the area more. It looks empty and is very underwhelming. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Make Muiquinn a “safe zone” for negative karma players. Right now it’s possible for positive karma to kill a negative karma player there, when it should be a safe place for negative karma players. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add more content and things to do whilst negative karma and make it a more viable playstyle.  [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Going negative karma completely restricts your gameplay because you cannot go out of the desert without high risk. This means that players can’t even participate in node wars because they can’t always safely get back to the desert afterwards.
    • Perhaps even allow players to “commit to being negative” by becoming a “criminals”. This would remove the current penalties completely (exp loss, gem loss, item degrade) but instead negative karma players who are “criminals” would always get sent to jail no matter where they are.
  • Add longer respawn timers or town only spawns for PVP deaths [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • Dying in PVP should be meaningful and shouldn’t take 30 seconds to get back because the spawn is too close. People are able to run back before a fight has even finished and it’s extremely annoying.
  • Remove jail system from the desert on Arsha PVP server [HIGH PRIORITY]


  • Add more life skill buffs to guilds, such as: cooking time reduction, alchemy time reduction, processing success rate, etc. There are lots of guilds that have all of the skills already, or simply don’t care about the more PVP orientated buffs.
  • Separate/reorganize guild missions into the following groups and let us filter them by: Combat, Fishing, Gathering, Trading, Bosses
  • Add a calendar or rework the guild history section of the guild information window. Officers should be able to edit the calendar to leave notes. This can be used to plan events such as: node wars/siege, boss scrolls, PVP events (tournaments), bootcamps etc.
  • Renew contracts across channels. Players should not have to be on the same channel to send/receive a guild contract.
  • Stop guilds from being able to swap to alt guilds [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • This can be abused by guilds to basically be in 2 guilds at once and take payouts from 2 guilds at once
    • Increase the guild swap timer to 7 days if you were in a guild that currently owns a region
  • All guilds should be ready for war and able to be declared on. [HIGH PRIORITY]
    • If someone wants the benefits of being in a guild (payout, buffs, etc.) then they should have to pay this price. 
    • All guilds should be able to be declared on again. At the very least, if they are above a certain size you should be able to declare on them.
    • As well, re-introduce the penalty for keeping up a war. If a guild doesn’t want the war (doesn’t declare back) then it should cost the guild that declared extra silver every hour/day that they keep up the war. This prevents guilds from keeping wars for a long time when the other guild doesn’t want a war.
  • Reduce the time it takes for a war declaration to begin. It should only take 5 minutes before the war starts. [HIGH PRIORITY]

Enhancing System

  • Make cron stones more viable. They cost way too much and are not worth it. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Add higher Advice of Valks (60, 80, 100, 120) to the blacksmith store. Players end up running out of characters to failstack on because failstacks are “locked” onto a character as soon as you go over 50. The only way to currently get rid of the failstacks is to waste them on a lower enhance so that you can failstack on that character again. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Allow Advice of Valks to be sold/bought from the marketplace. If the prices were balanced well, this could be a great way for some people to make profit (but still a gamble) and would make the enhancing process much less stressful for some players who hate failstacking.
  • Memory fragments should be exchangable with Hunter’s Seals [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Hard/Sharp shards should be exchangable with Hunter’s Seals [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Ancient Relic Scrolls/Pila Fe Scrolls should be able to be combined to create an “Awakened” Ancient Relic Scroll/Pila Fe Scroll. This would work similarly to the daily special scrolls (e.g. Awakened Bheg Summon Scroll). For example, you can combine x5 of the Pila Fe Scrolls to create a new scroll which drops around the same amount of memory fragments/hunters seals/blackstones as doing x5 of the regular Pila Fe scrolls. This would speed up the process of doing the scrolls, which is boring and tedious. [HIGH PRIORITY]


  • Add more incentive to grind together in a party
  • Improve the follow feature when in a party. It has never worked properly.
  • Allow Steam Players the option to gift the game to obtain the Hedgehog/Polar Bear pet. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Players have been asking for marriage between players for a long time. I personally don’t really care either way but this is a heavily desired suggestion that has been discussed before and then quickly forgotten about again.
  • Add more social actions and actions that other players can “join”, such as dancing.
  • Remove pointless chat/interaction with NPCs or move/seperate NPCs, especially around important NPCs such as storage keepers. There is too much clutter around these areas already [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Allow us to interact/talk to an NPC using the “C” key when on a mount. 
  • Rework/buff mounted combat to make it more viable again. It was a unique part of the game which has been forgotten about and really should get more attention.
  • Mounts/ships which are left unattended in a safe zone for a certain period of time (15 minutes), should automatically be checked into the stable keeper/wharf manager at that safe zone. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • Change the walk function and animation. Again, this is another issue which has been around for a long time and has still not been noticed or has been forgotten. The walking function should have a toggle button, which can be changed/assigned to any other key. [HIGH PRIORITY]
  • 2 step verification should have a “Remember this Device/Computer” option. 

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