Global Lab Updates – 7th January 2021

Global Lab Updates – 7th January 2021

Jan 07 Tansie  
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Dark Clouded Kutum – World Boss Update

  • Recently, as archaeologists revealed the secret room of the Scarlet Sand Chamber that retained the traces and mysteries of ancient civilizations. Kutum, the guardian of the Sand Chamber, turned into a destroyer of the Sand Chamber, being dominated by unknown energy standing in this secret room. The archaeologist Desalam named the monster ‘Dark Clouded Kutum’ and began to insist that the Scarlet Sand Chambers should be closed.
    • Dark Clouded Kutum electrocuts all adventurers who enter the Sand Chamber, causing them to slowly die, and emits powerful energy in a much wider range than the existing Kutum.
    • It also wakes up sleeping ancient weapons in the stone chamber to protect itself and launch an unbearable energy storm to launch deadly attacks.


Blackstar Shoes

  • New blackstar shoes have been added.
icon Item name
Blackstar shoes
  • ‘Maximum HP +100’ effect has been added to 4 sets of blackstar gear.


  • Blackstar shoes production quest has been added.
    • You can only proceed once per character to make Blackstar Shoes.
    • In order to start the blackstar shoe quest, you need the knowledge of ‘Remnants of the Rift” and the knowledge of “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah”. “Specter’s Energy,” a special material you will need, which can be obtained at a low chance from all over the world and at a higher rate from Thornwood Forest Monster Zone.
    • Remnants of the Rift drops at a low chance from Dark Rift bosses.
    • The knowledge of “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah” can be obtained by completing “The Three Blacksmiths” quest from Tulem. This is a quest that can be received after completing the reworked Mediah Main quests with a character of Lv. 56 or higher. For adventurers who have already completed the quest, the knowledge can be obtained by interacting with Tulem.
    • The quest splits in the middle. Experienced adventurers can choose to battle powerful bosses right away, and less experienced adventurers can complete quest by fighting weakened bosses.



Improved Blackstar Gear

  • The improved formula of blackstar gear has been added.
    • Each piece of gear (helmet, armor, gloves, shoes) can be improved once to bring out the performance of Blackstar.
    • A very rare and special item called ‘Black Specter’s Energy’ is required to improve Blackstar gear.
    • Black Specter’s Energy can be obtained from the hunting grounds encroached by Hadum, and can be completed by adding several rare materials to it. Because it is a very special material, the manufacturing process is difficult, only you can create it and the Central Market does not accept it.
    • There is no failure to upgrade, and the upgrade can be done at any enhancement level. The modifications, engraved status, and durability that have already been applied are maintained.
    • Improved Blackstar Gear can still be enhanced at any time. The enhancement chance and the required number of Cron Stones are the same as those of regular Blackstar Gear, and you can also receive the set effect of Blackstar Gear.
    • Improved Blackstar Gear has a higher performance than normal Blackstar Gear.
    • ※ However, at PEN (V), it has the same effect as normal Blackstar Gear.
Enhancement Improved Blackstar Gear Additional Effect
PRI (I) No additional effect
DUO (II) Evasion 2(+2)

Damage Reduction 1

Max HP +30

TRI (III) Evasion 2(+2)

Damage Reduction 1

Max HP +30

TET (IV) Evasion 2(+2)

Damage Reduction 2(+2)

Max HP +40

PEN (V) No additional effect

▲ Black Specter’s Energy (tooltips from


▲ Improved Blackstar Helmet (tooltips from



▲ Improved Blackstar Armor (tooltips from



▲ Improved Blackstar Gloves (tooltips from



▲ Improved Blackstar Shoes (tooltips from


Winter Season

  • It has been added to obtain the following loot when defeating monsters on Kuit Island and Padix Island.
    • Time-filled Black Stone
    • Tuvala Ore
    • Refined Magical Black Stone
    • [Season] Rift Frostflower
    • Rift’s Fragment

Hystria Ruins Alert System Improvements

  • The emergency alert system that triggers with a certain probability when killing monsters in Hystria Ruins has been further refined.
    •  When the emergency alert system is activated, the alert tower is visible immediately.
    • The uncovered watchtower keeps an eye on the intruder until it takes damage.
    • When the emergency tower is damaged, it starts measuring the risk of intruders from then on.
    • The time btween the risk measurement and the appearance of alert monsters has been shortened.
    • The number of monsters that appear in the 1~3 stage has been increased.

Other Changes

Monster Changes

  • As the number of Pirash, Lykin, Kureba and Elmermol increased, the efficiency of some Abyssal areas increased.
  • The location of the snow in the deep sea, which was concentrated in some deep areas, has been changed and deleted.

Mount Changes
  • Fixed a bug where Dream Arduanatt’s Vigorous Leap skill could be used abnormally continuously.

User Interface Changes

  • Corrected the problem that the order of pets did not change.
    • For pets that were not previously sorted, the order has been rearranged to the bottom.
  • The bug that composer information of some composition notes appeared abnormally has been corrected
  • The cooldown time of 200% of the Black Spirit’s Rage when changing the skill preset and resetting the skill has been modified so that the cooldown is not reset.
  • The main quest widget has been changed so that the position of the general quest widget does not overlap.
  • In the following character input function UI, the mouse cursor has been improved to switch to the character input cursor.
Skill search

Game settings


Keyword blocking

Social action

Find a Party

1:1 conversation with friends

Add to friends

Add/Change Friends Group

Guild activity cost setting

Guild incentive setting

Create Guild Notice

Create guild introduction

Hire War Heroes

Declaration of Guild War

Deposit of guild funds

Enter Guild Alliance

Name change

Arsha’s Spear team name setting

Arsha’s Spear Team Invitation

Number pad

Barter search

Enhancement confirmation window

World Map Node Search

Pearl Store Product Search

Knowledge search

Central Market

(New) menu


  •  In the resizable UI, the mouse cursor has been improved to switch to the resizable cursor.
    • My info window
    • (New) menu
    • Chat window
    • Mini map


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