PM Interview – Valencia date teased, Ninja/Kunoichi delayed!

PM Interview – Valencia date teased, Ninja/Kunoichi delayed!

Apr 24 Tansie  
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Recently PM Belsazar had an interesting interview with Dualshockers and answered some of the communities burning questions about future content and more.

Here is a brief description of what we now know from the interview:

  • The Ninja and Kunoichi classes will not be released in May as we orginally expected. They have been delayed “a little bit” because the developers at Pearl Abyss aren’t happy about the current class balance and would like to rebalance beforehand.
  • Valencia Part I is planned to be released in June. The full Valencia expansion will be introduced gradually, just like in Korea. You can check out our surviving the desert guide to prepare for the release and see what is in store!
  • Enchanting from +16 to +20 is going to be rebalanced so that the gap between them isn’t as extreme as in Korea.
  • There are plans to release as many awakening weapons as possible at the same time. This may not be possible for some classes (such as Wizard and Witch) because they are still unavailable in Korea. All other classes are planned to have their awakening weapons released simultaneously.
  • The PM confirmed that there is in fact an RNG element to the stats gained when a character levels up. PM Belsazar admitted that Pearl Abyss did not actually share this information with Daum EU. They are currently discussing addressing this later down the line but at the moment there are other areas that need to be balanced first.
  • Currently in Korea, there is a costume competition/event, allowing players to send in their own designs. The PM intends to push for similar contests in the EU/NA version as well.
  • The western version is gradually catching up to the Korean version, eventually, the time gap between the two, in terms of content, should be around three to four months.
  • The new Dark Elf class was recently teased, along with many other plans, the PM currently doesn’t know if the class will be exclusively female, or if it will have a male counterpart. However, his opinion is that if a male version is currently being considered, it is most likely it will have slight differences in gameplay, such as the Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi classes.

You can check out the full interview below:

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