Global Lab Updates – 8th July 2022

Global Lab Updates – 8th July 2022

Jul 08 Tansie  
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Lost Paradise Questline

※ The Lost Paradise quest cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab and will be updated on the official server.
  • Aucklein of Serendia Shrine is asking for help from adventurers to find out the truth of the rumors about ‘Paradise of the Winds’.
    • If you have the knowledge of Serendia Temple or Delphinio, you can proceed with the ‘[Lost Paradise]’ quest in the Black Spirit (/) event menu.
    • If you proceed with the quest as a Drakania character, you can read some of the proverbs engraved on the thunderbolt traces of Serendia Temple.
    • You can acquire the title upon completing the final quest ‘Unforgettable’

Find My Items Function

As various classes appeared and new areas expanded, the world of Black Desert expanded. In order to make it easier to track adventurer’s items scattered here and there, a ‘Find My Item’ function has been added.

This function allows you to search and find items all at once across your entire family, such as the warehouse, the central market warehouse, the character inventory, and equipped items.

We hope that it will be easier to prepare for an adventure as it is easily accessible through the ESC menu and the search button in the warehouse.

  •  The Find My Item function has been added.
    • Through the Find My Item function, you can conveniently search for items and silver coins stored in the equipment, central market, warehouses, and inventory of characters in your family at once.
    • This function is Menu (ESC) – Character (F2) – Find My Items or the Search function in the warehouse .


  • If you search for ‘Silver Coins’ in Find My Items, you can check all the silver coins your family owns.


  • A button has been added that allows you to directly access the character while viewing other characters’ equipment/bags.

Season Servers

※ Season – Drakania details cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab, but will be applied to the official server.

  •  Season – Drakania is scheduled to end on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.
    • All season characters that have not been converted to regular characters will be converted to regular characters during maintenance on 7/13 (Thu).
    • If you are automatically converted to a normal character without completing the quests ‘[Season Server Completion] At the Crossroads of Choice’ or ‘[Season Server Completion] Into a Wider, Wilder World’ You will receive a gift box with this in it and a message of support from Fugar.
    • All ongoing season-related quests will be removed from the quest list.
    • For seasonal Tuvala equipment that has not been converted to regular equipment, the equipment with the highest enhancement level for each part is automatically converted to regular equipment, and the remaining equipment will be deleted.
      • Ex) If you have both the season PEN (V) Tuvala helmet and PRI (I) Tuvala helmet at the same time, the PEN (V) Tuvala equipment will be converted to general equipment and the PRI (I) Tuvala equipment will be deleted.
    • Season-related items (time-filled black stone, refined magical black stone, Tuvala ore, Tuvala conversion stone, unconverted Tuvala equipment, etc.) will be deleted.


Farming Lifeskill QoL – Stacked Seed Bundles

  • Seed merchants have decided to additionally sell seed bundles of various seeds in units of 5, 10, or 20.
    • If you use the Seed Bundle, you can obtain the corresponding amount of seeds.
    • Seeds with 5, 10, and 20 seed bundles added are as follows.

※ Seed bundles can be stacked and stored in a bag.

Seed Bundle (5 / 10 / 20)
Bundles of Withered Wheat Seeds
Bundle of Withered Grape Seeds
Bundle of Withered Dawngrass Seeds
Bundle of Withered Acacia Seeds
Polished Seed Bundles
Bunch of Dried Twisted Seeds
Seeds wrapped in shells
small white seeds
Bundle of Crunchy Seeds
Glitter Seeds Bundle
Distorted Seed Bundles
Pack of Sakkaman Seeds
Pepper Seed Bundles
Garlic Seed Bundles
Onion Seed Bundles
Strawberry Seed Bundles
Chili Seed Bundles
Pumpkin Seeds Bundles
Carrot Seed Bundles
Grape Seed Bundles
Sunflower Seed Bundles
Olive Seed Bundles
huge seed pack
Half Moon Seed Bundles
  •  The following vendors sell seeds in bundles.
location Seed Vendor Name
Valencia Salebin
Heidel hunt
Calpheon beautiful
Altinova Irvine
loggia farm camellia loggia
delhimore plantation kyla
Yulas Citron Farm in Maslan furari

Gathering Lifeskill – New Loot

Added an opportunity to get more loot through gathering activities.
First of all, you can get an additional ‘Fairy Breath’ as ​​a gathering loot, which can be exchanged for contribution experience and gathering experience like a by-product of cooking or alchemy, or for a hard, sharp black crystal fragment.
You can also get buried chests while gathering, and opening them with a gold key gives you a chance to get extra loot.
※ The fairy’s breath and buried traces cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab and will be updated on the official server.  
  •  Items have been added to obtain ‘Fairy’s Breath’ from logging, tanning, sap collection, hoeing, mining, water collection, etc.
    • You can exchange the Dali Sign in each town for one of the following items with 10 Fairy Breath.
Dalisign Exchange List
– 10 Fairy Breath: 1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard
– 10 Fairy Breath: 2 Hard Black Crystal Shards
– 10 Fairy Breath: Contribution EXP 900 + Gathering EXP 30

  • There is a low probability of finding buried traces during logging, tanning, sap collection, hoeing, and mining.
    • If you find this trace and mine the nearby land, a unique box will appear.
    • The box can only be opened with a gold key, and when you open the box, you can obtain the items below according to the specified probability.
Items that can be obtained from the box
Fixed probability to obtain 1 of the following (requires gold key)
– 5-7 sharp black crystal shards
– 10-15 hard black crystal shards
– 5-20 Ancient Spirit Dust
– 5~10 fruits of red salt
– 5~10 Fruits of Abundance
– 5~10 natural fruits
– 5~10 Sun Fruits
– 5~10 Fruits of Enchantment
– 5-10 Magical Fruits
– 5~10 Fruits of Integrity
– 5-10 Fruits of Destruction
  •  According to the update above, the gold key has been changed to an item that can be registered on the central market.
  • The ‘silver key’ registered on the central market on the official server before the Black Desert Research Lab update notice was canceled.

Church Buff Changes

Oh right!! gold exchange!!
Gold Bar buff has been improved once through the last update. Even at this time, the fact that the part that had to be handed over had the
meaning of consecrating a symbolic object and receiving a blessing.

In this update, we have changed so that adventurers can receive blessings directly with silver coins so that they can use it more conveniently.

But… now what kind of buff should I call this?

Old gold exchange buff? silver buff? We look forward to your sensible ideas from adventurers.

  • The items required to give gold bars to NPCs through exchange and receive the 120-minute buff effect have been changed.
    • The items required to receive the attack / defense / experience buff effect have been changed as follows.

※ The unit (,) notation will be applied when the official server is updated.

Before Change After Change
3 x gold bars 10G 3,000,000 silver coins


※ Buff effects and NPCs that can receive buffs are the same as before.

Buff effects
classification effect
attack All Attack Power +8, All Accuracy +8
defense All Damage Reduction +8, Max HP +150
experience Combat EXP gain +15%, Skill EXP gain +15%
Buff NPCs
location NPC
Velia Ottavio Ferre
Heidel Arsene
Calpheon Leona
Grana Merindola
Valencia Nerasabi Alom
Duvencrune altar
Altinova Siegmond
Odraxia Kindir
Mountain of Eternal Winter Munch Cheg

Treasure Event

  •  From July 6th to July 20th, ‘Now is your chance to acquire treasure!’ The list of hunting grounds for the Treasure Item Acquisition Addition Event has been changed as follows.
    • During the event, you can obtain the Ron’s Tintinnabulum and Tranquil Tinniolum from additional Hunting Grounds: Crescent Temple (new) , Sycraia Undersea Ruins (upper floor), Forest Ronaros
    • During the event, you can obtain the Unknown Map Piece from additional Hunting Grounds: Waragon Nest (new) , Basilisks Den, Pila Ku Jail

Monster Tracking Improvements

The monster tracking function can be used to acquire ‘knowledge’, but it can also be used differently depending on the type of play or purpose. However, there was a disappointment that it is currently classified only as a single/subject, but this has been improved and changed so that you can set up to 20 directly. I wish it was a little more useful.
  • The following changes have been applied to the monster tracking function in the Knowledge (H) window.
    • Fixed the issue where tracking was not displayed on the minimap even when some ecological knowledge monsters such as Kuku Bird were in tracking state
    • Improvements have been made so that up to 20 ecological knowledge tracking can be set in the knowledge UI. (Single tracking and topic tracking are also available.)
    • ※ TIP: If you select an ecological knowledge classification or monster in the Knowledge (H) window and click the ‘Track’ button, the corresponding monster will be highlighted on the mini map.


  • The quest line for ‘Nurio’s Dream’ has been improved more naturally.
  • During the Balenos main quest, the phenomenon in which Tacross’s appearance and dialogue scenes looked awkward in certain situations has been corrected.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest ‘[Maple] Token of the Secret Guard’ was completed, but the quest ‘[Maple] Token of the Secret Guard’ was displayed in the quest list window has been fixed.


※ The following knowledge changes cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab and will be updated on the official server.
  • The name of the Helm Chief Knowledge has been changed to the Helm Chief Steel Nux, and the phenomenon that the image is not exposed has been corrected.
  • The image of Kraten Knowledge has been improved to be the same as that of Kraten.


Terrain Improvements

Together with the world’s major hunting grounds, we want to improve the terrain of the general area. Today, we improved the structures under our feet at the Orc Camp (especially including Marni’s closet), as well as the Red Wolf Village and Troll Habitat. Please note that this update is not intended to be completed all at once, and we will continue to make changes to areas that ‘greatly impede movement’ in the entire region, including Kamasylvia.  
  •  Some background elements that interfered with character movement in various areas have been improved.
    • Orc Camp


    •  Ancient Stone Chamber

▲ You can now move while riding a horse.


    • Red Wolf Village


    • Quint Hill

Quest/Knowledge Changes

  •  Small stories are heard from all over the Black Desert continent.
    • There is a man in Velia who wants to confess his feelings.
    • The Norman Rate of Northern Wheat Farm is suspicious of a certain man because the grain is empty recently
    • It seems that Zelpinis, an armor merchant in Florin Village, wakes up to the sounds of the mountains every night.
    • It is said that Shakatu from Altinova Arena has called a clown to set the mood.
  •  A series of quests for ‘training to become a [companion] captain’ has been added to learn how to train the 5th generation of companion animals.
    • This quest can be received from Obi Velen NPC, and ‘[Pet] I need a Captain!’ You can proceed after completing the quest.
    • You can check the quest in the recommended quest list.
    • ※ If you cannot see the quest, you can proceed with the quest after activating [Life] in the quest type.
  •  It has been improved so that you can receive the ‘Brighter Shining: Narc’s Earring’ and ‘Brighter Shining: Tungrad Earrings’ quests from Guild Manager Jetina of the Old Moon, even when you have the improved earrings.
  • The awkward dialogue of the following small story has been improved.
    • Dustin, the blacksmith on Waita Island, has recently been disturbed by noises coming from inside the island.
  •  The dialogue button guide for Serizard NPC, who can accept the Dalgoo Elephant quest, has been improved.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • Among the descriptions of the following items, the descriptions of where to use, where to acquire, and where to request quests have been improved to be more clear.
    • Fairy’s Blessing, Valks’ Cry, Fugar’s Memorandum Chapter 1, Chapter 1: Adventurer’s Note


  •  The following changes have been made to the components of the Mystery Barter Supply Box.
    • Linen: 300 can be obtained → 1500 can be obtained
    • Ash Wood Plank: Can obtain 600 pieces → Can obtain 1500 pieces

UI Changes

  • The following changes have been applied to the pad mode dedicated UI.
    • Changed so that a confirmation message is displayed when receiving a guild captain’s delegation.
    • Fixed the issue where the key guide that appeared during the cutscene was displayed awkwardly.
  • The selection area has been expanded to make it easier to use the ‘Hide bases that have been exchanged’ function in the barter window.
  • A guide text that is displayed when there is no aggregated ranking in the field ranking has been added.
  • A description has been added that is displayed on the vehicle icon when there are no vehicles removed.

System Changes

  •  Server optimization related to monsters has been progressed.
  • Optimizations have been made for moving while riding on a horse, auto-moving, and using movement skills.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound effect when the pet was taken out was playing even when all pets were left when loading was finished.

Bug Fixes

  • The phenomenon in which Nouver’s sand wind effect with blood wind appeared to remain in certain situations has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the icon of the castle gate before the occupation of the world map (M) was displayed in a different place when the world map was opened in a place far from the area before the occupation has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon of being able to get out of Marni’s Secret Room in Orc Camp has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the effect of [Shai] PEN (V) Black Star Florang was not displayed when the game option quality was low has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the effect was displayed awkwardly when using the [Corsair]  Prime: Romantic Swimming skill.
  • A typo in the interactive dialogue displayed when exchanging Black Star and God-Eyed weapons has been corrected.
  • The typo in the quest ‘A man who will be remembered forever’ has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that sometimes text overlap occurred in the quest acceptance and completion notification widget has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that green fresh water was indicated as golden fresh water in the item description of Eltor prayer has been corrected.

Class Changes

All Classes

  •  Improvements have been made so that the character’s expression is displayed naturally in the non-combat, combat standby, and defensive postures.
    • Warrior, Valkyrie, Ranger, Witch, Kunoichi, Mystic, Archer, Nova


  • Evasion II ~ III
    • Improvements have been made so that the ‘invincible effect at the start of the skill’ is applied when used left or right.



  • Yoke of Ordeal I ~ III
    • The description of the attack range of the skill has been modified to be the same as the actual effect.
      • * 1 hit damage: 826% / 1099% / 1339% x 1, up to 6 hits
      • * 2 hit damage: 826% / 1099% / 1339% x 1, up to 6 hits
  •  Flow: Gorr Roll
    • The description of the attack range of the skill has been modified to be the same as the actual effect.
      • * Hit damage 765% x 1, up to 12 hits



  • Marked Bloom
    • The phenomenon that when using a skill on a monster during the cooldown period, it was applied as ‘normal damage’ rather than ‘arrow damage’ has been fixed.




Today’s update brings changes to the PvP of the Succession Hashashin. The point is to strengthen the unique characteristics and individuality of the succession.
First of all, PvP play in the form of Hashashin using sand tornado is strengthened. <Successsion: Hourglass of Defiance> has been added, and now, when <Arid Assault> is used, the memory is automatically saved to that location, and you can return to that location at any time by pressing the F key. (Of course, the form of directly storing memories is maintained as before) Also, when returning, <Rupture>’s explosive attack is activated, which can be used for a threatening purpose. Sand tornadoes can be created that can cause confusion.

There are also some changes to defense skills and effects.
First of all, the front guard effect before the attack of <Prime: Dune Slash> has been removed, and the front guard effect before attack has been added to the more used <Prime: Aal’s Dominion>. In <Quicksand>, the knockdown effect on the last hit is changed to monster-only, but super armor is now applied to <Piercing Tornado> while using the skill to allow a more stable entry. Alos, the stiffening effect has been removed from <Chosen Blade> and super armor is now added, so that a more stable combo can be continued.

Finally, the amount of damage dealt and the amount of damage taken have been changed.
First of all, the lower range has the lowest average damage ratio when being hit by other classes. Therefore, the higher level of equipment, the stronger the evasion rate increase buff and the evasion passive becomes, so we were very careful about increasing the attack power or accuracy. However, there are a lot of opinions about the upgrade as an aggressive aspect from many of the adventurers, so we decided to adjust the related parts. As a result, as described above, instead of increasing utility and stability using sand tornado, and increasing the PvP damage of major skills, the damage ratio received by the lower range from other classes increased by about 3.25% on average.

The PvP damage ratio for each class in Adventurer’s Guide – Damage Ratio by Class

  • Hourglass of Defiance I ~ III
    • Cooldown time has been changed: 30 sec/30 sec/30 sec → 30 sec/27 sec/25 sec
  • (New Skill) Succession: Hourglass of Defiance
    • Skill has been added.

    • * When you return to the hourglass position while the Hourglass of Defiance is active, the explosion attack of the Rupture skill will be triggered at the returned location.
    • * When using the Succession: Arid Assault, it moves after the Hourglass of Defiance skill is activated at the location where the skill was used.

  •  Succession: Arid Assault
    • Changed so that a sand cyclone appears before the attack.
  • Prime: Purge
    • Strike range and PvP damage reduction rate have been changed.
      • * Hit damage: 1207% / 1407% / 1609% x 1, up to 6 hits → 1207% / 1407% / 1609% x 6
      • * PvP damage reduction rate: 62.3% → 54.4%
  • Hourglass of Death
    • The landing motion has been changed to be more natural than before.
    • Strike range and PvP damage reduction rate have been changed.
      • * Hit Damage: 382% / 522% / 662% / 802% / 942% / 1082% x 1, up to 5 hits → 382% / 522% / 662% / 802% / 942% / 1082% x 5
      • * PvP damage reduction rate: 50% → 35%
  • (New Skill) Succession: Hourglass of Death
    • Skill has been added.

※ A phenomenon has been confirmed where the PvP damage ratio of Succession: Hourglass of Death is written as 65% at the Black Desert Research Lab. It will be fixed when the official server is updated.

  • Haladie Throw
    • Throwing speed has been slightly increased.


  •  Prime: Dune Slash
    • The front guard effect before attack disappears, and the front guard effect before attack has been added to Prime: Aal’s Dominion skill.
  • Aal’s Dominion
    • Changed so that the 2nd level of skill addon effect is applied.
  • Prime: Aal’s Dominion
    • Front guard effect before attack has been added.


  • Quicksand
    • The knockdown effect has been changed to apply only to monsters when the last hit is successful, and the Super Armor effect has been added to the Piercing Tornado skill while using the skill.
  • Piercing Tornado
    • Super Armor effect has been added while using skills.


  • Prime: Chosen Blade
    • The stiffness effect before hitting disappears, and the super armor effect is added until the last hit.


  • Dominion Slash
    • Added 25% Critical Chance effect that only applies to players.
    • PvP damage reduction rate has been changed.
      • * PvP damage reduction rate: 64% → 55%
  • Prophesy Blade
    • PvP damage reduction rate has been changed.
      • * PvP damage reduction rate: 54% → 45%
  • Mirage Assault
    • PvP damage reduction rate has been changed.
      • * PvP damage reduction rate: 63% → 44.5%
  • Prime: Ridge Reaver
    • PvP damage reduction rate has been changed.
      • * PvP damage reduction rate: 53.3% → 43.5%
  • Pilgrim of the Sands I ~ XX
    • The overall effect of the skill has been changed.
      • * All attack power increase +12, all evasion rate increase +10% → All attack power increase +20, attack speed increase +7%
  • Sand Warp
    • The buff effect has been changed.
      • * Increases all evasion rate by 6% for 10 seconds when using a skill → Increases all evasion rate by 9% for 10 seconds when using a skill


  •  During PvP, the damage received from other classes has been increased by an average of 3.25%.
    • Damage received from Warriors increased by 1.62%. (102.28% → 103.9%)
    • Damage taken from Sorcerers has been increased by 1.63%. (99.03% → 100.66%)
    • Damage received from Rangers has been increased by 9.74%. (87.67% → 97.41%)
    • Damage received from Berserkers increased by 1.62%. (105.53% → 107.15%
    • Damage received from Musas increased by 2.43%. (96.60% → 99.03%)
    • Damage received from Maehwas has increased by 4.06%. (96.60% → 100.66%)
    • Damage received from Valkyries has been increased by 4.06%. (90.91% → 94.97%)
    • Damage received from Witches has been increased by 11.36%. (84.42% → 95.78%)
    • Damage received from Wizards has been increased by 11.36%. (84.42% → 95.78%)
    • Damage taken from Kunoichis increased by 4.06%. (94.16% → 98.22%)
    • Damage taken from Ninjas has been increased by 2.43%. (97.41% → 99.84%)
    • Damage received from Dark Knights has been increased by 5.68%. (82.80% → 88.48%)
    • Damage taken from Strikers increased by 4.06%. (98.22% → 102.28%)
    • Damage received from Mystics increased by 4.06%. (97.41% → 101.47%)
    • Damage received from Lahns has been increased by 1.62%. (98.22% → 99.84%)
    • Damage received from Archers has been increased by 4.87%. (92.54% → 97.41%)
    • Damage received from Sages has been increased by 2.98%. (99.30% → 102.28%)


※ The skill effect of the Black Desert Research Lab may be modified or changed when the official server is updated.

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