Global Lab Updates – 7th May 2021

Global Lab Updates – 7th May 2021

May 07 Tansie  
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New Enroachment Barrier

  • Encroachment barrier content has been added.
    • The god of despair, Hadum, reached out to the evil spirit of Serendia Temple, the shrine of Kzarka. The evil god, Kzarka, attempts to resist Hadum’s influence. In response, Ahib Regenty, located in the basement of Glish Village, begins recruiting great adventurers who will put the Kzarka to sleep, and break the encroaching barrier that has bound Kzarka.
    • The barrier of encroachment that Hadum placed in order to bind Kzarka does not allow the rift, so only 3 people can participate in the liberation of Kzarka. However, if the barrier of encroachment is further strengthened, you will have to take the courage to participate alone.
    • Kzarka, who resists Hadum, uses a very powerful and terrifying skill, but his health is very low.
    • Encroachment Barrier can be progressed through weekly quests on the Elvia server, and is classified into five stages. You can challenge step by step from the first level, and 3 people can work together at the beginning, but the last 4-5 steps must be challenged by yourself.
    • There is a 7 minute time limit for all challenges. You must defeat it within 7 minutes to get the reward.

※ However, please understand that this content cannot be played in Black Desert Lab until the official server update.

Encroachment Barrier Reward
Stage 1 Kzarka’s Latent Aura  x10
Cron Stones x50
Step 2 Kzarka’s Latent Aura  x10
Ancient Spirit Powder x250
Step 3 Kzarka’s Latent Aura  x10
All defense +1 (family applied, permanent)
Step 4 Kzarka’s Latent Aura  x10
Ancient Spirit Powder x250
Max HP +20 (family applied, permanent)
Step 5 Kzarka’s Latent Aura  x10
All Attack Power +1 (family applied, permanent)
Until now, we have added a means to increase the attack power and defense through various means besides equipment (notation). It was because I wanted to enjoy the game with a new goal by allowing growth through various directions, not focusing on the equipment too much. This ‘Encroachment Barrier’ was also added as part of this, and I tried to reproduce it with a small opinion that I would like to stick with the world leader 1:1. Encroaching Barrier Kzarka is very powerful, but it is designed to be capable of subjugating with three or one player, and it is meant to be a challenge and must be defeated within 7 minutes to succeed.

Bounty System

If you want to become a hero of the small citizens who realize justice and protect peace, and if you have a target who wants to take revenge on the risk of everything, please find the Old Moon Guild. The Wanted System in Black Desert has been updated.

The Old Moon Guild is recruiting adventurers full of justice as “Sheriffs”. Anyone can become a just sheriff as long as he proves his powerlessness with a few simple, but not simple, quests.

The sheriff may get reports of “bad guys” and “wanted guys”, which will be explained in more detail later. And by overpowering them, you can earn “prestige”. The acquired reputation is reflected in the sheriff rankings operated by the season system, and at the end of the season, you will receive coin items that can be exchanged for special rewards in proportion to the ranking. The special reward… I think it will be a nice sheriff costume for the Apostle of Justice.

And from now on, if you inflict harm to other adventurers with a forced attack activated by a button, in addition to the propensity, a number called “Infamy” increases. Infamy values ​​are applied in a form that reflects the equipment level of the attacking adventurer and the attacked adventurer Infamy works independently of disposition, so if the disposition is restored to positive, infamy is not reset.

Adventurers who have become infamous are classified as “Wicked”. The wicked, who are killed by the sheriff, described later, are transferred to prison, and they return to their original location when they succeed in jailbreaking or fill the allotted labor, such as an outlaw transferred from the desert.

Infamy figures have no means of recovery other than death to the sheriff or paying a large ransom to the Old Moon Guild. The wicked will not be able to determine how much of the infamy he has left, and this will be very inefficient as the infamy decreases randomly regardless of the ransom paid.

Adventurers who have become wicked by forcibly harassing others will now have to watch out for their surroundings and fear the sheriffs who will not know when. Any adventurer can at any time inform the sheriffs of the location of the wicked or wanted villains around them through the “Report” menu. When an evil person is reported, a notification message is displayed to the sheriffs of the server, and the reported location can be checked on the world map.

And adventurers, you can always apply for a bounty through the Old Moon Guild, targeting the adventurers who killed them. Adventurers who have become “wanted” are marked with a highlighted icon when reporting a villain. There is no upper limit on the amount to be paid for a bounty wanted, and you can request treatment up to 5 times at a time. When the quest is completed, all the bounties are repaired by the Old Moon Guild, and the killed sheriff is given a reputation value in proportion to the bounty.

  •  Sheriff content has been added to arrest the wanted villain.


  • A certain amount of infamy increases for a character that wins through forced pvp battles.
    • Characters with increased infamy become wicked, and infamy is applied per character.
  • If a target attacked through forced pvp dies within 10 seconds, the attacking player infamy value will increase based on the attack power and defense power values at the time the last hit was inflicted.
  • The greater the difference in attack power and defense power with the opponent, the greater the infamy increases.
  • There is an upper limit on the infamy number that can be increased to the maximum.
  • Wicked people and wanted criminals can be hit by the sheriff even in a village.
  • Infamy can be reduced in two ways.
1. You can reduce it by consuming 30 million silver coins per time to the Old Moon Guild NPC.
-However, the number to be recovered is random.
2. A certain amount is reduced when killed by the sheriff. The wicked player is transferred to jail and all trade-related items are destroyed.
-However, infamy is deducted only once a day for the same sheriff.


  • Adventurers who have been killed by a wicked player can request the Old Moon Guild to place a bounty.
  • An adventurer who has died by a wicked person can check the record window where you can see who has killed you, and you can request to place a bounty through the record window at any time, regardless of the current target’s infamy value.
  • When you request a bounty, the target will disappear from the record window.
  • There is no upper limit on how many bounties you can be targetted by, and you can request bounties up to 5 times.
    • The number of bounties decreases when you are killed by a sheriff.
  • Even if the villain’s infamy reaches 0, if the number of bounties remains, he may be tracked and hit by the sheriff until the number of bounties disappears. 
  • The sheriff can obtain an additional reputation in proportion to the amount of bounties on the target, when the target is defeated.
  • All the bounties used in the quest will be taken by the Old Moon Guild.


  •  If you complete certain quests, you can act as a sheriff.
  • The sheriff can obtain reputation when defeating the wicked, and can obtain additional reputation in proportion to the amount of bounties on the target
    • However, you can acquire reputation only once a day from the same evil person.
    • Reputation is applied for each character.
  • When the sheriff kills a wicked or wanted player, a message is exposed on the server.
  • There are seasons for sheriff content, and prestigious rankings are introduced for each season. Medals are paid differently according to these rankings.


  • A specific icon is added next to the name of the wicked, so anyone can identify them in the open world.
  • General players can report wicked players through the <Find nearby Wicked Players> system.

Farming Update (Golden Moles)

  • According to the stories of cultivating farmers, rumors have been circulating that moles with golden skins are appearing recently.
    • When a giant mole appears, there is a very low probability that the <Quick> golden mole appears.
    • Golden moles run faster than other moles, so you have to hurry to pursue them.
    • Before a golden mole appears, it causes a lot of dirt around it, but only one of them appears.
    • If you catch a golden mole, you can consume special materials and become a companion animal.
    • If you acquire additional golden moles, you can raise a generation through’exchange’ between golden moles.
After the patch that allowed moles to appear in the garden, many people liked it, but it was very regrettable that it was held once. To this, a rare species of moles,’Golden Mole’, has been added. Golden moles appear with a very low probability, but if you capture them when they appear, they can consume special materials and tame them as pets. In addition, these golden moles can be exchanged for generations when additionally captured.

Elvia Server

  • A weekly quest to obtain the awakening weapon of Elvia’s ancient spirits has been added.
    • This quest can be received from the Regent NPC in the basement of Glish Village after completing the quest'[Elvia] Ebon Ashes’.
    • This quest can be ordered from level 60 or higher, Elvia’s realm server.
    • This quest is a weekly quest, and you can receive the order again after midnight (0 o’clock) 7 days after completion.
  • The conditions for completing some daily quests that can be ordered in the area of ​​Elvia’s hunting ground have been changed as follows.
Quest Area Quest NPC Quest name Before Change
After Change
Orc camp Orc Hunter Buddy [Daily] Cool energy
Oak camp drifting
Small Red Orcs
250 kills
Small Red Orcs
100 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
Bloody Monastery Anna Lynn [Daily] The missing string of hope Fanaticism
500 kills
400 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
[Daily] Painted with rust
Fanatic warrior
500 kills
Fanatic warrior
400 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
Fogan Swamp Dernil [Daily] Giant Fogan Giant Swamp Fogan
500 kills
Giant Swamp Fogan
250 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
Naga swamp Zegna [Daily] A swamp with a strange feeling Naga Apprentice Spearman
500 kills
Naga Apprentice Spearman
250 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
[Daily] Ecology of Naga Swamp Naga Ax
500 kills
Naga Ax
250 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
Castle Ruins Ruben [Daily] Tension in the silence Soldiers
500 kills
400 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
[Daily] Destruction site before the storm Assault
500 kills
400 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
Biraghi Den Etunar [Daily] Into the darkness
Mountains that are dyed
Bandit Charge Captain
500 kills
Bandit Charge Captain
250 kills
2 Roots of the Predator
Imp altar Zara Lynch [Daily] Bizarre phenomenon Altar Imp Warrior
300 kills
Altar Imp Warrior
150 kills
2 Roots of the Predator

Other Changes

Global Lab Only Changes

  • Black Desert Research Center has been modified so that you can use the linking base function normally again.

Item Changes

  • In the description of trace items, the guide text to the production note has been changed to be guided to the production note in the help window.

UI Changes

    • In the world map (M), the icon of the stable keeper Lindby NPC of Ilya Island has been changed to be exposed as a stable keeper icon.
    • In the Dyeing (J) window, when hovering over the area of ​​the dyed equipment, it has been added so that you can check the name of the dye applied to the area.

Bug Fixes

  •  When you die on the red battlefield, the phenomenon that you could resurrect in place has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the icon of the Tungrad earrings exposed in the production note was exposed as a Tungrad necklace has been corrected.
  • When using the pad-only UI, the phenomenon that the technology description was exposed based on the keyboard and mouse in the technology (K) window has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the UI was exposed abnormally in the processing progress when mass processing was completed in a specific situation has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that some of the backgrounds of the following areas looked awkward has been corrected.
    • Protocia
    • Capital Valencia

Class Changes

Since each character patch last week, we have been receiving big and small opinions from many adventurers. We are always grateful for various opinions, and we will consider what we can judge and reflect as much as possible and update it in the future. Also, please note that there will be PvE adjustments for all characters following last week in the next week.

All Classes

  • Sage has been added to the premium character (Korea only).


  • Corrected the bug that the Black Spirit: Violation skill is used even after the black spirit rage is locked.



  • The camera vibration effect of the Lightning Blast skill has been partially reduced.


Dark knight

  • The bug that the attack linkage was not triggered in a specific direction when using the Dusk skill after Prime: Kamaslyve Slash I~III skill has been corrected. 
  • Prime: Kamaslyve Slash I~III skills have been changed so that they can be activated even while charging the attack linkage according to the actual skill description after using the Dusk skill.


Since the character-related details were updated on the official Korean server last week, we have received a lot of additional comments. Among them, the most popular opinion was the power of the legendary sage. In the last patch, we adjusted the powerful’Link of Cracks’ to be visible when used during the cooldown. Nevertheless, due to the relatively easy manipulation and terrifying damage, the entire character can be adjusted large or small. Despite this, it was a victory three, but it showed a performance that was too bouncing. In actual data, damage and kill/death ratios in large-scale battles including Red Battlefield were about 2.5 times higher than that of characters other than Sage. As it was determined that further adjustments were necessary, we made one more downward adjustment.

First of all, when’Link of Cracks’ is used during the cooldown, the invincible section is now changed to the Super Armor section (invincible if it is not on the cooldown time). Because it is a technology with too strong performance, we decided that this should be preceded. However, as the legendary Sage has a strong destructive power instead of a weak body, so that this method does not fade too much, if you use the’Link of Cracks’, a grab resistance buff is applied as well as a defense increase buff. As the risk increases compared to the past, it is important to pursue opportunities more carefully than before in order to show strong destructive power. In addition, the Void Gate and Great Destruction technologies are designed as very powerful destructive technologies, but they do too much PvP damage than we thought. Therefore, we have lowered the damage amount of both skills so that you cannot kill the opponent with at least one skill.


  • When using the Prime: Rift Chain skiill during the cooldown period, Super Armor has been changed to apply.
  • When using the Prime: Rift Chain skill, all defenses are increased by 20 for 2 seconds, and grabbing resistance is increased by 30%.
  • A cooldown time of 17 seconds has been added to the Flow: Finishing Touch skill. 
  •  The conditions for accumulating the effects of the basic attack when interacting with Overdrive skill have been changed to be possible only in the following situations.
    • In-place attack 2 hits and last hit
    • Forward attack 3 hits and 5 hits
    • Left and right attack 3 hits
    • Jump attack
  • PvP damage of the following skills has been reduced.
    • Prime: Void Gateways -14% decrease compared to before
    • Prime: Spacial Collapse I~IV -18% decrease compared to before


  • When using Radiant Annihilation, a +9% accuracy effect for 10 seconds has been added.
  • The skill used immediately after switching from awakening weapon to main weapon and from main weapon to awakening weapon has been improved to smoothly link (C swap).
  • When using the Bolt skill, the character has been improved to rotate in the direction of the camera.
  • Flow: Judgement has been improved to hit enemies located in high places.
  • Overcharged Bolt has been improved so that it can be activated even during the cooldown time. 
  • It has been improved so that you can use the Bolt skill in the state of the main weapon.
  • It has been improved to attack the opponent faster when the Seize skill succeeds.
  • The bug that the Arkenon effect was not activated when using the Radiant Annihilation skill intermittently has been corrected.
  •  The effect of the Rift Chain has been modified so that it is normally displayed even in low graphic quality. 
  • If you die in the Protocia area where you can enter during the awakening quest in the sage class, it has been changed so that you can resurrect in that place again through “Resurrection in the nearest safe zone”.
  • After using the following skills, when linked with the Upsurge skill, it has been changed to attack forward.
    • Avoiding backwards during Impaling Flash
    • Shock Relay
    • Chain Lightning
    • Radiant Annihilation

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