Ninja and Kunoichi Release Date Announced!

Ninja and Kunoichi Release Date Announced!

Jul 12 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,


We know many of you have been eagerly waiting, the time has come for the veil to drop and from the shadows emerges the highly anticipated Ninja and Kunoichi classes! You can finally satisfy that urge to rapidly dash through the battlefield, dispatching enemies with deadly precise strikes, before vanishing into thin air leaving your opponents in a confused daze.


You will be able to begin slicing your way to the top on July 20th 2016 after the conclusion of the server maintenance. Included below for those of you who may have just recently joined us or need a quick refresher is a brief description of each classes play style.





The Ninja is an agile close-quarters combatant. With dashes, aerial skills, and even teleportation, Ninjas can get up close to their opponents alarmingly fast. Designed to land precise, deadly strikes, both the Ninja and Kunoichi can conceal themselves until the time is right. When in a tight spot, Ninjas can also make use of stun and debuff techniques to regain the upper hand.



The Kunoichi fights in much the same style as the Ninja but specializes in deflecting attacks with her trusty Kunai. A defensive force to be reckoned with, the Kunoichi uses her sharp senses to execute perfectly timed blocks before landing devastating counterattacks.

We’re looking forward to seeing the many unique character designs and interesting strategies players employ with the introduction of these new classes. Be sure to stop by the class forums to partake in discussions with fellow players on which one you intend to play.



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